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Do you know anything about worshiping underworld gods?

I can’t say that I’m experienced with this subject. I know that worshiping the chthonic deities is different in practice than Olympian deities or nature deities. I know that you are not to partake in the consumption of their offerings. You should also bury the offering? I believe. I’m sorry anon, I really don’t know a lot about it. Morbid (elaphos) is a Haides devotee, however, and would be your best bet for information on Chthonic gods. Hope you can find the info you’re looking for.

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Do you have any resources (preferably free) for a newish in-the-broom-closet pagan who wants to focus on greek gods, along with Nyx? Thanks c:

Resources on Hellenic (Pure Greek):


You can also drop me a line at my blog! 

Sirdame Snakes


Bongo (antelope)

The bongoTragelaphus eurycerus, is a herbivorous, mostly nocturnal forest ungulate; it is among the largest of the African forest antelope species.

Bongos are characterised by a striking reddish-brown coat, black and white markings, white-yellow stripes and long slightly spiralled horns. Indeed, bongos are the only tragelaphid in which both sexes have horns. They have a complex social interaction and are found in African dense forest mosaics.

The western or lowland bongoT. e. eurycerus, faces an ongoing population decline, and the IUCN Antelope Specialist Group considers it to be Near Threatened on the conservation status scale.

The eastern or mountain bongoT. e. isaaci, of Kenya, has a coat even more vibrant than that of T. e. eurycerus. The mountain bongo is only found in the wild in one remote region of central Kenya. This bongo is classified by the IUCN Antelope Specialist Group as Critically Endangered, with more specimens in captivity than in the wild.

In 2000, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums in the USA (AZA) upgraded the bongo to a Species Survival Plan participant and in 2006 named the Bongo Restoration to Mount Kenya Project to its list of the Top Ten Wildlife Conservation Success Stories of the year. However, in 2013, it seems, these successes have been negated with reports of possibly only 100 mountain bongos left in the wild due to logging and poaching.

The bongo belongs to the genus Tragelaphus, which includes the sitatunga (T. spekeii), the nyala (T. angasii), the bushbuck (T. scriptus), the mountain nyala (T. buxtoni), the lesser kudu (T. imberbis), and the greater kudu(T. strepsiceros).

Bongos are further classified into two subspecies: T. e. eurycerus, the lowland or western bongo, and the far rarer T. e. isaaci, the mountain or eastern bongo, restricted to northeastern Central Africa. The eastern bongo is larger and heavier than the western bongo. Two other subspecies are described from West and Central Africa, but taxonomic clarification is required. They have been observed to live up to 19 years.

The generic name Tragelaphus is derived from the Greek words trago (a male goat) and elaphos (a deer), in combination referring to “an antelope”. The specific name eurycerus originated from the fusion of eurus (broad, widespread) and keras (an animal’s horn). “Bongo” is derived from a West African native name.

read more about this critically endangered cutie

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I love your blog! do you know any other magical/religious blogs?

Thank you anon. And yes I do.

For Catholicism and Catholic mysticism, I recommend carpeumbra, ofbonesandblood, rikkalorelei, prosperosfootnotes, and oxofantioch.

A couple other Catholic blogs: theraccolta, thetalkingsaint and millennialgospel

For Hellenic Polytheism, go for soloontherocks of course, also eupheme-butterfly, bayoread, elaphos, baringtheaegis, homehearthkitchengarden, thehellenicguy, achangingaltar and homehearthandheart. devoteeofpoppies is a pretty cool tarot reader too.

For Traditional Satanism, whoreofabaddon

For blogs that deal with Satanism and/or Luciferianism: satansfrontlines, siljes-grimoire, finntheluciferian, sonsofthemorning

For demon stuff: littledoomwitch (Mod D is Jewish, Mod W is Catholic, and Mod L is a Gaulish polytheist)

For Ceremonial Magic and cottonmouth, kushl0rd

Find more Ceremonial Magic with graycloak

Also beagmactire and anexpansionlikegold because they are wonderful even though I can never figure out their religions beyond that there is lots of blood and darkness and glitter. EDIT: Beag is an Irish polytheist, Nat is a nightmare worker.

runewynd (currently grimoire-of-geekery) and auscultaremea are both American Risting witches, Rune does a lot of pop-culture magic, and auscultaremea is devoted to Hekate.

faerietradition for Victor Anderson’s stream of Feri Witchcraft.

I’m sure there are a ton that I’m leaving out. Followers, feel free to reblog this and tag yourselves.

EDIT: bookofwisdom for Canaanite polytheism. mothwinged for Slavic polytheism.

thoughts on oathbound devotees vs non-oathbound

there’s a definition, which I’ve heard most clearly stated by opalborn, of ‘devotee’ as someone who worships one of the Theoi in a focused an sort of 'special’ way. for example, I’m pretty clearly that kind of devotee to Artemis, at this point. and then of course there are oathbound devotees, who make oaths (with “expiration dates” or not) to their deities promising various things.

