elaesque zveta


I haven’t really had a lot of time to be at my computer and work on digital art over the last couple weeks, but I’ve just been spending more quality time with my sketchbook because of it! Everything’s original except for Shepard in the top right ofc.

All done with a pentel brush pen and white signo uniball pen!

Finally finished this oh god, there was a lot of computer hassle that prevented me from accessing the file to work on it lol.

But anyways, I intend on doing a series of portraits featuring 4242 characters that sgtpossum, vaahlkult, and myself created. Maybe they won’t take nearly as long as this did, and maybe one day we’ll start seriously developing the comic… One day :’)

Elaesque has also gone through a bit of a makeover since I first designed her, kinda simplified some bits and gave her a hairstyle that seemed more suitable for her ;) (Here’s her original design, the fact that that drawing is a year old is kinda mind blowing to me, dat improvement)