elan style

“Jack Skellington told me I’m to perch here.“ 

[see how Jack and Castiel met here]

I reached my data limit really early in my trip and was without internet, so I decided to play around with my iPad. They’re playing Christmas music here in Japan (I’m visiting family) already. Too soon. 

Since my birthday’s on 12/25, I usually HATE Christmas. 

Jack Skellington and Cas are in charge of making it better for me this year ;)

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Elan, The Jasmine Court, PLBW 15

The “Jasmine Court” paid tribute to Sub continental Royalty’s romantic era of the late 18th century. The Maharajas and Nizams of the princely states were heavily influenced by the “gora” sahibs and “memsahibs” of the British Empire and thus ensued a tide of court fashion marking an entanglement of Western sensibilities with eastern decadence.


Burton-esque SUPERNATURAL sketches + Announcement!

Since the Tim Burton-esque Castiel post took off in ways I could never even wish for (THANK YOU SO MUCH!), I decided to explore that style in-depth, and will continue to do so for a bit.

First, I wanted to do more Burton-esque Cas and went for Lazarus Rising, but then thought “Oh, you know what could really look badass Burton-esque? Attack Dog!Cas!!” Whoa, scary but so fun!

Crowley seemed like the next “goes best with Burton” character, and I think I was right. I mean, look at him.
Burton-esque Sam and Dean, I’m not so sure…
I didn’t think my first attempt at drawing Bobby would be in this style, but here we are.
And DEATH… Death is too perfect. He literally is made for Burton films.

Funny thing is, Burton-esque Cas was actually a tangent from me needing to draw a self portrait of myself and I didn’t really want to go the “realistic” route, so I took on the style I thought fit me most, Tim Burton’s style, and then I thought… “hey, Cas would look good in this style.” … Just a little backstory there ;D
And I needed to do a self portrait because:

I’ve now opened a RedBubble Store in addition to my Society6 Store !

Thank you, always, for your support. I’m not fully back yet, but every single one of you are helping me survive day by day.
Your “likes”, “reblogs”, and creative, encouraging, and sometimes hilarious tags are what keep me going. Thank you. XOXO