Armor/clothing design scribbles from yesterday. I couldn’t come up with anything decent. I hope that will get better over the weekend when I’ll be at the con!

Anyway, from left to right (no, there is absolutely no reason why the height – and general size – relations don‘t fit): Fingon, Fingolfin (the Silmarillion), Elderane (Avantasia).

I’m predictable.

Please ignore the wonky anatomy.


Tiny doodles of the day.

-Avantasia fanart, the conversation of Elderane and Vandroiy during The Tower (I feel so positively geeky now. Uhm now that I think about it, not sure whether it’s positive)

-Kid Ludd and raven (variation of a theme, er?)

-AC3 fanart, Desmond in Manhattan. All the time since I played the mission (which happens to be one of my absolute favourite parts in a generally awesome game) I wanted to do a full illustration of it. Unfortunately, I always freak out already at the sketching stage. There are BUILDINGS in the background. Modern skyscrapers. I can’t possibly bring myself ever to sketch those. I feel so silly.

Does it show that I’ve currently been trying to figure out how to draw people kneeling down?

Next time, something of better quality. I hope.