Scissor-tailed Kite (Chelictinia riocouriii)

Also known as the African Swallow-tailed Kite (not to be confused with  Elanoides forficatus of the Americas), the scissor-tailed kite is a species of elanid kite ( Accipitridae, Elaninae) which is widespread in Africa, where is occurs throughout most of northern Africa as well as most of “the horn”. Like other elanid kites, scissor-tailed kites feed mostly on insects and spiders, but are known to take small lizards and rodents as well. Scissor-tailed kites are a gregarious species, and are often seen in communal roosts. 


Animalia-Chordata-Aves-Accipitriformes-Accipitridae-Elaninae-Chelictinia-C. riocourii

Image: Ron Knight

 elanid said: My book group has a policy that people can’t recommend books they haven’t read, cuts down on unenjoyable books - perhaps would be useful for your group. Fwiw though, I do like The Thief, slow start or not. :) Hope it improves for you!

That might be a good idea, yeah.  The Thief is starting to get more interesting, though, so hopefully the rest of it will be easier to read.  And I’m definitely looking forward to The Queen of Attolia.

elanid asked:


(re: this post, asks are still open!)

1. First impression: Ha, that was on that pre-workshop thread, so I think I was just excited that you went to the school my friend Vince was (at the time) planning to go to.

2. Truth is: I am so glad we have gotten to see each more this year! Like in person, although obviously our friendship is pretty heavily founded on text. : ) 

3. How likely is it that u could convince me to do a crime: …not likely at all… Because I am the not-evil one of us… obviously… [my reputation being saved by that public answer: uh, pretty likely, whoops, aside from my obvious stand-up-citize-ness] 

4. Have you ever made me laugh: Gosh, no, not any of your jokes, or even when you fell off a chair those three times.

5. Best feature: General excellence? Let’s see, one particular way you are awesome — you are clever in all the best ways! Like, whether it is being entertaining or being supportive, there is definite cunning being implemented, and it is awesome.

6. What animal do u remind me of: Oh, cat for sure. I’ve decided that your daemon should be a sand cat, because they are tiny nocturnal fluffy jerk cats.

7. Recommend u a book/movie: Ha! I feel that between you having read most things and you hating, um, most things also — this could be unwise. Oh, but have you seen Captain America 2 yet? I actually feel that you should see it, because it is seriously quality. 

8. If i could take u to a place on earth it would be: Here, all the time! (I am predictable in this answer.) Otherwise — oh, easy, I should have thought of this before: Harry Potter World in Orlando! So much so.