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Fat Autistic Things

• you already have trouble knowing what clothes “look good” to allistics and it’s harder to find those in a size that fits
• fucking dress codes, why can’t I just wear pajamas or sweatpants to work/school? I would be so much more productive and attentive if I was comfortable!
• when the waistband/bra strap digs in it’s a special type of Sensory Hell that makes you hate your body too
• when you eat as a form of self-soothing/stimming and the “healthy” options don’t satisfy that need
• “healthy” meals take so many spoons; you don’t want to alter your routine of just heating some shit up in the microwave
• sweating is also Sensory Hell
• “slimming” clothes have all that fucking elastic paneling; how does anyone put up with having that pressing in on their body?


Robert Outfit + Accessories!!

Page One:

1. ASOS Faux Leather Bomber Jacket with Patches in Black; $40; ASOS.com

2. Liquor & Poker Zip Skinny Jeans Open Rips Black Wash; $42; ASOS.com

3. Stretch Mesh Fabric Elastic Panels Metal Decoration Sport Running Sneakers; $23; newchic.com

4. Super Dry Orange Lite Fade Out Pocket T-Shirt; $25; superdry.com

5. Alien Queen Enamel Pin; $4.72; boxlunch.com

Page Two:

1. Coal FLT Beanie; $13; backcountry.com

2. Cryptozoology Tracking Society Extraterrestrials Patch; $6; pinterest.com

3. Plain Non Engraved Mirror Rainbow Finish TAC-Force TF-573 Speedster Executive Model Folding Pocket Knife by NDZ Performance; $3.33; amazon.com

4. Killstar Story Time Journal; $15; dollskill.com

5. Miss Selfridge Cross Rhinestone Ring Pack; $15; misselfridge.com

Clothes I’m Selling (sizes 8-12 us)

okay team, you know the drill. 

  • I put on all of these without shapewear, so no trickery here.
  • I will primarily ship all over the United States, but if you’re willing to foot the bill, I’ll send my goodies anywhere else.
  • all of these items were expensive and are super well made, and I’ll vouch for their quality and versatility. the fabric will be tailored easily, should you want.

and we’re off!

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supercoolbutawakardperson  asked:

How can do other pair of hands? beause i want to cosplay as sardonyx from steven universe and has 4 hands

Hello there!

Sardonyx is a total cutie. Have fun cosplaying her. :]

I have ideas on how to make her arms and attach them fairly securely to your body, but I don’t have ideas on how to make them spin around your waist. If that is something you would like, hopefully someone will post an idea in the comments.

For the arms themselves, you have a few options. Some people use mannequin arms for this purpose, since they are pre-made, rigid, and already look like arms, so all they need is decoration to make them look like the character’s arms. If you want something fairly easy, though a bit heavy and pricey, and unable to be posed, go with this.

If I were doing this, I’d want them to be posable. She’s a very expressive character, so let’s talk posability. For this, you’ll have to craft your own arms, and there are a couple of ways of going about this. Feel free to mix and match arm materials and armature. Also, one advantage of her design is that she wears elbow-length gloves on her second arms, so while the structure underneath would need to be pretty, you only have to make the surface of half the arms look pretty (and the easy half, too, since no fingers!).

One material you can use is stuffed fabric. It would be easy enough – make a long tube with a glove at the end, put your armature in, and stuff it with batting. You can also use a fabric cover over other materials.

Another material you can use for structure is foam. I would recommend something like expanding insulation foam that you can spray over your armature and carve into shape. XPS foam/”pink” insulation foam would also work, but you’d need to make at least two pieces sandwiched together in order to get it thick enough and to get your armature inside. You can either smooth the surface and paint it to look like skin, or you can cover it with fabric. I would recommend filling in the gaps with wood filler/spackle, sanding it smooth, using some type of resin or hardener on it (make sure it’s matte), and painting with a matte or satin paint. For even more realism, you can use liquid latex for a skin-like appearance. This method will be more rigid and give more realistic volume than fabric stuffed with batting.

