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This was SO worth getting up early in the morning on a weekend day. 💃💯😭💙

Glenn James Maxwell has what it takes to be a full-fledged test cricketer, and he’s proven it in the most flamboyant, elegant manner. This knock was pure magic!

Well flippin played, Maxi! Take a bow.

OKAY BUT everyone thinking and probably even telling Kairi that Sora wasn’t real, he as something she made up (imaginary) during the events of Days/Com and the beginning of kh2. Kairi knowing that they were wrong and that Sora was/is real, he’s not something she made up. Kairi having to go pretty much an entire year dealing with being told he wasn’t and knowing her memories of him were being erased but she didn’t want that to happen. She probably had nights where she cried to herself because who wouldn’t cry over this??? And then there’s that chance encounter with Roxas. Roxas who knows ll about Sora, knows that he’s real as fuck. Kairi finally happy someone knows about Sora and that he wasn’t fake at all, wants to know about Sora to remember him. Sora talking to Kairi. The look of elation on her face when she remembers his name thanks to his prompt. KAIRI PROBABLY BREAKING DOWN LATER THAT NIGHT CRYING BECAUSE SORA’S REAL. HE’S REAL AND HOW COULD SHE FORGET ABOUT HIM? KAIRI WANTING TO SEE HIM BADLY EVERYDAY AFTER THAT JUST TO BE SURE. AND THEN WHEN THEY MEET UP, SHE’S TELLS HERSELF THIS IS REAL BECAUSE SHE WAS SO WORRIED IT WASN’T. THAT IT WAS SOME DREAM. THAT MAYBE SORA WASN’T REALLY REAL. KAIRI DOUBTING HERSELF AND HER MEMORIES. KAIRI PROBABLY CRYING LATER ON BECAUSE HER BOY IS REAL. 

Most Important

A Critical Role Fanfic

Summary: The battle against the Briarwoods won and the celebration underway, Vex thinks over her brother’s relationship with Keyleth.

The wine was surprisingly good, for a town that had spent the last five years in the clutches of despair and undeath. Someone must have kept it hidden, in hope against all hopelessness that there would once again be a reason to celebrate. The thought added a bittersweet flavor to the wine as Vex sipped, surveying the elated faces of the recently emancipated townsfolk. She felt a smile creep across her lips, feeling a tension drain from her that had been building since she had first heard Percy spit the word “Briarwoods.” It wasn’t until now, sitting here, that she could process the situation. The Briarwoods were dead. The town was saved. Vox Machina was tired and battered and bruised, but they were safe. They had won.

           Still, she felt a painful twist in her gut as her eyes zeroed in on two figures standing by the Sun Tree. Her brother and Keyleth stood silhouetted in the sunset by the newly revived symbol of hope, sharing what was no doubt an intimate moment. Vex couldn’t help but think that the scene felt very romantic. And she couldn’t help but feel sick at the thought.  

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Clintasha: The Wreck of Our Hearts

It happens at the farm when she first sees it. Pepper’s pregnant, Tony tells them all after the chaos has settled and they’ve retreated to the farmhouse to hide from the media before real life steals them away. Everyone’s a perfect mix of excited for Pepper and terrified of Tony becoming a father, but overall it’s a good night, the light at the end of the blocked tunnel Ultron had left them in. Tomorrow everyone will go back to their real lives, face the media and the government, and Tony makes them promise they’ll see each other more often this time around not just read about his kid in paparazzi stories. (“Stark loses kid. Again.”)

That’s when she first sees it. She sees Tony’s face actually elated once he’s gotten through the initial mind-numbing fear that did last several hours, and past his shoulder she sees Clint making a drink. His face is turned down, but there’s a hint of jealousy written over his features.

There are many reasons to be jealous of Tony Stark. He had a lot of money, a lot of cars, a lot of houses. These are not the reasons that Clint Barton is jealous of him though. Natasha knows this.

Clint is jealous that Tony is going to be a father.

Natasha pretends that this is only the first time she sees this.

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In honor of the historic decision

When Dean walks in the front door, the first thing he sees is Cas, standing in front of the TV with tears streaming down his face. He’s about to rush to Cas’ side and ask what’s wrong when he sees the wide, elated smile across his face.

“Cas?” Dean asks, carefully approaching his partner.

“They did it?” Cas whisper, his voice choking. 

“Did what?” Dean’s  eyebrows crease together, his concern not dissipating. “Who?”

“The Supreme Court,” Cas says with a happy whimper. “They legalized same-sex marriage. Across the country! Dean, do you know what-” Before he can even finish the sentence, Cas is swept up in Dean’s arms. They have waited a long time for this, too long in fact. They have dealt with people’s ignorance and bigotry and they know there will still be more to come. 

