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The “I Think You Underestimate My Love for Rogue One: Favorite Facial Expressions + Tim Burtonesque” Sketch Dump

I love K-2SO to pieces, but I wanted to draw human facial expressions.
When I was sketching these, I didn’t intend to color them, but here we are.

*Notes were written for me because these started out as practice sketches to get comfortable drawing them*

“What’s This?” - Jack Skellington meets Castiel 

What’s this? What’s this?
He’s pretty like a song
What’s this?
So pretty that it’s wrong
What’s this?

I can’t believe my eyes
I must be dreaming
Wake up, Jack!
This isn’t fair!
What’s this?

What’s this? What’s this?
His wings are very soft
What’s this?
Why does he look so cross?

Jack can see Castiel’s wings, and they’re both bewildered by each other.


I want to do something fun with this:
Continue the lyrics of Jack praising Cas (JUST CASTIEL, please) in bewilderment.
It MUST be in the form of “What’s This?” from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
I’ll reblog it if I find yours to be a hilarious masterpiece.
if you can get @mishacollins to participate. (I wish!)

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My BEST GUESS with “How Many Steps It Takes Chirrut to Get Ready In the Morning”

This is what I deduced from watching the movie multiple times and scouring the internet for information.
Please don’t come attacking me if it’s wrong.

I had to figure out how his costume worked after I started drawing him and realized I didn’t know exactly what layered over what:

↑ Drawn BEFORE I started researching his costume in detail.

I really loved trying to figure out how his costume worked, sometimes watching the movie just focusing on how his right sleeve moved, wondering what “religious meaning” the outfit has, etc. :)
Also, I found a production still from a shot they didn’t use in the movie where Chirrut had his tarp(?) on his back draped over his left arm. Since Jedha is set to be a moon in a permanent winter, I’m guessing that’s an extra layer of warmth if he needs it.
Again, these are only my best guesses.

Anyway, this was a great excuse to watch the film over and over again.



My Burton-esque Castiel post became my first post to ever break into the Four Digits Club in notes on Tumblr! I was shocked yet extremely excited❤︎
I uploaded it on my Society6 and RedBubble, just in case ;)
Your “likes”, “reblogs”, and creative, encouraging, and sometimes hilarious tags made me smile like an idiot… and YES, I go to EVERY. SINGLE. REBLOG.

With the overwhelming amount of positive feedback, I decided to study the Burton-esque style in depth, trying to come up with a coloring style to match. 

This is still my “study” in drawing/coloring the SPN characters Burton-esque.
So far, I think Death and Castiel are best suited for the style.
I’m currently watching Tim Burton movies on a loop to get a better grasp on the overall aesthetics of it.
There will be more from me in this style, I can promise you that.



The Texture of Jabba ❤︎  

Inspired by this tweet from Señor Diego Luna himself.

K-2 is definitely NOT jealous. Nuh-uh. No way. Not in the slightest.
Also, if Chirrut shakes off Baze and touches Jabba, I have this feeling Chirrut would wipe his hands on Baze’s back when Baze isn’t paying attention.

I hope Diego Luna would be happy to know his curiosity of the “texture of Jabba” is contagious, and after days of looking at reference photos, I’m just as curious. (I even have some theories???)

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charlotteofcamelot  asked:

Hello! I'm so excited for this request-a-thon, it's taken me a while to think of something worthy of your amazing style! May I request a burtonesque toddler cas dragging around a well-loved, tattered stuffed bee (and possibly dressed in a massively oversized trenchcoat)?

I was able to visualize it so clearly AS I WAS READING IT!!!
Equally good in idea and direction.
Thank you so much for this request! I stayed up ‘til 4AM doing this X’D

I love this SO MUCH, I may have to make it a print for my Society6 and RedBubble stores! XD (would anyone want it tho???)


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A Rogue One Halloween 

So, what if the Kyber Temple used to have a day where they gave out treats to kids and Baze, Chirrut, and Bodhi wanted to relive that tradition and also share it with Jyn, Cassian and K-2SO???

Bodhi would turn into a kid again, dragging Jyn and Cassian into the festivities, even carving a droid jack-o-lantern for K-2. (”I don’t care if you don’t eat candy! It’s for tradition’s sake, OK?!”)
Baze would bitch and groan about it until it came time to throw the candies into the jack-o-lanterns with his impeccable aim. Then it’s ON.

The thing about Jedha trick-or-treating would be that the Guardians ask “Trick or Treat?” instead of the kids.
Treats are rewarded when the kid answers a riddle given by the Guardian (in this case, Chirrut).
NEVER answer “Trick” to Chirrut. JUST DON’T DO IT.

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“Her name is Nyx. She was a gift from Halloween Town.”

I’ve been meaning to give Cas a permanent companion in my Burtonesque drawings, since Jack Skellington has his ghost-dog, Zero.
They are already inseparable. :D
Wanna know more about Nyx?


Here’s my version of Fem!Cas❤︎ 

@hunters-hiraeth asked what it would take to talk me into drawing Fem!Cas.
Turns out, piquing my curiosity was enough in this case XD
Here she is in both my Burtonesque and normal(?) styles.

I just imagine her to have kind of a bob hairstyle that Cas would not care to brush or preen in any way.
She has a double-strand Lapis necklace to keep the wardrobe colors intact :)

I don’t like the end result as much as Purgatory!Cas suggested by @sille1992, but I’m still having fun trying to learn how to color digitally :)

wayward-authors-kitsune  asked:

It's alright, here you go! I've been thinking a lot about angels and weapons since the revelation of that lance in 12x12 and wondering about Cas having a super cool weapon too, like a step up from the typical angel blade. Something involving a bow, perhaps? I'm not sure. (I'm also picturing Cas with wolf ears because I'm drawing a husky right now, but that's irrelevant.) And sorry I didn't send this again sooner!

I already drew Cas with a bow in the Burtonesque Valentine’s Day post, so here’s my counter:
I have this headcanon that Angels are ambidextrous, and since Angels used to be able to fly, I always thought an ‘Attack on Titan’-like fighting style would be a nice way to depict them.
So… how about a wingless Cas wielding two swords at once???