*walks through my dark room without tripping on anything*

Me: it is I, High Lady of the Night Court, I am not afraid of darkness, I am darkness

Elain Archeron
Finally finished this! I was unsure about finishing it because im never gonna beat the amount of notes i got on the WIP 😂 ohwell hope you all like it, that dress took me FOREVER! 😙

Dress design from a post by @sarcasticsashimi
@rosehallshadowsinger @featherymalignancy @propshophannah tagging ya’ll cus we all in the elriel trash can 😙

Elain training with the Inner Circle in ACOWAR

Azriel: C’mon Elain you have to punch harder than that

Elain: I might hurt you!

Azriel: i’m slightly offended by that    

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Mor: Go Elain! KICK HIS ASSS

Azriel: *looks at Mor* *blinks*


At the end of ACOMAF, Lucien did not scream “You’re my mate” at Elain in a claiming or possessive way. He whispered it as if he couldn’t believe it. As if he couldn’t believe it had not been Jesminda. It was a heartbroken, disbelieving whisper, guys. NOT an aggressive claim on Elain.

The Jacket™ WIP WOP

Yo @highfaelucien this is what I was talking about… still not sure I’ll finish it though!

I’m also going to take this time to say that I will be tagging my drawings with “acowar spoilers” until June, then it’s on you guys! Also don’t tell me anything, I already know more than I should

The Archeron Sisters

Elain, Feyre, and Nesta - Ballpoint pen

This has been a real labour of love, one which has taken me weeks of on/off drawing to finally reach this moment. I’m so pleased and proud of how it’s turned out, and hope it’s a worthy addition to all the other incredible fan art these books have inspired.