elbow from the sky


A/N: I had an idea for a quick fluff, and I hope you like it! This was somewhat inspired by all the pictures from the tour that show Shawn with the moon and all the lights from the crowd looking like stars. Let me know what you think :)

It’s been almost a half hour since Shawn and I started stargazing, and I still haven’t found the Big Dipper. “It has to be here. I took an astrology class for crying out loud. My teacher had, like, 60 power points on it.”

Shawn laughs. “Maybe the Big Dipper doesn’t want to be found.” His voice sounded as if he was speaking directly into my ear.

I shift so I can see Shawn from my peripheral vision; his head is turned in my direction. I move my head to meet his brown eyes.

“Have you even been looking?”

“I’ve been looking,” his eyes are still on mine.

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fic: your tide of bad decisions

“You woke up one day, and you were like ‘you know what, Righty, you’re not really pulling your weight, I think I’ll get you chopped off so that the evil murder company I work for can install something directly into my body’?”

1.5k. Humour and fluff, mostly gen with a little bit of Rhys/Sasha implied. Set during the episode 3 roadtrip, featuring pretty much everyone but mainly Rhys, Sasha, Fiona and Athena. Also on AO3

Notes: My friend @firstofoctober has been indulging me by watching me play this game, and she was really struggling with the pseudo-canon(?) explanation behind Rhys’ cybernetics being “chop off your arm for fun and profit”. So – my gift to her! :P

“So… does that have any games on it?”

Illuminated by the flickering campfire, Sasha’s green eyes twinkled with curiosity as she looked from Rhys’ face, to his arm, and back again.

“Games?” he repeated, eyebrows creeping up his forehead incredulously. “This—” he wiggled his metal fingers “—is top-of-the-line, cutting edge Hyperion cybernetic technology, and you wanna know if it’s got any games on it?”

Okay, so it was a slight exaggeration; a newer model had been released in the last year. But she didn’t know that, and anyway, his point stood.

Or it should have.

Sasha stared back, unabashed and unmoved.

He sighed. “It… yeah, it does, yeah. Look.”

He held up his palm, projecting a display for her to see, and Sasha leaned closer, squinting at the grid.

“What game is that?”

“Minesweeper. It’s… not very good.”

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Imagine Him Proposing To You

*Video* Dan: “Hello, internet!” Dan greets, cheerily. “So, today is kind of a big deal. ‘Why?’ you may be asking. Today is the day I may or may not  be getting engaged.” Dan clasped his hands together and smiled wide at the camera.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now and I just woke up today and was like, today’s the day. It also helped that Phil’s been bugging me to do this since he found the ring in his closet last week.”

“I was rather excited, to be honest,” Phil chimes in from his spot on the couch just out of shot.

“Probably more excited then she’ll be.”

“If she’s excited..” Phil  says quietly.

“Don’t say that!” Dan cries, leaning over to smack his best friend with a pillow.

“It could happen,” Phil pointed out.

“But you aren’t supposed to tell me that!” Dan fretted, holding a hand over his heart.

The door swings open as you stomp in, throwing your backpack in one of the colorful dining chairs. You look up as Dan and Phil both go silent. “Oh… Sorry. You should’ve told me you were filming and I would’ve gone to the library,” you say, hoisting your bag over your shoulder so you can go do your homework in the other room.

“No, love, it’s fine. We’ll just cut it out later.”

“Okay…” You mutter.

You’re probably half way up the stairs to the little office when Dan’s voice cuts through the air. “Come film with us.”

“Dan, I have too much homework… I have tests I need to study for, a paper to write, and God knows how much other shit to do.”

“Please, love,” Dan whined, looking at you with big brown eyes. You release a heavy groan and sit on the couch next to  him. “Thank you.”

“Be grateful I love you…” You grumble, fixing your fringe.

“I always am.”

Dan receives a sharp elbow to his bicep and an expectant sky blue gaze from Phil. 'Are you going to do it or not?’ he types on his phone.

