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A silly question...

Since most movies based on games end up sucking, I wouldn’t want to see an Elder Scrolls movie made, but if one were made based on any game, book, or other TES that is already existing, who would you cast into what role?

I think Damian Lewis, when using his American accent, could be a pretty cool Hadvar. I also somehow have Michael Ironside in my head as Spymaster Caius Cosades. At least that’s the voice I use reading back his dialogue. ~Damon

You may think you’re a real Elder Scrolls fan because you’ve played 500 hours of Skyrim, but do you know how all parts of the Elder Scrolls deity system work together without looking it up? Because neither do I and they keep fucking changing it please save me from this hell fandom.

Last Children of Akatosh - Ch 6


- Elanna gets her first big job with the Guild -

Go here, do this, don’t get caught, don’t kill the mark, and come back in one piece. Simple jobs were a good place to start, no elaborate heists or high risk targets. Elanna was more than willing to start with errands and small scale work. She could lose herself in such things and hone her old skills back to a fine edge. Days slipped by as she familiarised herself with the city and its dilapidated walkways, the ledges and balconies she could reach and jump over. The walls that would hold her weight is she ran along them in the dead of night, the narrow alleyways she could disappear in, and the layered shadows of the boardwalk. All avenues of escape and traversal, useful to memorise should she need them.

Over the last couple of weeks she’d quickly taken note of which establishments the Guild couldn’t or wouldn’t touch in their current state. Of course, some buildings were owned by clients, chief among them being Maven Black-briar. A name Elanna was fast coming to associate with ruthlessness and her own bloodier trade. But aside from ‘protected’ areas, Elanna spent a good deal wondering what brought the Guild to its current state. A ‘curse,’ Delvin insisted, much to the exasperation and mockery of his fellows. Elanna only asked him more questions.

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Trying to talk to a video game shopkeeper and accidentally stealing an item in front of them