It’s cancer season and our two favorite women are celebrating their birthdays! Use the hashtag #iris and daisy birthday week and appreciate the beauty that is the two flowers for the whole nine days between their birthdays. ♥

June 24th, Day 1: Why You Love Them / Characteristics:  - It’s Iris West’s 28th Birthday! 

June 25th, Day 2: Flowers / Beauty: i.e. moments from each show that are centered around the significance or beauty of flowers, name symbology Or favorite outfits, hairstyles, looks 

June 26th, Day 3: Colors: i.e. those you associate with them, your personal favorites throughout their scenes

June 27th, Day 4: Songs / Poems: i.e. your favorite wlw anthems, narrative quotes or tumblr poetry

June 28th, Day 5: Marvel And DC: Crossover Ships with either or both of the Two Flowers within either superhero universe i.e. Daisy and Cisco, even Iris and Sara Lance

June 29th, Day 6: Femslash: Crossover and/or Poly Ships with the Two Flowers from any universe your little heart desires i.e. Iris and Daisy and Buffy, Daisy and Izzy

June 30th, Day 7: Heroes: i.e. how they’re both heroes in their own right, their actions and traits that show this

July 1st, Day 8: AU: i.e. any scenario, meet-cute, canon divergent, episode combining rewrite, an adventure they could go on together to anywhere in this world or another 

July 2nd, Day 9: Why They’d Love Each Other / Parallels: - It’s Daisy Johnson’s 29th Birthday!

Any type of media is welcome: graphics, gifsets, moodboards, aesthetics, fanfic, you name it. Sharing the love for both of these beautiful women above all else is everything this event is about, so let’s!  ♥

JOE COLOMBO, Elda Chair, Italy, 1964 ( modern room setting)