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W-Wait… do you mean for all of them? ._. omg, bless you. Elbaite and Alaeru effectively have the same answers, because they are my sonas :D Maxixe is my villain gemsona, so her answers are a different.

4: How does your OC behave typically under severe stress?

Alæru ( / Elbaite)
: Alæru goes into hyper-adrenaline primal survival mode when under extreme stress. Whether this is a quiet and calm state, or a loud and violent one depends on the scenario. Her various senses are easily overwhelmed. If anything threatening is added into the mix, she becomes protective, vicious, and focused on “escaping to safety”… namely a calm, natural area. Protecting any loved ones, natural habitats, or “innocents” is her number one priority above this. Personal safety is readily sacrificed for most all living things (except enemies, naturally), regardless of how frightened, defensive and triggered she is.
Llyr: He stays terrifingly calm to calculate the path of least resistance and/or of greatest benefit. Unlike his twin (and in spite of the “strong” “i’m a king goddammit” vibe he tries to throw around, uhhg), Llyr cares deeply for living things, his family, and his people – he will nearly always put them before himself if anyone else is affected by a bad situation.  He rarely loses his cool under any type of stress; unless a certain favorite sibling ((Rhea – I’m lookin’ at you @cyanea-capillata )), his familiar, or Alæru happens to be in trouble.
Nyx: Nyx is either a mix of calm and avoidant, or bullying and violently defensive? He is very defensive even when not truly threatened; his ego is everything. So, when under real stress, heheh… oh jeez. He’s a quick-witted, self-preserving demi-god of death. He’ll do whatever it takes to get out quickly and unscathed, ideally. Although he prefers the coward’s way out, he’s also incredibly strong and likes to show off, so I suppose his reaction depends on what, or who, is causing the stress. If it’s anyone he has something to prove to, he’ll become confrontational.
Gwenythe: Gwen keeps her cool no matter what, and rarely shows any emotion in any type of stressful environment, situation, or confrontation. She’s such a powerful and experienced warrior, no one really intimidates her, save for a few gods and special monsters. Gwenythe uses her advantages in battle and other tough scenarios to keep the few people she cares for protected. She cares little for her own life and will weather anything. Seriously. Fuckin’ anything. She’s pure af.
Fiore: Fiore is a precious emotional bon bon and she must be protected, because she doesn’t handle stressful situations well at all. She cries easily when overwhelmed!! And she’s so empathetic, and sympathetic, almost any bad times that befall anyone will make her upset/inspired to help them simultaneously. In spite of her being quick to tears and easily afraid, she tries to overcome her fears – and she will always buck up to protect her friends, animals, and plants when they are in danger. She fights while crying a lot. Heheheh. She prefers peace and compromise in any situation, and detests conflict.
Sahar: Sahar is a demigod of justice, and easily the most fair of all the characters in their universe – this plays into how they reacts to stressful scenarios as well. They are level-headed and seek a course of action that benefits all life in their dominion; personal safety, ego, and relationships are irrelevant to them even in times of fright or confrontation. Like Fiore and Rhea, they prefer a peaceful compromise over fighting, but Sahar definitely is not fully opposed to bringin the smackdown!! They will do what is necessary to keep the universe in balance.
Brais: Brais doesn’t become outwardly emotional at first. He definitely becomes less patient and meticulous… If pushed too far verbally/emotionally/personally during a stressful situation, or if someone breaks the rules of nature and magic to an extreme degree, he’ll burst with as much energy as a magnitude 10 earthquake!! He tries to be calm to do his job, he tries to be the bigger person always and usually always is, but he is so emotionally invested in protecting the worlds, he often can’t help but eventually become passionate in energetic situations – especially stressful ones.
Draegan: This asshole. Uhhg. He gets defensive as fuck, patronizing, violent, and enjoys harming,torturing, and ultimately getting revenge on whatever upsets him. He doesn’t handle stress well at all and often throws tantrums if things don’t go his way.
Torben: Torben is hella chill… it’s almost like he’s permablazed, he’s so calm in terrible situations. He’s such a buddy and a calming pal, he just tries to make sure everyone else is okay and doesn’t worry much about anything else. He accepts bad situations incredibly well and is always able to calmly think of a solution, if there is one. He detests fighting and nearly always runs away from violent confrontation.
Maxixe: Maxixe becomes huffy and angry when anything doesn’t go her way! She knows she’s brilliant so she rarely loses her cool, unless someone outwits her or a situation is simply too out of hand for her skillset…. then she goes …. I mean, she just goes. She’ll do whatever it takes to win, survive, or escape – she’ll often use irratic and irrational methods of inflicting damage to get away or kill whatever is bothering her.

