If you follow me on twitter you know I’ve been on quite the spyro hype for quite a few months now. I was super happy to see Elora. However my favorite thing has been all the re-designs of the elder dragons.

I could gush for hours about the elder dragons but for now I just wanted to maybe design a few of my own for fun. I used Oranhamme and Fairy as a practice run. This design isnt even final for Oranhamme but its just been fun to mess around with possibilities!

I imagine if Oranhamme was in spyro he’d be an artisan dragon. Specifically a country chef taking you to flavortown in Town Square!


Vaal Hazak and Odogaron chibi’d!

Vaal Hazak is my favorite new monster in MHW. I affectionatly call him “Dead Carpet” and when he leaves parts of his tainted flesh around those are his carpet samples. Cute carpet master <3

Odo’s little whimpers he makes is just too cute <3

I am finally updating my Redbubble. It’s going to take awhile, but all these Monster Hunter chibi’s along with the Zelda BOTW prints will be put up soon!


Sorry for the lack of Overwatch art lately, but I have not been drawing a lot. All these chibis are from free time at work.

Everyone’s been getting into DnD and I wanted to paint one of the characters I made.

A Dragonborn Bard names ‘Faerazz’. He’s something of an oral ihstorian; he traveling the land in search of the finest myths and tales as he toots his instrument with the use of his nostrils.