I was wondering if all you lovely devotees could talk to me a little about why you chose to take an oath or not? If so, did you feel like you did it for the God or for yourself (or a combo of both)? Do your oaths have 'expiration dates’ or are they for life? Are you willing to share what you’ve sworn, especially your first oaths to your Gods? If you swore no oaths, what do you feel distinguishes your relationship with the God you are devoted to from your relationships with the other Theoi/other Gods? To whom are you devoted and why–are They your patron, or a God you felt called by, or a God you were drawn to for non-patronage-related reasons? Any other thoughts on the distinctions between the two paths or on devotion in general?

Please only answer what you feel comfortable answering and I’m sorry if this is invasive!! Please fan mail or message or Skype me if you’d rather not talk about it in public, and if you’d rather not talk about it at all I understand!! Thanks v much for being willing to share your experiences with me.

People from whom I would love to hear on this subject (again, no pressure): soloontherocks asphodel-grimoire opalborn bayoread elaphos anexpansionlikegold and anyone else who would like to weigh in (I’ll probably tag more people when I get to a computer)

thank you!


Throughout the time that I was writing Receiver of Many between September 2012 and September 2014, I got numerous requests to publish the book. Readers told me they wanted to own a copy for themselves, and more importantly, a physical copy they could put on their shelf.  I knew that if I did this, and wanted it done right, it would cost a fairly decent sum of money.  The book would need to be split into two parts: Receiver of Many and Destroyer of Light, and both books would need professional covers.  So readers encouraged me to crowdfund the project.

In late January I took the plunge and published a Kickstarter for my free-to-read story.  I honestly believed that there wasn’t a person out there who would donate money for something they could just as easily read for free.

The results blew away any expectations I ever had.  A quick recap:

  • Kickstarted January 21 at Midnight
  • Reached 40% of goal OVERNIGHT 
  • Became a Staff New and Noteworthy Pick 12 hours after publication
  • Reached our goal of $5000 only FOUR DAYS into the campaign.
  • Reached a total of $7,743, contributed by 126 backers
  • The Receiver of Many Kickstarter ended on February 18 at Midnight, having earned 154% of what I had originally asked for, which made a third cover for an upcoming short story, The Thrice Plowed Field, possible.

None of this would have been possible without YOU.

I want to thank the following backers who not only generously contributed their money to this campaign, but took to Tumblr, Wordpress and Facebook, to promote the Receiver of Many Kickstarter and tell other people about my writing:

*, port-o-bella, dreamerabby, soverylittlehoneybee, asac89, thearymoose, catspawpress, girl-in-the-attic, lesduexcygnes, themagpielife, mousiepiepants, Amy Keyes, Angel, jadeddiva, chuotcon96, mythologymondays, Ariel W., Ashley, burrsquee, drowninginthebrevity, Bea Payumo, lonerico, tk421beth, browniechomp, capricifer, myriadlurker, ofgodsandemons, kliomuse, theadmonishingsmile, Chad Bowden, Chandra Sigmund, Chris, adventure1937, EmrysZer0, Dara, drinkestusgethollows, designkyd, artielu, enveniya, Elizabeth Crowley, themissem, Shpem, Francesca Bisi, deathbyshipping, Gretchen HW, keelycatsmom, jubsx, asphodelon, Iwona, scherre, JeweledNightingale, Summer Angel, pommeSQRD, jessicamoorey, questionablespider, pokingdots, whenwolfsbaneblooms, let-the-children-boogie, briarlily, followsrabbit, Onceuponataama, kate, katherine, Katie, Kathryn, Katherine A. Morgan, ladyscaramouche, kamacher, katehbug, kirbyalice, kitamere, krisjune, Stiney, catsuitmonarchy, Lakota O’Keeffe, Lani, acorduroysuitwithfittedknickers, cheezalovesdubs, fangirl-who-dreams, Delightfully-Difficult-Pirate, a-gnosis, itslikelyliana, hevial, LucyFG, kumikinang, Maia, marissabserrato, Mary, MiaDee, michi_cd, Pikamikameeks, momotion, elaphos, moonlightdreamer, Nawarat, paperless-littlekiss, rorojm, Derek “Pineapple Steak” Swoyer, raydaysayshey, Rebekkah, magmacannon, Sabrina Sheldon, alicemoonwonderland, Tijats, Sam Watterson, angstkiva, musingsdesign, mustardtan, Shara, Kazstrophobic, lovelydewysqualor, wickedlovelymad, analyticritic, flutterbyrose, Stephanie, Stephanie P, grafted, T. Tran, Tylar, cupboardunderthestairs, Victoria C., and vaeln17

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.  You helped make one of my lifetime goals, publishing something I wrote, a reality.  You gave me the confidence to believe that my dreams were possible.  I could NOT have done it without you.

Much love to you all,

Rachel Alexander aka kata-chthonia

Nearly 5000 followers and only now getting around to a follow forever. ^^; Can’t really blame me when I primarily blog via mobile only. tbh, I may not be especially familiar with the content of many of the lovely blogs listed on here, but I’ve either been following the blogger since the dawn of time and/or come to know and love ‘em. Also, I know I am going to miss some of you and I apologize ahead of time. Thank you all so so much for being so awesome and filling my dash. 💕


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Hi, I've been feeling drawn to paganism lately (possibly Hellenism specifically as I've always felt a strong appreciation for Dionysus) and I just wanted so say that I'm very glad you guys seem to be aware and against the racism and cultural appropriation present in parts of the pagan community. That was always something that steered me away from wanting to learn more about it.