But at least for now they can put that ring on Cas’ finger to good use

DAY 2655

Jalsa, Mumbai                 July 19/20,  2015                Sun/Mon  12:22 am

You rest, you wake up, you bathe and dress, you wonder what was worn the previous Sunday, you decide what would be most appealing for the well wishers today, you make changes, you check from the office below - people in place, steps in place, ok … walking down to the masses … what will they do today .. will they scream, will they push and crush, will some petition, will some seek autograph and pictures .. how long should I remain there .. are they happy .. some Ef noticed .. acknowledging them with special smiles and waves and namaskaars … turing back .. close the gates .. a last look .. a last wave .. and back to the room ..

Now as the pictures get loaded, one sees the faces of elation and joy, of the keen vantage positions taken, of the poor little children riding piggy back on parent’s shoulders wondering why they are being subjected to this ordeal, of traffic snarls and irritated motorists who honk for space and desire to move on … of traffic sufferers, who write in as a response on FB, their disgust at this fake appreciation for a celebrity, and how the celebrity should care about the traffic, of how he should not hold these travellers to discomfort by coming out of his home, of how he should prevent this by hiring a ground near by and meet his fans or “whatever they are called” ( his words, not mine ), instead of causing this trouble for those that do not wish to see this old aged actor, of suggesting that the actor go to Juhu beach every Sunday and hold his “ meetings “ there since there is a “lot of space” and avoid the delays that he has to go through waiting for the crowds to clear so he can pass by on the road, for he has ‘no intention of seeing or meeting this third rate actor’ …

I would entirely agree with this responder on FB. This celebrity actor is indeed an old aged man, and most certainly a third rate actor .. 

BUT .. Mr Suffering Motorist .. I am in no way going to leave my house to locations that you so generously suggest, to meet my well wishers .. they are like family to me, and I shall meet my family at home not on the beach .. !!!

GOT IT … !!

It is a foregone conclusion in the minds of some - you cannot have the benefit of celebrity and be correct and good. Celebrity comes along with arrogance and rudeness, of disrespect and discourtesy, rudeness, impoliteness, incivility, unmannerliness, lack of respect, lack of civility, ungraciousness, irreverence, lack of consideration, ill/bad manners; insolence, impudence, impertinence, cheek, flippancy, churlishness … !!!

And the slightest wrong done, must certainly be the work of them that categorise themselves with celeb status. Always .. anywhere, any place, any incident .. GET THAT BLOODY CELEBRITY ! THEY ARE THE BANE OF OUR EXISTENCE … THEY ARE THE ONES THAT CAUSE GRIEF AND PROBLEM ..!!

Errors and mistakes are not just the prerogatives of those that be common. They that are supposedly ‘uncommon’ are in it as well. We are all human and possess human tendencies of error .. we too are vulnerable and filled with inaccuracy .. but NOT with all the error and inaccuracy that transpires everywhere. 

Be not quick in your judgement. Be of some value of balance. Be of patient learning of fact. Give room. Give opportunity. Give required space before closing all the doors of your cerebrum - the portion of the brain .. responsible for the integration of complex sensory and neural functions and the initiation and coordination of voluntary activity in the body .. give life a chance .. you may be right, I agree, but you may also be entirely wrong ! What then !!??

Shall thou be in position or state to remove the crucifix. To extract the nails through the flesh of the innocent. To wipe away the blood of human blamelessness. Tell me .. THE NATION WANTS TO KNOW !!!

In life .. two things are perennial, constant, certain - DEATH and INCOME TAX ! Death has a period, Tax does not. One can perish and be removed from the earth, but not the tax. I wrote earlier about my regard and respect for the Revenue Department, and my encounters with them - some of trial and great discomfort, but mostly of fairness and exemplary gratitude.

I recently was sent a missive from the Department, which demonstrated the elegance with which they respect those that respect the law. The Commissioner of Service Tax sent a letter commending my payments and complimenting me for being among the top individuals in following the rules and regulations of the authority, of the correct maintenance of my books of accounts and wishing me well for this impeccable work, one among the many many others ..

Officers of the Establishment often come under fire for their attitude. I have always acknowledged that they are the most proficient learned and consummate managers of the nation. When we do bad, they will and have authority to penalise, prosecute and seek corrective measures. But .. when we do good, they also have the grace to acknowledge it. As they have done for me, and for which I am eternally grateful ..

Communication in today’s times is faster than most brains are able to even think. Responses are therefore needed to be in as rapid a manner as possible. Missing some, may result in rapid belief and subsequent accusation or opinion. Defeating formed or perceived opinion, is a trip to Pluto or Mars .. and at times one to the Sun - impossible to get close, and if you do, not a hope in hell to get back .. SINGED, BURNT AND EVAPORATED IN VACUOUS SPACE !! 

Some remark on the bare feet as I step out to greet the well wishers, and its relevance .. its nothing what many think it to be .. its just a state I am in .. 

And at times its good to feel what most ‘soles’ feel every day otherwise .. !!

Amitabh Bachchan