For the armature, you also have some options. One option is a long piece of wire that goes through the whole arm. Make sure it is thick enough and/or doubled up so that you can get the poses you want while still supporting the piece. This would work well for the hands if you wanted posable fingers, and would work best for the rest of the arm if you used fabric.

You can also create a more realistic arm skeleton structure. You would use a rigid material (such as wooden dowels or small diameter PVC pipe) for the upper arm and forearm, and use some type of joint between. A ball joint would work best, but even a door hinge would work for the elbow if all you wanted was up and down motion. Make sure that this can stay in place where you leave it. You can also use some thick wire between the “bones” (or threaded through PVC pipe) to create bendable joints. You can use small “bones” in the hands, as well, though I would recommend just using wire there instead of trying to recreate a complex hand and wrist skeleton at a hardware store. (With wire for each finger and the thumb, you can easily bend and shape the hands into a few different poses, such as having your extra hands on your hips, or having your arms outward with your palms up.) This method would work well with both stuffed fabric arms and carved foam arms.

You might also be able to saw apart mannequin arms at the elbow and add your own joint, and then re-cover that section.

To attach them, you’ll need a solid understructure. I would create something akin to a corset that goes around your waist underneath your cummerbund and that fits closely, with some structure added (elastic panels, boning, interfacing, whatever you think would be most comfortable and give you the most support). If you need more structure, you can create shoulder straps that are worn underneath the tuxedo, though, much like a very weird bra, you want most of the support to come from the band, not the straps. They would help prevent the rig from slipping or shifting, though, so probably a good idea as a backup support system.

Depending on how you make the arms and if you want them permanently attached or removable, there are a few attachment options. Stuffed fabric can be sewn to the rig, though if they are at all heavy, the ends may droop. Otherwise, make sure that your armature structure goes all the way to the rig, and doesn’t stop at the “shoulder,” so that the arms can be self-supporting. Your best bet for attaching them would be to screw them on with a rigid backing so they have stability. (Also, take a look at this post for inspiration.) You would attach the arms to the understructure and then thread them through holes in the cummerbund.

If you wanted to make the entire midsection spin, I imagine that you would attach the arms to a rigid section that is able to smoothly roll past your actual midsection. This would be rather difficult, especially because torsos aren’t perfectly round, but more oval in shape. I’m sure someone will figure out a way to do it, though.

Good luck! I hope your cosplay turns out well. :]


Tokyo Ghoul:Re chapter 54 thoughts

boy oh boy (tokyo ghoul:re spoilers ahead)

…this new guy is not black kaneki, white kaneki or haise sasaki, and I still can’t determine whether it’s a new personality or a combination of the previous personalities

but man he literally ripped off Kanae’s arm (like how he did to haise), pierced through his eye and proceed to pierce through his body
oh but those are minor details, the main point is he stabbed tsukiyama with a straight face.This whole chapter gives off the feeling that Kaneki remembered everything, and so he recognises tsukiyama, but he did not think about saving him at all 


last panel, “The last cooperation”, I think it signifies that Haise and Qs’ relationship is coming to an end OR it’s the last time Urie and Shirazu will fight together again, my guess is one of them(most likely Shirazu) will be terribly injured to the point that he can’t fight anymore, or…the worst case scenario, death

EDIT: Noro said “Eto, looks like I’ll be going first.” before Urie sliced him, so he’s most likely dead

Just when he actually said something oh god 


So for Midlands MCM on Feb 14th I’m doing Rose Quartz from Steven Universe! Here’s the reference I’m working from, some v.rough design sketches to help work out construction, purchases and some initial progress shots. The skirt especially has a long way to go still!

I’m not so sure about the wig I’ve ordered colour-wise but cost had to factor in, hopefully the gradient isn’t too strong or I can make it more subtle with some extensions added in. Just hoping everything arrives on time!