elchoko asked:

AAAAAH Jdiaoshdoiahsduas i just played your dragon eat princess game! it was so fun but damm those princes fall everywhere! hahahaha, Now i want to make a game :| *hugs*

AAAHKAjhsaksh oh wow, thanks for playing it! I had a lot of fun making everything (especially the prince, haha!)
whoops i’m not sorry, please DO make a game, i’d love to play it :))
Thanks again *hugs back* 


elchoko asked:

So am.. hey, i feel kind of weird writing this but am.. i just started tumblr, again, and i found youand is like the push i need to draw more, is nice, and you are nice and sorry for the bad english :$ bye :)

Hello!  Thank you very much for having the courage to write me.  Your English is great!  :D  Welcome back to Tumblr, you’re in for a crazy fun ride!!