elder ham


Today is Sabu and Hannah’s Birthday (3/10)

Today is an odd little date, two extra hammies have the same birthday similar to how Daisy and Pepper have them. Why is this? I have no clue. It’s just one of those things that randomly happens. Anyways…

Sabu is a seed merchant that looks suspiciously like a pirate, and even has an exagerated red nose. I have no idea why but to make him look more friendly? Or comedic? I don’t know what goes on in the design phases for hammies. Sabu wanders from town to town selling seeds and usually hangs wherever his girlfriend, François (a pigeon) is. Sabu struck me as a hammie that would show up more often if you ask me. In the first 105 episodes he only appeared a total number of four times and six times if you count the first two OVAs. But he only appeared again about 60 episodes after his debut episode. Granted, the hammies don’t really travel often to other locations but it is odd that a hamster introduced this early in the series isn’t often shown unlike Elder Ham and Auntie Viv.

Hannah is a Southern belle of a hamster and a close personal friend of Howdy’s and the only one that can stand his jokes and can dish out a few herself. In her debut episode she gains a temporary crush on Dexter but that fizzled out after a date at the Ham Ham Fun Park when she discovered he was a wimp and couldn’t take any of the fast rides. Hannah never shows up again after this episode. Which is a big shame because she’s way too cute to just have one episode and since she’s into jokes like Howdy, it’d be cool to see an episode where they have like a stand up routine or something, but I guess that’ll never be. Also not to mention, her having a GBA E Card (which is how we found out that she had a canon birthday) would seem to actually have her play an important role in the show instead of just being a one timer. I’d really like to go in the heads of all the Hamtaro writing crew so we could see why they made these decisions.