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Tokyo Ghoul:Re chapter 54 thoughts

boy oh boy (tokyo ghoul:re spoilers ahead)

…this new guy is not black kaneki, white kaneki or haise sasaki, and I still can’t determine whether it’s a new personality or a combination of the previous personalities

but man he literally ripped off Kanae’s arm (like how he did to haise), pierced through his eye and proceed to pierce through his body
oh but those are minor details, the main point is he stabbed tsukiyama with a straight face.This whole chapter gives off the feeling that Kaneki remembered everything, and so he recognises tsukiyama, but he did not think about saving him at all 


last panel, “The last cooperation”, I think it signifies that Haise and Qs’ relationship is coming to an end OR it’s the last time Urie and Shirazu will fight together again, my guess is one of them(most likely Shirazu) will be terribly injured to the point that he can’t fight anymore, or…the worst case scenario, death

EDIT: Noro said “Eto, looks like I’ll be going first.” before Urie sliced him, so he’s most likely dead

Just when he actually said something oh god