eldar warlock


Tyria Bloodsong, Reborn Kabalite Drakon

Tyria was among the Dark Eldar who were privy to the spectacle that unfolded when Yvraine ascended from death as Daughter of Shades. The Blades of Khaine was a Kabal with tight conections to the Cult of Strife, so it was no surprise that Lelith Hesperax had arranged for a strike froce in which they partook, an opportunity that the female Drakon took up with cautious optimism, for hope was a concept a bit lost upon the Dark Kin. She served among the Reborn ever since, fully devoted to the murderous cause of Ynnead. 

Straying from fluff, it was glorious to paint Dark Eldar again! Truly, they are the models best suited for my taste. From now on, the posts will be split to two sections: one on Callaos inquisition and the other on the Vainglorious Host, my united Ynnari army, so both me and my wife have roughly the same ammount of painted models to play around with. :) 

The color scheme is reminescent of an old desing of mine, if any of you recall the older days of my blogging here, and right now, I finally possess the skills to convey what I want to with my desing, albeit I think there will be some tweaks here and there. 

Tune in next time for some Nephilim Chapter biker photos and fluff.

As a bonus, here is a photo of a similar paint scheme, that I painted over two years ago:

Here is my character from a 40k dark heresy game I will be playing in soon. She was born in a black ship of the inquisition and was raised in the pipes and ducting until she was found alone hiding amongst the city sized engines at the age of eight. Standing over the dead body of a eldar warlock with its head smashed in. Feral, half blind from living in the darkness, her mind burning like a star, she was taken by the inquisition and raised to hunt the alien threat.

Here’s a fun fact for any Warhammer fans out there!

I was once part of a three-way Apocalypse battle and I was playing Eldar; my army consisted of mostly Seers and this was back when you had to pay points for psychic powers.


I had a full Seer Council, and worked meticulously on using each and every point, including giving them all psychic powers of course.

Except for one Farseer.

Because I had so much stuff going on, I forgot to give a Farseer any psychic powers at all.

They were just out in the field with a spear and pistol, like this one Farseer that somehow failed Farseer training or was fresh out of training and had no idea what the fuck they were doing.

Yet they were in the Seer Council.

I just imagined the other Farseers and Warlocks like “oh gods dammit, not this guy.”