Hunting was a complete disaster. Whenever Merlin wasn’t lecturing Arthur on the inalienable rights of cute fluffy bunnies to go on producing even more cute fluffy bunnies until the world was positively overrun with large-eared rodents, he was doing his best to scare away all the game. He crashed through the underbrush like a drunken rhinoceros. He dropped all of Arthur’s crossbow bolts in a crash that sent a flock of birds into startled flight. And the one time Arthur had miraculously spotted a doe through the trees, Merlin had very loudly snapped a branch underfoot and then somehow managed to look both defiant and innocent in the face of Arthur’s murderous frustration.
Quarterly Rec List: Fics based on Movies!

Because it’s summer and all the good movies come out at the same time making it really overwhelming to see them all without going broke, we are making this list MOVIE THEMED

Happy Reading!

Art by Freyafenris

Check out this list of Disney-themed fics, this one for Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and this list of Footloose’s Star Wars fics.

Of course, you can always find tons at the reel_merlin livejournal!

Bonus Gwen/Morgana: Take the Hidden Paths by independence1776 (Lord of the Rings)

Fique mar

Eu sou pássaro
mas também sei nadar
Sei voar
mas também sei mergulhar
nas profundezas do teu mar.

Ela vai dançando palavras
e vou jogando verdades
minha deusa não é sóbria
mas joga com a melancolia.

Digo que não
que não sei esperar
e ela vai dançando
querendo se afastar.

Eu sou ela
sou minha deusa
pois só eu sei me amar
e me odiar.

Fique mar
porque agora
é hora de voar.



In celebration of a day fluff, we have decide to compile some of our favorite mushy and fluffy and happy fics right here! So grab some chocolate and prepare to squee! (Photo cred)


Q: Is Glory at least a bit useful? If she lives with you. I mean… Like cooking, cleaning or anything elase? Or does she do nothing but slack off? 

A: Whelp, ‘er main concern is so my and Chains dongs won’t itch


Other than that there’re not many other uses for a dollymop, helps a little here and there and fine

What else can you ask for?

July Rec List: Employer/Employee Trope!

Since it is the season of summer jobs (M has already had 4) and we wanted to do a trope list, here is this month’s rec list theme: EMPLOYER/EMPLOYEE! Come enjoy the office smut.

Art by: icemintpeach

Did we miss any of your favorites? Feel free to add them on or message us!