There’s the release of a heavy sigh as Dan looks exasperatedly at the camera. “I guess we should get on with the show, shouldn’t we?”

“I’m going to take that as my cue to leave,”  you say, starting to stand only to be pulled back down by Dan’s hand on your leg and Phil’s around your forearm.

“No. You’re essential to this video,” Phil explains.

“Oh God…. What did I walk into?”

“Possibly the best moment of your life.”

“Phil, shut up,” Dan says, trying desperately to keep his cheeks from going pink.

“I’m just saying.”

Dan takes a deep breath and gives you an apologetic smile. “I have a question…” He says quietly.

“I possibly have an answer,” you respond.

“How long have we been together?”

You clicked your tongue in thought, counting on your fingers. “Around six years.”

“That’s a long time.”

“It is.”

“And how many of those six years have you been living with us?”

“Three very long, but very entertaining years.”

“How many fights would you say we’ve had?”

You furrow your eyebrows. “Hundreds. Well, that’s only if you include the petty fights over nothing.”

“Excluding those.”

“I don’t know. Not many.”

“So, you think we get along rather well?”

“I like to think so, yes.”


“You’re one question turned into four, Dan. I think it’s my turn. Why are you asking when you know all the answers yourself?” You ask, staring at him with Y/E/C eyes.

“Just reassurance, I suppose. One more question?”

“Last one and then I need to go do my homework.”

“This is an important one. Consider your answer carefully.”

“Stop stalling, Dan.”

“Ring me, Phil!” He shouts, holding out his hand to  his  best friend.

“You’ve been rang, Dan!” Phil shouts, placing a black box in the outstretched hand.

Dan looks at the camera and clears his throat. “Anyway.” He takes one of your fidgeting hands and opens it with your palm to the sky. He sits the box in your hand and lifts the lid as Phil sings a high-pitched, 'Ah’. {A/N: You guys know what I mean by that?}

“Final question. Are you ready?” Dan asks, staring at your wide-eyes and shocked expression.

“Sure…” You mutter quietly.

“This is a ring. A rather pretty ring that has been hiding in Phil’s closet for the past two months. A hidden ring that is looking for a home that is not a closet. It’s hoping for a hand. Possibly yours if you agree to these terms and conditions.”

“Dan, no one reads the terms and conditions,” Phil says.

“I don’t care.”

“I’ll read the terms and conditions just this one time,” you say.

“By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are agreeing to becoming an official member of the Howell family. This will come with a personal change of or addition to your name upon acceptance. You also agree to be a loving companion, wife, and possibly, one day, mother. There may be a bombardment of fans but you will be okay with it because it comes with the job.  You will agree to spend the rest of your life with me. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are agreeing to marry me on a later date. Do you agree to these terms and conditions?” Dan finishes.

You give him a soft smile. “I agree to these terms and conditions.”

“Thank you for agreeing,” he says, taking the ring from the box and slipping it on your left ring finger before pecking your lips.

Phil comes into the shot, covering the kiss. “Relationship goals!” He cries.

Phil:  "He has the ring and everything. He hid it in my sock drawer,“ Dan tells you over the phone while you’re walking around campus at University.

"Dan, aren’t proposals supposed to be a secret?” You ask, unsurely.

“I just want you to know that way you don’t do anything rash and decide  to run away with Channing Tatum or something crazy like that.”

“I dunno. Channing is pretty great…”

“Y/N!” Dan shouts in horror.

“I’m not going to run off into the sunset with Channing Tatum, Dan.”

“Good. You’ve been around for this long. I don’t want to lose you now. But, I just might if Phil doesn’t grow a fucking pair and ask you!”

“Awe! Is Phil too nervous?” You coo.


“Okay. Thank you for bursting my eardrum.”

“I’m not even sorry.”

“Are you ever?”

“No. Not really.”

“Figures.  Now, I have an idea.” You walk quickly towards your final class of the day while telling your plan to Dan in a hushed voice.

