Guys. Guys. Talking Elcor plush. *heavy breathing*

More synthetic-organic creatures mutated from Reaper technology from AndrewRyanArt:

Shade: Shades are corrupted drell units stronger and more agile than the species they reigned from, allowing them to be very flexible and acrobatic in physical combat. This agility is made even deadlier by the additional grafting of blade gauntlets onto their forearms, which they use to slash at enemies as well as focus pulses of biotic energy for ranged combat. In addition to this already deadly arsenal, shades are capable of ejecting an enhanced version of their original dermal neurotoxin in a gaseous form if opponents manage to get the jump on them in close-quarters, disorienting them with its hallucinogenic effects, allowing for an easy escape or ambush.

Witch: Named after the famed cult entity, the witch is the result of the unfortunate capture and conversion of certain quarians by the Reapers. Designed with a support role in mind, witches are equipped with bio-mechanical tools designed to repair sustained damage of nearby husks. It will generally avoid direct combat, but if given no other option, a witch can lash out with its claws and send out two Reaper drones to assault its enemies with their miniature GARDIAN lasers.

Goblin: Named after the mischievous entity from folklore, the goblins are corrupted salarians designed by the Reapers for tactical planning. While physically weaker than husks, goblin units have built-in cloaks that allow them to traverse the battlefield in safety until they can strike their enemies from behind whilst they least expect it. In addition to this deadly ability, goblins can shoot super-heated plasma at their opponents in a similar fashion to Alliance combat engineers to burn their enemies,as well as drain the kinetic barriers of their enemies to restore their own.

Chimera: The chimera is an amalgamation of hanar and drell victims of the Reapers. This hybrid bypasses a hanar’s natural inability to move on land by giving the creature the agile limbs of a drell, allowing quicker movement. However, the added weight hinders this abomination’s ability to effectively leap and jump, limiting it to accessible ramps and walkways. Due to the lack of the drell’s arms, the tentacles of the hanar are used instead for grappling with opponents or spraying them with a neurotoxin. Allied ground units are instructed to engage from a distance and retreat immediately should they get within range of the chimera unless they face the risk getting torn in half.

Battlewagon: A combination of behemoth and bloat variants, the battlewagon is a never-before-seen Reaper creation that differs from nearly all others. The most intriguing difference to normal Reaper forces is the non-grafted connection between the Reaperfied elcor and volus. Like the behemoth, the elcor in this unit serves as a heavy weapons-fire platform. However, instead of a single large cannon, there is a platform mounted on its back which houses two built-in mass-accelerator machine guns taken up by less heavily Reaperfied variations of bloats. The elcor platform is used as a means of movement across the battlefield to allow the volus to fire at enemy forces from the platform’s back with ease. With the 180 degree field of view of each gun and these weapon emplacements being positioned back-to-back, the battlewagon is a force to be reckoned with.

Berserker: Berserkers are harvested krogan that are often seen alongside marauders. Tough and fierce, they have strong armor plating that can resist small-arms fire and are equipped with Reaper-made incinerators, which are designed to flush enemies out of cover and into the open. As a berserker advances and the enemy is out in the open in close-quarters, they enter a “berserk” state, charging straight into opponents in the hopes of bashing the unlucky soul with its head and fists.

Gorgon: Taking inspiration from Greek mythology, the gorgon is a combination of salarian and asari victims that have been enhanced with Reaper nano-technology. As it’s namesake implies, the gorgon is capable of stopping enemies in their tracks though this effect is achieved through biotic stasis fields cast from its claws. In addition to stasis fields, gorgons can throw out Reaper-made proximity bombs that explodes into a wave that drains an opponent’s kinetic barriers and stamina whilst also increasing its durability. Allied forces are warned if they get too close, the gorgon can either impale them with their claws or send out a wave of overloading electrical energy that can easily take out kinetic barriers and stun enemies.

Sooo I just bought this talking Elcor plush… I thought it was super cute, but was not originally compelled to buy it until I saw what it said:

  • Affectionately: I love you.
  • Uncontrollable Glee: Ha..Ha…that tickles.
  • Manipulative Begging: Can we go see Blasto 6….Pleaaaaase.
  • Superstitious Fear: Can you check under the bed for reapers.
  • Continued Concern: Can you check the closet too.