“Dagoth Ur is dead. I hope we will no longer be troubled by his dreams. But I wonder, too, what the ghost of a god would be. And can a dead god dream?”

Varen had never been to Ghostgate, although he had read about it in books. The names of the mer that served there during the  Blight were venerated in within the ranks of the New Armigers. While the eruption of Red Mountain had razed much on the island of Vvardenfell, some pylons of the Ghostfence still towered over the foyodas defiantly; Varen had seen them on his pilgrimage there. So, while he’d not been to Ghostgate, still he found himself standing in the Tower of Dusk surrounded by heroes in the flesh, honored ancestors and the progenitors to his order. But Varen was not himself in this place, as if he was looking out of his own eyes but not the pilot of his limbs. This compulsion lead him through the fortification, and eventually out.

The sight of a slumbering Red Mountain was alien to Varen, and though he’d never known a time when a plume of ash was not billowing out from the mouth of Ur, it was somehow also familiar to him, another part of the compulsion that lead his feet up the steep slopes of the Foyoda Mamaea. Blighted monsters attempted to slow his ascent and were dispatched, and to Varen it felt as though he had fought such beasts before. At the summit, Varen descended into the mouth of the mountain and into the halls of Dagoth Ur. As if by heart, he navigated the halls until, finally, he was face to face with the Brass Walker, Akulakhan, still resting in its chamber.

Varen awoke in his bed at the Bannered Mare in a cold sweat just as the first stray lights of day were breaking over the Velothi mountains in the east.

Nintendo wins again

Nintendo has a way of bouncing back from crises.

After the entire video game market collapsed in the 1980s, Nintendo became the champion of quality standards and single-handedly saved the world from a videogame-less fate worse than death.

After the VirtualBoy failed, Nintendo pretty much pretended it never happened and moved right back to milking the GameBoy (which got a new version the following year alongside the new Nintendo 64).

And now that the WiiU has failed, Nintendo has decided to just go right ahead and make the greatest video game console of all time.

(aka The Console Formerly Known as NX)

The Nintendo Switch, as I’ve long expected ‘cuz I’m smoort, is a mobile and console device all in one, allowing you to buy a game once and play it anywhere. This allows Nintendo to capture the lucrative mobile market without sacrificing their oldschool home fans at all and opens the door for "better” or at least more indepth versions of handheld series like Pokémon (although Sun & Moon is already swaggerin’ rad.)

The Switch is made out of four core pieces:

  • Two ITTY-BITTY BABY CONTROLLERS, each featuring 1 stick and 4+ buttons, and a holder for them when you’re on big screen. Conveniently, they also resemble mirror images of one another i.e. you get a left- and a right-handed controller

The controllers are really REALLY tiny so some of us might want the Pro Controller that is also available.

When you put the screen in the dock, the dock sends the image / sound to a big screen like a standard console. To play it mobile, you simply slide the itty bitty controllers onto the sides of the screen and pick it up off the dock.

While the console doesn’t seem to have the rumored cloud computing power, the main chip is a custom-made Nvidia - you may have heard Nvidia is now making REALLY GOOD cards for REALLY CHEAP - allowing the console to switch between 720p and an okay framerate when handheld, but 1080p @ 60 FPS when docked.

This also means that Nvidia will handle documentation for third-party devs, who formerly had to wrestle with Nintendo directly, which apparently sucked.

Combined with only needing one software kit, one license and build-once-play-anywhere, Nintendo is effectively the best offer for third-party developers and may finally see better suppoh wait Nintendo’s already got a boatload of third parties on board.

Of course you’re still here, SEGA. Hmph!

So not only do we get Super Mario Mexico (shown), but also Skyrim (shown) and Dark Souls (not shown I’m just hyping that From Software is listed), and they can all be played portable by picking the console up and walking into a light post while playing it.

Oh frabjous day!

Now if only Nintendo can make two good consoles in a row for once!