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Inner Circle Clothes Aesthetics

Rhys: black on black on black on black on black on black

Feyre: Fuzzy sweater, leggins, uggs (hehe)

Cassian: ripppppped jeans, leathER jackEt (oh my)

Nesta: dark colored jeans, high heels, long trench coats

Azriel: rly warm sweatshirts, sunGLASsEs B^)

Elain: converse high tops, flowerrr maxi dresses, rompers

Mor: l o w  cut tank tops - all in red lolol, chokers, (high cut shorts x100)

Amren: mom jeans, crop tops, kinda basic but still looks cool™

Mine: Part Seven


What’s wrong, Nesta? Can it not wait for a few hours? We’ll be over in a few hours for dinner.” Her sister’s voice was kind, sweet as the roses from her garden in the Spring. “Or is this-

Her husband’s eyes lifted to hers, glittering in amusement at the sound of impatience coming from her throat. She glared pointedly at him and he chuckled and went about cutting up the carrots. He was being so caviler, as if the pup that was now living with them wasn’t about to go through something so terrifying for an omega. Let alone a ten-year-old omega.

“Elain,” Nesta said firmly, cutting her off. “It’s important. Bay- I think he’s going to have a heat soon and I need to know what to expect.”

Nesta. Are you sure? Bay’s on suppressants! The likelihood of Bay having a heat after having them in his system is highly improbable.”

Nesta made her way down the long hallway to her nephew’s room. She put her hand on the doorknob and paused. She could hear Bay purring from outside the room! A part of her was happy that Bay felt safe enough with her nephew to be sleeping in the same bed with him, let alone purring. But that happiness was drowned out by the panic that a ten-year-old and a thirteen-year-old had found their mates and how that would alter their futures.

She carefully pushed the door open to see Bay gnawing on Nate’s shoulder. Her breath hitched and she whispered into the phone, “Yes. I’m absolutely positive.” She should wake them up and separate them but she didn’t have the heart to do it.

We’re on our way,” Elain said.

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Elain nodded, smiling up at me, and it was tentative joy—and life that shone in her eyes. A promise of the future, gleaming and sweet.

That smile grew, bright enough that it lit up even Azriel’s shadows across the room. “I would like to build a garden,” she declared. “After all of this … I think the world needs more gardens.”

ACOTAR quiz: part 1

You can only choose one option (let the torture begin):

1. Which of these characters do you most relate to?
a. Feyre
b. Nesta
c. King of Hybern
d. Cassian

2. Who would you take a bullet for first?
a. Elaine
b. Rhys
c. Cassian
d. Mor

3. Who would you pay to give you a lap dance at a strip club?
a. Lucien
b. Tamlin
c. Azriel
d. Amren

4. Who would you make out with under the stars?
a. Helion
b. Rhys
c. Azriel
d. Nesta

5. Who would make you melt if you saw them holding a baby and smiling at it brightly?
a. Rhys
b. Elaine
c. Lucien
d. Cassian

6. If you HAD to choose only ONE person to co lead in a movie with you, who would it be?

a. Mor
b. Rhys
c. Nesta
d. Cassian

7. Which couple would you most like to see more of in upcoming books?

a. Nessian
b. Feysand
c. Amren+Varian (?)
d. Lucien + anyone who will love him fiercely

Bouquet Full of Loathing - Elucien

Inspired by: Flower Shop Modern AU - Person A owns a flower shop and person B comes storming in one day, slaps 20 bucks on the counter and says “How do I passive-aggressively say fuck you in flower?” 

Pairing: Lucien x Elain (my sweet children<3)
Genre: Fluff/Humor
Rating: SFW
Recommended listen: McFly - Love is Easy

Author’s note: So I saw this post floating on Pinterest and finally found it on tumblr too. Super helpful when researching the flowers and then a photo of the actual bouquet haha. Hope it’s up to standard! Much longer than I anticipated. || @alicemoonwonderland


“How do I passive-aggressively say fuck you to someone in flower?”

Lucien was furious. He was fuming. He was sure that if he could be, he’d actually be on fire. It was too fucken early for him to be going back and forth with his coworker but that bitch loved to undermine him and continuously make his life hell at work.

Due to his outburst after their latest argument, his manager (who was also that demon’s manager) was forcing him to make amends by buying her a nice bouquet of flowers to say he was sorry. Which he wasn’t. Not even in the slightest. But oh, she was going to get that bouquet of flowers.

The Fawn’s Greenhouse was only a few blocks away and it was one way for him to release his anger, by taking a walk. But what he didn’t expect was to find a beautiful young woman behind the counter, staring at him like he was crazy. Then again, who walks into a flower shop and demands those kind of flowers?

His eyes went to the nametag on the front of her dress and he felt his face go red.

Elain. Such a pretty name for such a pretty girl.

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I am sick of the men. Just one time, just once, I would like to accomplish something in this city without having to spend all of my energy navigating the shortsighted, selfish, self-involved, and oh-so-fragile male egos that suck up all the oxygen in this town. It makes me so sick, Douglas, so sick I could puke for days.

I’m running for president.

Proper Date Manners

approximately 7k of fake dating, un-fake feelings, and Jane Austen!

based on this tumblr post

ransom & holster belong to ngozi, creator of @omgcheckplease

also on ao3

“Bro. Don’t look now, but that girl’s been checking you out for the last fifteen minutes.”

“‘Swawesome,” Ransom said, keeping his eyes on his phone.

Holster frowned. “Dude. When I said 'don’t look now,’ I didn’t mean for you to actually not look.”

Ransom shrugged. “I don’t really feel like hooking up tonight, man.”

Holster squinted at his best friend. “You 'haven’t felt like hooking up’ for the last three months, Rans. I thought you said your breakup with March was mutual?”

“It was,” Ransom insisted, but Holster wasn’t convinced. Three months was a lot in college time, and a guy as attractive as Ransom wouldn’t be having any trouble getting a date unless he didn’t want one. Which meant…

“Are you still upset about it?”


“Then there’s no reason for you not to let me hook you up, is there?”

Ransom probably thought he looked casual, but Holster knew his best friend. He could see the way Ransom’s fingers tightened around his phone case at Holster’s question. So when he said, “Guess not,” Holster didn’t waste a moment in slinging an arm around Ransom’s shoulders and steering him towards the girl he’d noticed. Ransom was an amazing guy. He deserved to have a nice time.

Of course, Holster would have really liked to be the one showing Ransom a nice time… but that was beside the point.

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The Fox and the Doe

In which Elain wants her mate to come visit.
Written for my absolutely wonderful friend @my-boyo-fenrys. (Sorry it took so long! Lucien is a bit hard for me to write (even though he’s only in like half of it shhh))

if you want to request a story, I have a post for that, or just drop it in my asks or messages!

Word count: 2499


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It’s oppressive growing up in the air of another’s life / This is how a little girl grows up / Warped in her Father’s tragedy before any of her own

Life is so less real than it seems sometimes / For her, to her / She finds hair sticking to her cheeks and down her collar bone / On sticky football game nights / Nights that slide beneath her feet much faster than she can feel / All the minutes living around her

And she wakes too late in the day to ever feel sweet morning air / Or to smell her skin before the day has bruised it / Days after are always like this / Scrambling for calm minds that listen to soft music / Just trying to clear the air that sings something too real 

There is something in the mid afternoon with naked legs spread out on the bed / Like a pocket of time / And she lets her unwashed hair spread across the pillow to feel pretty / To feel like the age her ten year old mind thought now would feel like / Reminding herself what it’s like to be all alone in a house / And breathing all her own air

- Elaine | Lau B. © 2017

Dedicated to @kaafka