5: What calms your OC down the best under severe stress?

: Spending time in the old growth forest, ideally with freshwater bodies nearby. She prefers to be alone, or with just her familiar, Rhea, or nature spirits (Rhea and her familiar actually calm her down much faster than just Alaeru by herself, but she’s a dumbass who hates to ask for help). Anyone else is questionable – they might only stress her out more. Gardening and drawing are also excellent stress relievers for her.
Llyr: Swimming (he loves oceans and salt water best), hanging out with his wolf familiar/wolf pals, and watching Alaeru draw or grow flowers, probably. Weirdo. He needs help when stressed, though! Rhea and Alaeru are both excellent at calming him down by talking through things with him… he has trouble seeking out help so he tends to bottle things up and not talk about them ever. Llyr learns to communicate his feelings much better over time thanks to both of them c:
Nyx: Like his brother, Nyx enjoys swimming and hanging out with the wolves. He prefers rivers and freshwater bodies to relax around… but his form of relaxing is very different. Nyx has a tendency to hunt to relieve stress, and often uses water pools to stalk from.
Gwenythe: Before she made friends, Gwenythe would clean her weapons, armor, and home to relieve stress. That’s it, poor babs ;^; Cleaning is a great outlet, but she’s a warrior who gets in weird situations and isn’t often at home, so she tends to bottle up all her emotions and issues while on missions or doing her duty as a demigod. Gwen’s friends, mostly Alæru because she’s such a pushy thing, quickly learn to help her vent and help her with her problems.
Fiore: Fiore loves spending time with her animal companions (mainly petting them, giving them treats, making them flower crowns, ya know~) best!! This is her favorite way to relieve stress other than planting flowers! She also loves to cook, and she has an affinity for mortal festivals and celebrations revolving around food.
Sahar: To relieve stress, Sahar sings and writes, and they are also excellent at caligraphy! They prefer to sing while alone, unless they trust whoever is listening.
Brais: Brais… has… a rock garden… he grows crystals in the earth and names all of them, because as an earth demigod, he’s all about the rocks. Sometimes when they get old enough, they come to life in odd ways. Whenever he’s stressed out, he usually tends extra to his crystal garden.
Draegan: Fuck… I don’t know, he kills people?? Tortures people?? Designs new outfits for himself??? Creates monsters in a demon lab????? don’t even worry about what he does, except do. be very concerned. i am >_>
Torben: Torben likes to watch funny things, eat good food, go on adventures with his friends, and basically just create good memories to override the bad, stressful times. He’s all about pretending stressful things don’t happen or exist, if possible! and he is constantly trying to force everyone to just “go to the beach”. Bless him.
Maxixe: To relieve stress, Maxixe yells about her problems to anyone who will listen, and then she’ll groom herself like the diva she is. So much grooming. Nails, hair, clothes, all of it. It usually makes her feel much better, actually!

10: What type of people does your OC idolize the most?

Alæru: Alæru is inspired by anyone who protects nature and cares about living things other than dominant sentients. If you are thoughtful about life, she’ll take a shine to you.

Llyr: Llyr values people who balance intellect with compassion and a sense of moral justice.
Nyx: Nyx rarely idolizes anyone. He values intelligence and rare power, preferably in a warrior/something strong.
Gwenythe: Gwenythe comes from a society of cold, violent, and powerful beings. Genuine compassion, empathy, and kindness without personal gain are the things she idolizes most in a person.
Fiore: Fiore idolizes anyone who brings unique beauty, passionate art, and new life into the world! She is so full of admiration and love.
Sahar: Sahar idolizes a rare few. They are an ancient demigod who has seen much, and can be harsh in their assessment of others for good reason. Sahar idolizes those who are self sacrificing, who practice compassionate justice in every aspect of their lives, and who live by the rules of universal balance. They have a soft spot for Rhea, who is one of the few who fits their criteria of noble.
Brais: Brais is a demigod of the earth, and because his dominion is the basis for all life but it is not often alive itself in the typical way, the stone is often forgotten. Anyone who respects earth, and the world they live on, how plates of stone move and shape lands… he digs ya. You like and respect the giant rock you call home? He’ll like you back ~
Draegan: Rare power, as well as superficial beauty. Most mortal beings are not up to his standards in any way, and most of the immortals are not on good terms with him, so he doesn’t really idolize anyone except Gods and Alæru (because she’s a unique hybrid/abomination who breaks all the rules of magic, rude).
Torben: Torben idolizes anyone who can make him/other people laugh really hard on a consistent basis!
Maxixe: Maxixe idolizes power combined with intelligence and style. She has high standards, but if a gem of power also happens to be smart, she’s gonna swoon~ I can’t really see her being impressed by humans tbh.

