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Design Studio: Elastic
Director: Patrick Clair
Lead Compositor and Animator: Raoul Marks
Composite and Animation: Yongsub Song, Sam Sparks
Editor: Devin Mauer
Designers: Jeff Han, Felix Soletic
Storyboard Artist: Lance Slaton
Producer: Paul Makowski
Head of Production: Carol Salek
Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall
Managing Director: Linda Carlson

Music by: Brian Rietzell
Sound Design: Echolab


etsyfindoftheday 1 | 4.17.17

minimalist leather hair ties by suroundstudio

accent your ponytail or top knot with a glinting metallic leather tie in either a feminine princess crown or plain wrap shape — some of them are even reversible! two ties in one!! ;) happy monday all!

so to replace your zip tie with elastic, you still need one to feed the elastic through! this is the cord i used. it was $2.50 for 5yds

so hold the elastic flush against the cable tie

the elastic is too flimsy by itself so you’re going to use the cable tie to direct it. feed it through the fabric like so

this step requires a lot of patience, because the elastic can still get stuck and bunch up. if that happens, back out a little or completely pull out and start over.

ideally, the elastic and cable tie will come out at the same time.

now you can just yoink the cable tie right out! be sure to hold the elastic so you don’t accidentally pull that too

trim to size

pull the elastic snug and tie!

i usually double knot it. you can tuck the loose ends into the fabric sleeves and even stitch the fabric close if you wanted!

and now your furby is all ready to be hugged and played with, without sharp pointy plastic bits sticking out


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 2.20.17

leather ponytail hair cuff by precocious

looking for a teeny bit of shine to add to your daily ponytail? look no further than washington-based etsy shop precocious, where you can find hair-friendly leather-wrapped ponytail holders that provide a glint of metallic sheen in gunmetal, rose gold, gold, silver, and more colors and also in several sizes. and guess what – they’re only $10!!


DUXURY ● F.E.M. Shirt (Fur Elastic Mesh)

I feel like a bungee cord when I’m with you…High strung, tensed, taut, falling out of control, in love with you. Not knowing if you feel the same way too, makes my head spin in a frenzy.
—  ЯR

桐野壱「伸縮自在」 || Kirino Hajime’s ‘Elastic’
Nijishitsuji Comic Anthology - Comic 7
Part 1
| Part 2

Translation by: akumadeenglish
Proofreading/typeset/cleans: spectactles

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