SAME HERE! And I keep discovering things like PCP or literary paganism that fits who I am and what I want my practice to be and it just keeps growing. At this rate I’m never going to be well known for any one subject/specialty, but know a little bit about just about everything.

Answering Questions

Looks like I’m going to answer the questions dippitydasha tagged me in!

Rule one: Always post the rules

Rule two: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write your questions

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Rule 4: Actually tell the people you tagged that you tagged them

1. What are your favorite pizza toppings?

  • Shrimp w/ pesto sauce :3

2. What is your favorite fairytale/legend/myth?

  • I don’t have a favorite fairytale, legend or myth that I favor that’s a classical if that was the answer you were looking for. I do, however, have a modern fairytale that I’m in love with which is The Modern Faerie Tale series by Holly Black.

3. If you could have a vacation spot anywhere in the world that you could teleport to at will, where would it be?

  • Egypt, Ethiopia, or Greece

4. What is your favorite sweet?

  • Favorite? I have too many lol. Candy is one of them though.

5. What do you feel is your best personal trait?

  • Honestly? I don’t think that I have one.

My questions for you:

  1. What is one aspect of your life that you would change if you had the chance?
  2. What is your happiest memory?
  3. What do you know now that you didn’t know five years ago?
  4. Who motivates you?
  5. What are five fears that you have and what are your reasons for them?

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anonymous asked:

Do you know anything about worshiping underworld gods?

I can’t say that I’m experienced with this subject. I know that worshiping the chthonic deities is different in practice than Olympian deities or nature deities. I know that you are not to partake in the consumption of their offerings. You should also bury the offering? I believe. I’m sorry anon, I really don’t know a lot about it. Morbid (elaphos) is a Haides devotee, however, and would be your best bet for information on Chthonic gods. Hope you can find the info you’re looking for.

elaphos replied to your postI feel like watching witchy movies

Lords of Salem was okay! Umm. Not all of them are witchy, but for some monster/myth/magic feels; Spirited Away, Howls’ Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, Woochi (Jeon Woo-Chi), Pan’s Labyrinth, Paprika, MirrorMask, Carnivale (TV show.)

I think I’ve seen all fo them except the mirror mask and carnivale, so I may check those ones out.

elaphos replied to your post: Ah yes, white cishet dude opi…

omg this happened to me recently too. like. everytime. because facebook. someone was being sexist to my face and thought it was just funny or i should not care. like. no.

Yeah, I was just replying to something my friend said because she was asking for opinions on something that came up with her kids about queer people picking up on visual cues other people to assess if they might also be queer and our society’s tendency towards “straight until proven otherwise.”  And some dudebro jumped into the conversation going on about how he didn’t like the word queer or queer people using it as part of our identity, and that we should find a better term and until the day we do, he’s just going to refer to us all as “People” because that makes him more comfortable. *rolls eyes*

cheshirecopycat replied to your post: Ah yes, white cishet dude opi…

My little brother’s kinda becoming one of those dudebros. I have to keep kicking him out of my room because he either insults my ships (rizzles in particular) or tells me about reverse sexism.. UGH

ewwwwww that’s awful :(  I’m really glad that at least I don’t have to live with someone like that.  Can people just stop being icky?! *shakes fist*

I left the wine offering [to S] out all night.

No big deal; I’ve done it before.

What I wasn’t expecting was the epic dream sequence about the life and times of the modern grape narrated, acted out, sung, and danced by none other than the Greeks’ biggest, non-human wine fan.

What really made the dream was the GRAPE’S FAMILY TREE that big D showed me. He very “modestly” explained that the artwork within - very Middle Ages manuscript-esque - was created by him, and him alone. I was in his company for a long time.

Finally, I woke up and growled. If this is more than my mind eliciting a deity for a smell I’m not used to, I will scream my head off.

When I went back to sleep, I jumped INTO Tumblr to find achangingaltar, ginandjack, bayoread, and elaphos so I could cry rivers about this intrusion into my dreams. The only one available was ACA and he giggled at me the whole time I was whining. I strongly suspect he was the Big Fan o’ Wine in disguise.