19: Is there anything others often admire about your OC?

Alæru: She is stupid-brave, acts confident, and is always willing to make the sacrifice play. She also protects things most people don’t care about or give a second thought to.
Llyr: He is incredibly giving, loyal, and clever. Everyone likes a compassionate death god! ((Well.. except his brother and some immortals who don’t die/could give a fuck if he’s nice to souls in his care because they think they’ll never be one of them?))
Nyx: Nyx is nearly always in control of a situation, and easily commands attention. He’s also irritatingly smart.
Gwenythe: … She’s a beautiful muscular battle queen who is also secretly super kind??? She can carry you to space and back??? she can give you weapons for your birthday???? omg
Fiore: Fiore is so beautiful inside and out! She’s one of those people who is incredibly kind, loving, devoted, respectful, and giving. She always checks herself for selfishness and is very conscious of other’s needs. You’d have to be jerk not to at least appreciate someone like that just a little bit? Right? ;-;
Sahar: Sahar is the ultimate council leader to me, or at least, as close as these poor demigods are gonna get in their universe, which is saying a lot! They are very respectable and respect others, even their enemies, and their brand of moral justice focuses on sympathy and empathy rather than law – unless universal laws of balance come into play, which are basic and the basis for reality staying together???? They are very strong and try to protect everyone.
Brais: Brais is amazingly creative in his mineral garden work, an amazing listener who remembers everything about you, and so quietly caring. He has a heart of gold, although it may take others some time to learn his wonderful qualities because of his natural shyness.
Draegan: …. he’s… super creatively evil??? he thinks of horrible things that you would never even fathom??? idk if that’s… admirable…. yepperoo…. i swear to god, this jackass
Torben: People often admire Torben’s magnetic attitude, his upbeat vibes, and ability to make others happy/feel at ease. :D
Maxixe: People really admire her clever banter, hair, fashion, and looks… until they get to know her. Then she’s just a scary manipulative bitch. c: hehehehheheheheh.

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I finally finished this large mixed media glitter piece of my gemsona Elbaite n_n

The last video of her to show off the glitter will be ready soon~ Thank you all so much!




  • Crystal System: Hexagonal/Trigonal
  • Hardness: 7-7.5
  • Fracture: Uneven-Conchoidal
  • Specific Gravity: 3-3.2
  • Luster: Vitreous

The name tourmaline refers to a family of cyclosilicates, that have varied composition, but the same basic crystal structure (FeWO4). There are 11 minerals in this family, including elbaite (the best and most abundant gemstone-quality tourmaline), schorl (the most common variety), and indicolite (blue tourmaline). Tourmaline is extremely common, but most of it is dark, opaque, and ugly. However, the transparent stones are highly valued. The best formed crystals are almost exclusively found in pegmatites, typically elbaite. Tourmaline is known for it’s “watermelon” gems, which are pink on the inside with green surrounding it. It also is the state gem of Maine, due to the high quality gems produced by the Mica Mines. So sorry about the long hiatus, but I recently went to the Smithsonian and they had so many cool rocks, so I’m back! Please, please ask me things!!!

aaaaah here it is!

The cover for Forgotten Adventures!

This is.  Okay, this is probably the most massive thing I’ve ever drawn digitally.  There’s like 70 layers on here.  Maybe more.  It probably took twenty or more hours total to do it, and there were sometimes weeks in between sessions.  I’ve never quite dedicated to a project like that and I’m kind of really proud!

There’s a million and one things I’m still on the fence about but you know what, I’m also pretty happy with it how it is.  Maybe in twenty or thirty hours I’ll look at it and panic and want to immediately redo it, and maybe in a couple months I’ll actually redo it, but for now, this sucker is going up, here and on fanfiction.

also!! shoutout to @a-damn-wizard for letting me have her big sweetie Morganite in an upcoming chapter!  

Enjoy!! (and if you really really enjoy it, commission me! http://chaosflight.tumblr.com/post/159565185629/chaosflight-chaosflight-help-christina-pay-her )


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvjroKBKz_I)

Final process video of my gemsona, Elbaite!! Thank you all for the support on the finished piece, found ~here~ 

Tumblr has a bad habit of ruining the quality of my videos, so if it’s blurry, please feel free to view it on my youtube c:

I’m sorry my cell phone video quality is so terrible! Here’s a quick video of the glitter so far in my next gemsona piece ♡♡♡♡ thank you so much for being so nice about my art n_n There’s still a lot of work to do but I’m really excited about this piece. The colors here are so off, the copic ink is much brighter in real life.