“Brilliant,” Dan says. You can almost hear the smile in his voice as he disconnects the call.

You could hardly pay attention in your final class. You were too busy setting all the little details into place to take good notes. And you’re pretty sure you missed the day that your next paper was due….


You ran up the stairs to the apartment you shared with your boyfriend and his best friend. You threw your bag down by the door and stopped dead in your tracks when you heard laughter and a lot of high pitched screaming.

You poked your head into the living room and raised an eyebrow at Dan lying face first on the couch, muttering quietly as Phil laughed.

“I take it you won?” You ask, leaning against the doorframe.

“For once!” Phil smiles wide at you, setting the controller down and getting up to come envelope your slight frame in a tight hug.

You bury your face in his shirt, breathing in the sweet smell of Phil. “Can I ask you a question?” You ask, your voice getting muffled by the fabric.

“Can I ask you one?” Phil asks.

You nod. “You first.”

“No. You asked first. You can go first.”

“No. You go first,” you push.

“Let’s just both ask on three.  Ready?” Phil decides.

You nod. “One.”


“Wait…” You stop.


“Are we going after three or now?”

Phil laughs slightly. “After three, I guess.”

“Okay. Three.”

There’s a slight pause that seems to last forever. “Will you marry me?” You both ask at once.

Screaming. Wide eyes. Eventually, a big smile. But, not from you, or Phil, for that matter. They were from Dan. He was jumping around in circles, screaming, “Fucking yeah!”

You and Phil both laugh at him. “Yes,” Phil says, hugging you tighter.

“Yes,” you say, looking up into his brilliant blue eyes.

He takes your left hand in his larger one and slips a little ring onto your fourth finger. He captures your lips in his soft ones, sealing the lasting promise with a kiss.

Member: Mingyu

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 643

A/N: Sorry I’ve taken so long to post this! ~Admin BanChan

“Hey, hey y/n, hey,” your boyfriend Mingyu and you were studying at your house after school when Mingyu started to call for you attention. You quickly finished the math problem you were working on before putting your pencil down and staring at him.

“What?” Mingyu pouted at your flat response but the look was quickly wiped away when he grinned. You raised your eyebrows confusedly at him.

“Y/n, feel my shirt,”

“What? Why would I-“

“Just do it.” You sighed dramatically and felt his shirt,

“What material is it made out of?” He asked whilst smirking. You furrowed your eyebrows and thought for a second.

“Cotton?” You answered hesitantly, not knowing where this was going.

“Wrong! Boyfriend material!” Mingyu laughed hysterically as you rolled your eyes. “Aw, c’mon y/n, you have to admit that was pretty good,” he exclaimed as he nudged you on the shoulder.

“I guess it was cute, still lame though,” you teased, sticking your tongue out at him. Mingyu scoffed and held a hand to his chest, looking offended. You laughed at his reaction and got back to your wonderful maths problems.

“Do you need help?” Mingyu suddenly asked, startling you.

“No, I’m okay,” you replied, Mingyu pouted in response and you laughed a little. “Thanks though,” you gave him a small kiss on the cheek and he smiled as bright as the sun, making you break out into an even bigger smile.

“Hey y/n, hey,”


“Do you have a map?”

“No, why would I ha-“

“Because I’m getting lost in your eyes.” You closed your eyes and sighed, but you couldn’t help but smile at his dorkiness before getting back to work.

“Hey y/n,” you looked up at Mingyu who was staring at you with his face in his palms, elbows resting on the table.


“You may fall from the sky, you may fall from a tree,”

“Why would I even be in the tree in the first pl-“

“But the best way to fall, is in love with me,” Mingyu smiled, you couldn’t help but laugh at this one.

“Hey, this one even rhymed, I guess you are a true rapper.”

“You didn’t think I was a real rapper before?” Mingyu asked, the hurt evident in his eyes,

“No Mingyu it’s not like that! You’ve always been a real rapper to me,” you furrowed your brows at his abnormal behaviour. Where did your over-confident boyfriend go?