If you’re into Hellenismos, here are some links:


Baring the Aegis

Theoi (great way to look up deities)

Outline presentation on Hellenismos

Hellenic terminology

I also highly suggest to look at our resource page under Hellenic polytheism, and take a look at blogs with more information such as Soloontherocks, Elaphos, and also Bayoread’s Hellenic resources.

Hope this helped, and we try to make awareness in the community about these problems (racism, cultural appropriation, etc). 

- Symphony

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Do you have any references for where to start with Hellenism? I've felt drawn to Apollo for years, but I'm only recently becoming interested in researching to guide me on my way

I’ve got a bunch of links for you. Here’s some of my FAQs about Hellenism

And I suggest checking out A Hellenic Polytheist’s e-Resource guide by Elaphos

SAME HERE! And I keep discovering things like PCP or literary paganism that fits who I am and what I want my practice to be and it just keeps growing. At this rate I’m never going to be well known for any one subject/specialty, but know a little bit about just about everything.

deer-digest-deactivated20140417  asked:

I just want to thank you for that post about James not discounting Lily's abilities just because she's a woman. That's something that has bothered me about the Marauders fandom for a long time, and it's so important- Lily was a BAMF and everyone knew it, including and especially James. Do people forget that she was so kick-ass, powerful, talented and brilliant that VOLDEMORT tried to recruit her? James would have learned early on not to tell her she couldn't do something because she is a woman.

There’s a disturbing amount of internalized misogyny in the Marauders fandom. Considering the fact that most of the writers that I’ve seen are female, and they have (or will) likely experience some form of sexual harassment, it is awful and strange that one of the most popular tropes in the fanfiction seems to be that James repeatedly asked Lily out despite her outright refusal and discomfort. If anyone did what people have implied James did to the women I know, I’m sure they would not respond by eventually falling in love with their harasser. Beyond SWM, I think that any advances on James’s part would be a lot more respectful. 

And in the same vein of problematic behaviour, people seem to think that James somehow not only was the only magically talented one in that relationship, but also that James would assume that he could do things like tell her she couldn’t protect herself or try to stop her from fighting in the war. James may have had incredible talents, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t aware of Lily’s talents. She was exceptional at Potions and had to be a powerful witch to be offered a position with Voldemort despite being Muggle-born. James respected Lily. Despite his behaviour in SWM, it is clear the person he is trying to aggravate/disrespect is Snape, not Lily. He listens to her, even in his immature and arrogant stage. He fought with her in the war. He went into hiding just like she did when she got pregnant. A James who treats Lily like she is less than is not a canon James, nor is he a good example to be followed.

Besides that, if anyone believes that Lily Evans would put up with that kind of treatment from James Potter, would marry him if he were like that, they need to reread certain passages. Lily is furious when Snape implies that he has any control over her decisions. “Let me?” You think that she would accept a controlling or condescending attitude from her husband? Yeah, right. So if you’re going to try to use a terrible trope, use it on characters who would actually behave in the way you’re describing. Better yet, treat your female characters you write with the same respect you would expect for yourself and for the women in your life.

Answering Questions

Looks like I’m going to answer the questions dippitydasha tagged me in!

Rule one: Always post the rules

Rule two: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write your questions

Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them to the post

Rule 4: Actually tell the people you tagged that you tagged them

1. What are your favorite pizza toppings?

  • Shrimp w/ pesto sauce :3

2. What is your favorite fairytale/legend/myth?

  • I don’t have a favorite fairytale, legend or myth that I favor that’s a classical if that was the answer you were looking for. I do, however, have a modern fairytale that I’m in love with which is The Modern Faerie Tale series by Holly Black.

3. If you could have a vacation spot anywhere in the world that you could teleport to at will, where would it be?

  • Egypt, Ethiopia, or Greece

4. What is your favorite sweet?

  • Favorite? I have too many lol. Candy is one of them though.

5. What do you feel is your best personal trait?

  • Honestly? I don’t think that I have one.

My questions for you:

  1. What is one aspect of your life that you would change if you had the chance?
  2. What is your happiest memory?
  3. What do you know now that you didn’t know five years ago?
  4. Who motivates you?
  5. What are five fears that you have and what are your reasons for them?

I don’t talk to a lot of people on here so please don’t be upset that I tagged you. You can ignore it if you want to: dippitydasha , gardenofthequeen ,

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elaphos replied to your postI feel like watching witchy movies

Lords of Salem was okay! Umm. Not all of them are witchy, but for some monster/myth/magic feels; Spirited Away, Howls’ Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, Woochi (Jeon Woo-Chi), Pan’s Labyrinth, Paprika, MirrorMask, Carnivale (TV show.)

I think I’ve seen all fo them except the mirror mask and carnivale, so I may check those ones out.