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Character Aesthetics: Azura

Azura is the Daedric Prince whose sphere is dawn and dusk—the magic in-between realms of twilight. Azura is known to be one of the more merciful and benevolent Lords, though Azura’s wrath is swift and painful when it is brought about. Azura oversees the Daedric Realm of Moonshadow, a beautiful world of blurred colors, streaming together, cities of silver, flowers, waterfalls, trees, and air like perfume.

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“Fear not for I’m watchful.” Words like pure mockery.

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To clarify, soft brush is a style of line art that I do.

The day has come! I’ve fixed up my paypal (I think?) and I need to find another way to save up some money before I go up to college.

-I prefer paypal transactions but if you have another way to pay me for a commission (also I would need the money in USD) just let me know.

-I prefer an upfront payment due to being cheated in the past, but I’m willing to come to a compromise on this if upfront bothers you.

-I will take a written or picture reference of a character, but I really REALLY prefer picture references since they’re simpler to deal with.

-I’m currently working a full time job as a housekeeper (nine or more hours a day) and sometimes I will be a little slow, but when I find free time it shouldn’t take me to long to be able to draw up a commission or two. Feel free to ask me about the progress of your commission.

Won’t draw: Incest, pedophilia, NSFW, fetishes, abuse between characters, anything related to that.

You can either contact me at my e-mail:

Or message me here on tumblr if you’re at all interested. Thank you!

Malrian re-imagined for a D&D campaign. :D

I’m really excited to roleplay this evil jerk… and apparently I was really excited about this sketch too! I only meant to put some color here and there, but then I just kept working on it because I have no self control. (ノ°▽°)ノ︵┻━┻

Skyrim OC Challenge

Hi :D Next Challenge is starting soon!

This time it will be about The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Original Characters. Your Dovahkiin!

We will have a deadline again, because you’ll be a little bit more productive with a little bit stress :D

The Challenge starts on 22. August till 28. August. In between this date you can send me your contribution via the messenger or submit the link.

You can use the#Skyrim OC Challenge. I try to keep track, but the tag system doesn’t show me everything.

Everything will be rebloged to this Blog!

The themes will be:
#1 Your OC Introduce them. Name, Race, gender, Character traits, appearance. Tell us why they crossed the border and seek refugee in Skyrim.
#2 Former life Who were they before they become the dovakhiin. Family, job, living place, and so forth.
#3 Class Which class did you mainly choosed and why. And their weapon and armour of choice. As an Example: battlemage, shieldwarrior, pilgrim, etc.
#4 Love life Wo did they married? Or live in wild marriage. Portray them!
#5 Stormcloaks or Imperial? I know its a decision between cholera or pest, but what was your OC motives to choose their current fraction?

The media is your choice! You can draw or write or whatever. Even collabs are okay, just make sure to link everyone properly.
You don’t need to do everything or in a chronical order. Just send them in, when you’re finished.

Please reblog, so a lot of people have the opportunity to participate!


                        ❝   peel back all the blood on your hands and who are you? do you even know
                        anymore? was there ever anything more to you to begin with—–? it’s terrifying,
                        isn’t it. knowing that, without all this violence at your feet———– you would be
                        nothing. a shell devoid of purpose———– that’s why you keep doing it, isn’t it?
                        filling graves, spilling blood. because at this point, it’s who you are.   ❞   (x)