“You okay?” Moving yourself so that you were next to him, you cupped his face so that he had to look at you.

“It’s nothing, don’t worry, it’s really stupid,” he mumbled, looking away from you.

“Hey! Kim Mingyu, if it’s bothering you then it’s not stupid,” he looked up at you and smiled softly, “Tell me what’s wrong,” Mingyu sighed and held both your hands.

“I was just- I didn’t think I was good enough for you, like, you’re amazing in every way, and I don’t know if I’m boyfriend materi -“ you chuckled and shut him up by kissing him. You could feel the shock by the way he didn’t react at first, but he started to kiss you back and you could feel yourself smile in the middle of your kiss.

“Mingyu, you are enough, you will always be enough. Did you forget that I’m dating you? Of course I think you’re boyfriend material,” you laughed, “I chose you, and even if the most dashing, charming and amazing guy starts talking to me, you’ll always be the only person I see, the only person that I love. I love you Kim Mingyu,” you looked into his shining eyes and smiled. Mingyu broke into his trademark grin,

“Woah that rhymed. Guess who the new member of the hip hop unit is, Mingyu’s fabulous girlfriend: y/n!”

“You totally ruined the moment,” you sighed,

“You love me,”

“I do.”

alphabetiful  asked:


[A bit from the bookshop AU.]

Dorian finds the Bull in the living room in front of one of the bay windows, one of the throw blankets–the dusty rose one, Bull’s favorite–pulled tight around his shoulders. Outside lightning flashes, and even from across the room, Dorian can see the Bull flinch.

There’s something about it that makes Dorian feel incredibly warm and fond. Feelings that are becoming familiar when he looks at Bull, but that are still new enough to surprise him.

“Okay there, big guy?” he asks, stepping from the cool hardwood and into the area rug that spans the majority of the living room floor. It’s thick and soft beneath his feet, and Dorian digs his toes into it a little as he crosses the distance to the Bull.

The Bull looks at him over his shoulder, and the frown there–intense, as stormy as the day outside–would concern Dorian on its own, but then thunder rumbles overhead and the Bull’s eyes squeeze shut and oh, oh– 

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Dumbbell Renegade Crawl

Using two dumbbells under your hands, set up your body in a plank position so that your shoulders are directly above your hands and the dumbbells (A). Bend your elbows and lower down to a pushup, keeping your chest four to six inches off the ground (B), then push back up. From the plank position, pull your right elbow towards the sky and lift the right-hand dumbbell to the right side of your rib cage ©. Lower back to the starting position and repeat with the left arm (D). Take a “step” forward with your right hand as if walking forward in space (E), then take a step with the left hand to follow (F). Adjust your feet forward to account for the change, so that you return to the starting plank position. 

I am not very aware of where I end
My limbs tend to get away from me
Somewhere between the sky and my
Flailing elbows cower a hundred small
Happinesses I am too busy floundering
To notice.

I am not very aware of where I begin
I am gangly thing, I feel strangled by my edges
So I shrink them, blurring the lines of myself
I tuck myself in, folding like a paper crane
A hundred ballet lessons failed to unwind my
Stubborn spine

I am not very aware of where I am
I tend to enter rooms without remembering
My reason for being there and in those
Infinitesimal moments I am nowhere until
I land within myself, feeling the full weight of my
Untameable elbows. 

I glance around myself, then, panicked
Wondering if anyone else has noticed me in my
Thundering lostness, in my loud and fumbling ubiety
Until the moment passes and I begin to fade again
Into my absence of self, my lack of beginnings
And ends.

romey20-blog  asked:

AU post disaster, losing each other in crowds and panic ensuing before finding each other...if you wish to add a smutty reunion I won't object! ;)

This turned out much darker than I meant it to.

On A03.

The sky is on fire and Loki’s hand is cold, crushed in Thor’s own. Loki can’t keep his fingers from giving away the nervous twitch of his pulse, too fast, flighty.

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