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“What’s This?” - Jack Skellington meets Castiel 

What’s this? What’s this?
He’s pretty like a song
What’s this?
So pretty that it’s wrong
What’s this?

I can’t believe my eyes
I must be dreaming
Wake up, Jack!
This isn’t fair!
What’s this?

What’s this? What’s this?
His wings are very soft
What’s this?
Why does he look so cross?

Jack can see Castiel’s wings, and they’re both bewildered by each other.


I want to do something fun with this:
Continue the lyrics of Jack praising Cas (JUST CASTIEL, please) in bewilderment.
It MUST be in the form of “What’s This?” from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
I’ll reblog it if I find yours to be a hilarious masterpiece.
if you can get @mishacollins to participate. (I wish!)

[Color and B&W versions Available on my Society6 and RedBubble]

“Elane Haven is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in any capacity, but she looks best in moonlight”

Victoria Aveyard, King’s Cage (Red Queen, #3)


The “I Think You Underestimate My Love for Rogue One: Favorite Facial Expressions + Tim Burtonesque” Sketch Dump

I love K-2SO to pieces, but I wanted to draw human facial expressions.
When I was sketching these, I didn’t intend to color them, but here we are.

*Notes were written for me because these started out as practice sketches to get comfortable drawing them*

Elane Haven - Finished version



Sorry for the wavy paper *sighs*

I finally found information on her eyecolour - they’re described as dark and angled in King’s Cage p. 111. I chose brown.

Maybe I’ll make another drawing with a glass and metal crown. If I find a design.

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My BEST GUESS with “How Many Steps It Takes Chirrut to Get Ready In the Morning”

This is what I deduced from watching the movie multiple times and scouring the internet for information.
Please don’t come attacking me if it’s wrong.

I had to figure out how his costume worked after I started drawing him and realized I didn’t know exactly what layered over what:

↑ Drawn BEFORE I started researching his costume in detail.

I really loved trying to figure out how his costume worked, sometimes watching the movie just focusing on how his right sleeve moved, wondering what “religious meaning” the outfit has, etc. :)
Also, I found a production still from a shot they didn’t use in the movie where Chirrut had his tarp(?) on his back draped over his left arm. Since Jedha is set to be a moon in a permanent winter, I’m guessing that’s an extra layer of warmth if he needs it.
Again, these are only my best guesses.

Anyway, this was a great excuse to watch the film over and over again.

WIP sketch for Elane Haven

No black because I don’t shade pencil drawings. The pose is a bit forced, but I hope to improve in the actual picture, and I like the constrast of wielding light and shadows at once.

I’m really into Elane using glass knives/daggers/swords etc. She could use them as prisms and she would use weapons which are her very own and which the magnetrons around her can’t control. It’s boon for the wife of the future house lord. Bons: Maybe there are made of diamond glass. Diamond glass would be an interesting weapon material, as it is not brittle, but still very hard and sharpe.

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My Burton-esque Castiel post became my first post to ever break into the Four Digits Club in notes on Tumblr! I was shocked yet extremely excited❤︎
I uploaded it on my Society6 and RedBubble, just in case ;)
Your “likes”, “reblogs”, and creative, encouraging, and sometimes hilarious tags made me smile like an idiot… and YES, I go to EVERY. SINGLE. REBLOG.

With the overwhelming amount of positive feedback, I decided to study the Burton-esque style in depth, trying to come up with a coloring style to match. 

This is still my “study” in drawing/coloring the SPN characters Burton-esque.
So far, I think Death and Castiel are best suited for the style.
I’m currently watching Tim Burton movies on a loop to get a better grasp on the overall aesthetics of it.
There will be more from me in this style, I can promise you that.


julia071499  asked:

If the red queen characters attended school,what would be their favorite subject?

I’m gonna do this by university major cause it’s so much easier. 

Cal: mechanical engineering (with a political science minor cause he doesn’t actually want to be doing that… but he’d gonna have to take over for dad some day.)

Mare: electrical engineering with a minor is ass kicking (she and cal meet in lab for the first time when she moves his project cause she wants to use the tools he’s using and she breaks the project by mistake and he literally almost cries about it) (then he sees that she took his tools and he’s like “um excuse me… thief! and she’s just like sitting there holding the tools and without looking up from her project says “obvi.”) 

Kilorn: environmental studies (he just wants to save the fish, literally has a shirt that says “save the fish” has thrown multiple rallies to save the fish, all of which only mare and shade have shown up to)

Maven: political science and psychology (wants to be pres. cause mom says so)

Farley: composition government while double majoring in anthropology while also minoring in sociology. (the ultimate try hard that shade oogles in all his classes and drools about when he day dreams)

Shade: the art of being alive. (but in all seriousness double majoring in philosophy and literature) (he may or may not have stalked Diana Farley through the library once and pretending to be reading books on anthropology for a paper (it depends if you ask him or mare))

Evangeline: art major (she’s an art hoe who wears big sweaters, and beenies everyday and just looks down on everyone)(has a strange obsession with metal welding, aspires to be an underwater welder)

Elane: art major (Concentration in drawing and painting) (Evangeline has asked her before to draw her like one of her french girls) (she and Evangeline have their own art closet that no one goes into cause someone once did and caught them making out and it was not a pretty picture what came next. 

Ptolemus: finance and management double major (with a minor in being a frat boy extraordinaire) 

I’m going to go write a college fic now.