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If you haven’t read the books
  • You won’t know that the Elder Wand was also called the Deathstick
  • Ron was actually a Prefect
  • Harry, Fred and George got a “life-long ban” from Umbridge after they attacked Malfoy on the pitch
  • Dumbledore hired a centaur named Firenze to teach Divination
  • Neville Longbotton could’ve been “The Chosen One” but Voldemort chose Harry
  • Fenrir Greyback was the werewolf who bit Remus Lupin as a child
  • Harry attended Bill and Fleur’s wedding disguised as Barny Weasley, a red-headed Weasley cousin
  • Lily was actually a few months older than James
  • While still alive, the Bloody Baron, who became the ghost of Slytherin House, was sent by Rowena Ravenclaw to retrieve her daughter, Helena, whom he was in love with. When Helena, who became the ghost of Ravenclaw House, refused to go with him, he became angry and stabbed her. Then, distraught with having killed her, he killed himself
  • Harry mended his own wand with the Elder Wand before he got rid of it
  • Harry, Ron and Hermione met Neville in St Mungos, who was visiting his parents and his Gran told them what happened to Alice and Frank 
  • The Potters’ had a cat
  • Harry got  miniature broom from Sirius for his first Birthday
  • Bathilda Bagshot was a friend of the Potters’
List of gender neutral names with meanings and origins:

So, I was going to send this as a message to @oabuckvu, but instead I thought I’d post this here since others may also find it helpful!


Addison- child of Adam- English
Adina- slender- Hebrew
Alby- from Alba- Latin
Ally- friend- English
Ash- ash tree clearing- English
Azra- pure- Israeli
Asa- physician- Hebrew
Arin- enlightened- Hebrew
Arlo- army, hill- old English or barberry tree- Spanish
Avery- elf ruler- English
Alex- defender of mankind- Greek
Arlen- promise, oath- Irish
Ambrose- immortal- Latin
Aspen- tree- English
August- dignity, vulnerable- German


Blaine- yellow- Scottish
Blake- blonde, dark- English
Bryce- swift- Celtic
Brooklyn- broken land- English
Bradley- clearing in a woods- English
Bailey- bailiff- English
Beck- brook, stream- Norse


Chyler- beloved- English
Cody- child of cuidightheach- English
Charlie- charles- English
Chris- christ- English
Coby- supplanter- Latin
Casey- brave- Gaelic
Corin- spear bearer- Irish
Cameron- crooked nose- Scottish
Colby- town, dark- Norse


Dakota- friend- Native American
Devon- poet- Irish
Delaney- descendent of the challenger- Irish
Drew- manly- English
Denham- habitation- English
Dael- knowledge of God- Hebrew
Danny- God has judged- Scottish


Ellis- Jehova is God- Greek
Ellery- from the elder tree island- English
Evan- youth warrior- Irish
Emery- brave, powerful- German
Eden- delight- Hebrew
Ellison- child of elder- English


Farron- iron grey- Anglo Saxon
Freddie- peaceful ruler- German
Frankie- free one- French
Fynn- river in Ghana- African
Finch- bird- English
Flynn- child of red hair- Irish


Gene- well born- English
Gale- cheerful, pleasant- English
Glade- shining- English
Glen- valley- Gaelic


Hollis- Holly tree dweller- English
Harlow- rock, army, hill- English
Halley- lived near a grove- English
Hadley- Heather field- English


Isa- devoted to God- Teutonic
Ives- archers bow- English
Iggy- firey one- English


Juniper- youth producing, evergreen- Latin
Jesse- gift- Hebrew
Jo- God is gracious- English/German/French
Joey- may Jehova add- Hebrew
Jordan- river flow- Macedonian
Jet- black gemstone- German


Kellam- at the ridges- Norse
Kelsey- from the ships island- English
Kendall- royal valley- English
Kai- sea- Hawaii


Logan- hollow- Scottish
Leslie- garden of holly- Scottish
Lee- dweller near the wood- English
Lane- path- English
Luca- bringer of light- Italy
Lirit- poetic- Hebrew
Lex- defender- Greek
Lakota- friends- Siouan


Mattie- strength in battle- German
Morgan- sea defender- English
Misha- God live- Russia
Max- greatest- Latin
Mattise- gift of god- French
Monroe- from the mouth of the river Roe- Irish


Newlyn- from the new spring- Celtic
Noel- Christmas- French
Nicky- victory- English
Nat- gift of god- English
Nova- chases butterfly- Native American


