elder squid


Nothing to see here, folks! Just your everyday average gigantic dead sea monster washing ashore in Indonesia, turning the water red with its icor and reminding us of the vast unknowable depths that surround us filled with living nightmares - some of which are apparently bigger than this thing because it looks like it lost a fight. Anyway, have fun at the beach!

(S.C.P. inspired)


The organisms nicknamed “Unopus” were discovered in the cold waters of [REDACTED] by local fishermen who caught a specimen by accident.

Unopus are single minded nomadic constructs composed of detritus material gathered from Marine Snow by an anomalous object within the organism. The object is speculated to act as a sort of black box, holding precious information of the unknown and forming vessels from deceased material to travel to it’s receiver. The Unopus has an incredibly complex genetic code, and once decoded, seems to be an “address” of sorts. This has lead to the theory of the Unopus being a sort of “Messenger of the Gods”.

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Squiddles Fact #7

In season six episode 11, the Elder Squid was supposed to peacefully pass away off screen (the writers felt his role in the show had diminished to pointlessness). However, when this happened, fans of the show angrily called and wrote in to the studio until there was no other choice but to get rid of it. The episode was eventually pulled off the air and rewritten.