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ok so both camila and lauren were so active on Twitter today, camila said she was finding the loving, lauren was reaaaally smiley during their concert in philly, and halsey's character is named Luna. I'd say this was a good ass day lmao

They are always on the same vibe. When one is up they both seem elated. When one is down they both seem deflated. Tell me that their connection isn’t real and I’ll stab you with a soup spoon!


Good morning I’m basically so happy 😂 @dadarismus is so sweet and did an art trade with me and she drew my Nosetradamus! In his Boss Mode

@jackie-sugarskull ’s Monochrome was originally the acting leader of the villains, but he steadily started to go mad….and the other villains were VERY unhappy to find out that he’s actually terribly abusive. @clockworks-time said that Nosetradamus is probably the most responsible villain of the lot, and it sort of turned into this huge vote (while I was in the background super confused and also ELATED) and Nosey was deemed Leader so I mean?? I had to celebrate SOME HOW

I’m currently writing something for dadarismus but I had to show off THIS BIT…..Nosetradamus is a villain with psychic abilities that let him see his opponent’s upcoming moves. He’s got wretched allergies and even worse self esteem, and his villainous goal is to send the world into a second ice age to be rid of allergens! I think becoming boss would make him more oriented in just keeping these baddies under control, though? He doubles as a substitute teacher and he’s a responsible (if not super shy?) dude. he’s also dating @spritesquared’s Al Presto 😊

The above mentioned folks were super sweet and voted for him with a massive “AYE” in response to “all for, say aye!”. Also shoutout to @kruppxreader , @theanonforever and @doctordaisy who also voted?? So I mean. LOVE YOU GUYS. He’ll make you proud 😭

Collision Course (Remus/Sirius)

Hello new fandom, I’m scared. Oh no wait, I’m Somedrunkpirate and I wrote a thing, a ficlet :D. 

First time writing these two! I hope you like it! If there is still interest in new things for this ship, I could expand this ficlet into a real fic.

Collision Course

Summary: When James finally gets together with Lily, Remus expects a time of elated celebration. What they get instead is a muted adjusting period.

Tagging some folks who might be interested :) 
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Soldier Erik and Prince Charles commissioned by @parodyandpastiche for @godlyrights


The wolves will come

Jimin: [comes home crying]

Jin: Oh my god, what happened to you?

Jimin: [wiping tears from his eyes] A little girl came up to me at the grocery store. You know what she said?

Jin: [with slight alarm in his eyes] What?

Jimin: She said “Someday I’m gonna be tall like you”.

Jungkook: What the fuck


Video Game Challenge: [1/5] Pairings

➸ Nathan Drake & Elena Fisher, Uncharted

“I’m really sorry about your ring.”
“It’s all right. I swapped it for something better.

Sooo, guess who’s a free bitch?



Just submitted my last paper in my whole undergrad college career. 

No more fucking papers!

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I just find it funny that Rush Hour has the best gifs to express how I feel….but here’s one Yuzu gif:

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That’s me kissing them papers goodbye~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!