elaine de vries

Delfts Blauw is a very popular Dutch type of pottery which originated in the 16th century. The majority of the time, the hand painted ornaments have illustrations of Dutch scenes, such as windmills or landscapes. The term Delfts Blauw is now a brand name painted on each of the ceramic pieces indicating they are authentic collectables. 

These ornaments are now typically used as souvenirs for travellers and that’s why I decided to photograph them. These photos relate back to the idea of feeling like a tourist in the country where I was born. When I lived in The Netherlands, I didn’t care too much about Delfts Blauw, however the longer I’ve been away from there, the more nostalgic I feel about the country and the things that make it special. 

I photographed them in a similar way to the Rubber Ducks series, with a great amount of detail, to emphasize the uniqueness of each ornament.