elder scrolls iv: skyrim

I like that if you play the TES games backwards the Dark Brotherhood’s method of introduction devolves

Skyrim: Kidnaps you in your sleep and brings you to an abandoned shack to test you by making you kill one of three people who may or may not be innocent

Oblivion: Breaks in to your hotel room and wakes you up to give you an invitation to join their murder club

Morrowind: stabs you in bed

Dovahkiin and the best swordsman in all Morrowind ( ˘ ³˘)♥

I actually spent like a week+ on my dragonborn and like 40 mins for face and a couple of hours for the body on Teldryn >.> It’s also not as polished as I’d like cause I’m really blody tired -.-

EDIT: Ops so sorry! I should totally mention that Teldryns armour is heavily inspired from the “Evil mastermind armour” by Zerofrost on Nexus.

For Anyone Who Thinks Tiber Septim Isn’t a Divine

In the “Blood of the Divines” quest, Martin Septim required the blood of a Divine just as he needed the blood of a Daedric Prince in the quest, “Blood of a Daedra.” Since Tiber Septim had ascended to be a divine, the Hero was sent to retrieve the Armor of Tiber Septim. If Tiber Septim is not a divine, the spell that Martin had to cast to get the Hero into Mankar Camoran’s Paradise would not have worked.