elasti woman

Rita Farr, against all odds and every doctor’s diagnosis, winds up pregnant with Holly Dayton. Garfield Logan lets the Titans know, and within a week the entire superhero community is aware of the Doom Patrol’s miracle baby. That would be strange enough on its own, but gifts start arriving and the Patrol receives a substantially friendlier reception, and it’s eventually made clear that the community of superheroes (esp. the ones who can’t have their own) has become Holly’s would-be godparents.


So benito-cereno has everyone making all Woman JLA lineups that have been really cool and I thought I’d submit my lineup too! Growing up the DCAU had a big influence on me and it’s reflected in some of my choices. I wanted a lineup that could adapt to threats as they came being able to go from stealth to combat and even diplomacy. The JLA is to represent the best of all of us, give us a goal to strive for as humanity and I feel like my choices do just that.

Wonder Woman

This is really the obvious choice isn’t it? I don’t see how any lineup could leave Diana out. Diplomatic, strong, kind, all the traits of a team leader.

After leaving Paradise Island Diana is the founder of the JLA, sworn protectors of humanity

Big Barda

I wanted a bruiser up next and Barda fit the bill, a New God from the planet Apokolips Barda was trained by Granny Goodness to serve Darkseid before escaping with her husband Scott Free aka Mr. Miracle. 

Wishing to atone for what she did as a captain of the Female Furies, Barda wishes to defend her new world, using her expert combat training and New Genesis technology

The Question

Renee Montoya was a detective with the GCPD before taking over the mantle of the Question. I see her playing a role Green Arrow and Question occupied in Justice League Unlimited, the human voice and detective branch of the team.

As The Question, Renee has learned nothing is as what it seems and feeling the Justice League will best defend earth from the threats that arrive.

These three I feel end up on a lot of teams so I didn’t feel the need to go in as much detail as I will for the rest of my choices. 


Rita Farr was an actress before exposure to volcanic gases gave her the ability to manipulate her own body, being able to grow or shrink! Rita was a member of the Doom Patrol for years and is now joining a team where she feels no longer feels like an outcast in the world.

I liked the idea of a Doom Patroler crossing over. Rita brings another interesting perspective to the team having come from a team where she was treated as an outcast to one of Earth’s greatest heroes. Her size changing abilities allow her to go from stealth to a powerhouse in seconds.


Mari McCabe grew up in a village in Africa and heard legends of the totem of Tantu, created by Anasi the Spider God, with the totem in her possession Mari can mimic the abilities of any animal.

VIxen is a character I really liked in JLU, she’s tough having experience with both the Suicide Squad and Ultramariens. Vixen is one of the most versitile members on the team.

Miss Martian

M'Gann M'orzz is a white martian, a being with incredible telepathic abilities as well as being able to shape shift, become invisible and intangible. 

Telepthic communication is a good tool to have on a team and M'gann is one of the best around. Her true form as a white martian gives her a sense of pressure to live up to a better standard and I think Barda would recognize that kind of pressure and take M'gann under her wing. 


 Leslie Willis was a shock jock who was struck by lighting transforming into a being of electrical energy. One of Superman’s foes she eventually reformed and became an ally

Livewire is a choice I haven’t seen much of and that surprised me, her powers of electricity manipulation are impressive but I like her story most of all. I think she embodies that Superman ideal of being the best version of yourself possible and I wanted to reflect that on the team by bringing in a reformed villain as well as getting Superman representation on the team


Karen Beecher was a scientist at STAR Labs and devloped her Bumblebee suit giving her the power of flight super strength, size changing and energy blasts, a member of the Teen Titans she would act as team tech expert.

Bumblebee is another choice I haven’t seen much of. She is a great tech expert and scientific mind. I also like the idea of the Teen Titans joining up to the JLA after a certain time

There you have it! I like this group coming together against the odds to form a beacon of hope in the world. I feel like the members of this team represent people coming together despite their circumstances they found themselves in and rising to be something more, and just generally kicking ass. This whole idea has been a lot of fun and I love what everyone has been coming up with 

All pics are from the DC wikia except for Livewire who is from Comicvine