elder scrolls iv: skyrim

Dovahkiin and the best swordsman in all Morrowind ( ˘ ³˘)♥

I actually spent like a week+ on my dragonborn and like 40 mins for face and a couple of hours for the body on Teldryn >.> It’s also not as polished as I’d like cause I’m really blody tired -.-

EDIT: Ops so sorry! I should totally mention that Teldryns armour is heavily inspired from the “Evil mastermind armour” by Zerofrost on Nexus.

For Anyone Who Thinks Tiber Septim Isn’t a Divine

In the “Blood of the Divines” quest, Martin Septim required the blood of a Divine just as he needed the blood of a Daedric Prince in the quest, “Blood of a Daedra.” Since Tiber Septim had ascended to be a divine, the Hero was sent to retrieve the Armor of Tiber Septim. If Tiber Septim is not a divine, the spell that Martin had to cast to get the Hero into Mankar Camoran’s Paradise would not have worked.

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The Bretons

Bretons have a natural affinity for magic, and the political division of their homeland, High Rock, makes them natural spies or assassins.

New race card! Something weirds happened to my colours in photoshop, Managed to get them close to what I wanted, but idk.

[The Redguard] [The Altmer] [The Imperials] [The Dunmer] [The Falmer] [The Bosmer]

every skyrim profile ive ever had ive.. semi cheated and got my sneak to 100 really fast by going to high hrothgar. waiting for a graybeard to be in the main area and praying. crouching behind him and then just stabbing him repeatedly with an iron dagger.

bc they have so much health, they dont even fckin notice you frantically attacking them as long as you remain undetected. i save frequently while doing this, bc when they stand up to pray at another altar theyll notice you if you hit them, so theres always one or two times per session where they see you and annihilate you and you have to reload, but if youre careful you can avoid that. 

it takes like 15-20 minutes maybe to get your sneak up to 100. and its really funny bc the whole area just gets COVERED in blood but the dude doesnt even notice that hes getting attacked bc hes so damn powerful, and i become a very sneaky lizard. 

Lucien: Have you heard the tale of Mathieu Bellamont, and the great treachery of Cheydinhal…

Me: You stop that right now

Lucien: ….. Have you heard the tale of Mathieu Bellamont….

Me: If you don’t stop that right now I will stab you in the face

Me: No, I’m so sorry I don’t mean that, I’m so sorry

Lucien: ….

Lucien: ……..

Lucien: Have you heard the tale of Mathieu Bellamont, and the great treachery of Cheydinhal? Kill a boy’s mother…

Me: *Gross sobbing in distance*

All finished!

The Argonian known as Kurei / Sharpens-His-Tongue / Cog-Rein / Working Rain. Set years after the Oblivion Crisis, Kurei having nothing left after the Imperial City was sacked by Mehrunes Dagon’s invading army, He goes out to restart his book store by collecting books across Tamriel.

But it seems someone has been following him and his journey to the town of Faregyl. But who would care about a silver tongued Argonian and him wanting to start another book store???

Armor designed by the great guys over at TesRenewal