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“Precious Plum: A Swim in Shit.” Watching Josh nearly drown in his fat suit will forever be burned into my memory. Special thanks to Nicole Byer and Luke Sholl.

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Precious Plum, episode 5: A Good Sword. Special thanks to John Gemberling and Amy Heidt.

Yeah, OK, so in this episode, we, uh, I’m so sorry.


Here’s the trailer for my short film, Jo MInkus and The Meat Vesuvius starring Very Mary-Kate’s Elaine Carroll as Jo Minkus and Eric Bauza as Gleek.

Ep.8 “How Much Of”

This is a genuine plea. Please help me stop laughing and listening to Episode 8 “How Much Of” with the truly amazing Elaine Carroll (Very Mary Kate), Nate Dern (Friday Night Hot Chicks Mic), and Tim Martin (Airwolf). I am in love with them.

2, 3, 4, BEARS!

I’m dying.

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Precious plum: A Blood Drive (Ep.8)