I wanted to download the custom content from Lilisims only to realise that the site since was down since a long while. I searched around and while I found some files here and here, I didn’t find them all. For that I followed the advice found on MTS recommending to use the Wayback Machine archive. I managed to save all the files and most of the previews that come with them and decided to create a mega folder to share it with everyone.

1) First of all I want to state that I do not own thoses creations in anyway. They are the property of Lilisims. If she ever come back in the sims community I will stop sharing the files and delete the folder in result.

2) I copied-pasted her TOU and put it in a text file in the download directory.

3) They are mostly packages files. If you really prefer the sims3pack then you can still visit this link to get them. If in the future I have the occasion I will try to upload them but there is no guaranty. Sorry about that.

4) I did not checked the files so if there is any kind of problems with your game I’m not responsible and cannot fix them. Make sure you check the files with Delphy Dashboard (available here) before using them.

5) I tried to make some folders a bit like the menu on the website then some subfolder by page. It was easier this way for me to check that I got everything but hopefully it will useful. If some people prefer the files to be put together in big zip files, let me know and I will try to do it whenever I can.

6) There is a preview for nearly every files (I think I couldn’t get 2 or 3 of them) so you can see what you download since I named the preview like the zip file concerned.

I think that’s it (sorry for the bad english). If you have questions, just send me an ask.

Lilisims Files (Mega)★

Enjoy !

Yo, I want to follow some more blogs

Lemme like list the type of blogs I want to follow and you do your thing and whatnot.

-Book of Mormon
-Les Mis
-Hedwig and the angry inch
-Panic! at the Disco
-Fall out boy
-MCR(I’m also emo trash)
-21p |-/
-Steven Universe
-doctor who
-Attack on Titan

Aight I think I covered everything. I know all of them are really varied but, y'know.


My headcanon is that Elder’s people don’t actually know what a marriage is so Amy tries her best to explain to them, but since they’re atheists they don’t quite get it yet they’re very hyped with the idea of a party so they sew these pretty clothes for them and then it becomes a tradition to make the couple matching outfits on their big day and everyone is happy ヽ(・∀・)ノ

This was a commission for Zooks of his and their friends characters Fades (on the left) and Darmah (on the right). Here they are depicted enjoying a slow dance on a bridge on the outskirts of a small quaint town as torch bugs light up the fields around them.

Thanks for commissioning me!

All the designs used in this drawing are copyrighted material of Bethesda softworks

dA: http://themefinland.deviantart.com/art/Fades-and-Darmah-commission-542627240