Oakley- from the oak tree meadow- English
Oak- tree- English


Perry- dwells by the pear tree- English
Piper- one who plays the pipe- Scandinavian
Pema- lotus- Tibetan
Puck- unknown meaning- Dutch
Parker- park keeper- English


Quinn- fifth- Irish
Quinta- fifth- Spanish


Reese- firey- Welsh
Rey- king- Spanish
Reed- red, clearing- English
Rune- secret- Norse
Rue- herb, regret- English
Rain- blessings- American
Riley- dweller by the Rye field- English
River- river- English
Rowan- red- Gaelic
Rory- red king- Gaelic
Ronson- child of ron- English


Sawyer- cuts timber- Celtic
Stevie- crown- English
Shiloh- owner- Hebrew
Sage- wise one- French
Saxon- knife- Teutonic
Sammy- bright sun- Finnish
Scout- to listen- French
Shane- gift from God- Irish


Tex- texas- American
Toni- worthy of praise- Latin
Theo- God given- Greek
Taylor- to cut- French
Tyne- a river in england- English
Tyler- maker of tiles- English
Terry- powerful ruler- English


Umber- shade- French


Wyatt- guide- English
Willow- graceful- English
Wynne- fair- English
Wren- song bird- English


Xen- religious- Japanese


Yael- mountain goat- Hebrew


Zen- meditative state- Japanese

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a musical with a redhead named connor m. who has a song where they make a statement about not being gay and ben platt is in it

am i talking about dear evan hansen or book of mormon

Strangers 44

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In Dulci Jubilo

December 20th

Soul’s room is nothing like the last time he saw it. The posters his parents had so heavily protested in his youth are now all gone, their tack holes painstakingly spackled, and everything painted over in seafoam green. New bed, new closet, new everything except a remnant of his highschool days: his old turn table he’d been too worried to ship across the country. Maybe he’ll get a new one in Oregon.

“Well, this is it.” He leaves his suitcase by the door and flops onto the bed with a groan.

“This is nice! Is that a walk-in closet?” Maka asks, taking in the room.

“No, that’s a bathroom,” Soul answers, half muffled by a pillow.

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Calling all Fannibals

Please Repost if you spam the Scheiße out of Hannibal or anything listed below, so I can give you a follow! I’m new to tumblr and need to stock up on spam. Preferably Hannibal Lecter and co based content, but also interested in:

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~Fables/The Wolf Among Us
~The elder scrolls
~Steve Backshall

Ok thanks all :3x

I’m kinda upset that I didn’t get to post this yesterday (probably because I was sick and dying…hahaha). I GOT TO TALK TO THIS HANDSOME BOY!!!!!! Gaaah…it was sooo nice to see his face and to hear his voice. I loved being able to watch him smile and laugh and make faces at his siblings. I loved hearing him say “Hi my buggie.” I just…loved every single second of it. I know that it’s only been a month, but it’s been the longest month of my life and I hadn’t realized just how much I missed him until yesterday. I try to be so strong and I try to pretend like I don’t care because I don’t want him to worry about me but he reminded me that it’s okay to cry it out sometimes because he’s being strong for the both of us. His testimony has grown so much in just this short month. His love for the gospel is amazing. I love this boy so so so so much. I love everything about him. Christmas needs to happen sooner!

one week down

Holy. Cow. Has it really been one week already? This has probably been both the fastest and slowest week of my life, if that made any sense. Seriously, though, it has been a crazy week.

But it’s getting easier. I miss Colten every day, of course. But I’m getting used to not seeing him. Not getting a good morning text. Not hearing his voice tell me good night. I miss all those things, of course, but I’m learning to make do without them for the next two years. It helps that I get to see him in my dreams almost every time I close my eyes. 

I don’t really feel like crying all that much anymore. Even more proof that it’s getting easier. I loved getting that first email. I cannot wait to get my first letter. I love hearing from him. I love seeing how much he is growing..and in just one week. I hope that I can change and grow just as much as he is. I hope that, at the end of it all, I’m still worthy of him. 

103 weeks is still a really long time, but it will go by quickly. I can already feel it. 

I’m super grateful for all the MGs who have been here for me this week. Emily, Heather, Emma, and the list goes on and on. I love the MG support system. Best girls in the world, right there. I’m grateful for my at home support system. My family, friends, Bishopric. This week definitely would have been harder without them, too.

Wow. One week. Just another week closer to getting my boy back!