Please paint a dystopian vision of various nursery rhymes. Little Miss Muffet is being devoured by a giant spider, while Little Bo Peep is searching frantically for her lost sheep, unaware that the owl and the pussycat – orchestrating an elaborate sheep-rustling operation – have made off with them in a boat, laughing manically in the process. Jill is trying to heal Jack’s wounds with little luck, and a cow, having leapt over the moon, has landed on all the king’s horses and men, rendering them unable to even attempt to fix Humpty. The three blind mice are hiding in various parts of the picture, and a knife wielding farmer’s wife is hunting them down.

Matt Mayer

Leverage Con Names

This a list of all the cons/scams/grifts that the Leverage team names during the show. Included is everything from a small one-on-one interaction between a grifter and a mark (eg. Little Orphan Annie) to full blown multilevel integrated cons (eg. The White Rabbit). If it had a name, it’s here.

If it has a black star beside it, it has a canon explanation or demonstration (eg. The Moonwalking Bear). If it has a white star, there were hints or comparisons made about it (eg. The Apple Pie is “like the Cherry Pie, but with lifeguards”). If it’s hyperlinked, it’s a real life scam and the link is to Wikipedia. If it’s totally unmarked, then the name was mentioned but never elaborated upon and is a part of the team’s beautiful argot. :)

  • The Lost Heir ★
    • S1E3, S2E9 
  • A Rip Deal ★
    • S1E5
  • The Spanish Prisoner Scam
    • [in reference to Irina’s adoption con]: “It’s just like the Spanish Prisoner Scam.”
    • S1E6
  • The London Spank 
  • The Geneva Paso Doble
  • The Apple Pie ☆
    • “It’s like the Cherry Pie, but with lifeguards.”
    • S1E9
  • The Cherry Pie 
  • Glengarry, Glen Death ★
    • S1E9
  • The Turnabout ★
    • S2E1
  • Ponzi Scheme
  • The Mona Lisa Variant ★
    • S2E7
  • The Wire Game
    • S2E11
  • The Swedish Rail Con
  • The Cairo Flyer ☆
    • Sophie: “No way, I’m not wearing that dress again.”
    • S3E5
  • The Double-Blind ★
    • S3E5
  • A Fiddle Game
    • S3E6, S3E10
  • The Pill Scare ★
    • S3E9
  • The Berlin Shuffle
  • Little Orphan Annie ★
    • S3E9
  • The Skagway Shuffle ★
    • S3E10
  • The Mummy’s Tiara ★
    • S3E12
  • The Vegas Wake-Up Call ☆
    • Like the Cuban Sandwich except “the boyfriend shows up.”
    • S3E13
  • The Cuban Sandwich ★
    • S3E13
  • An Edward Albee ★
    • S3E14
  • The Spanish Turnabout ☆
    • Sophie: “I’m thinking the Spanish Turnabout.”
    • Parker: “Hmm, no, he’s not going to leave the country. The [Spanish] Turnabout pays off in an airport.”
    • S3E16
  • The Peking Watch
  • The Moscow Circus ☆
    • Sophie, to Nate: “I’m running the Moscow Circus con, you’re the ‘Ivan’. Go.”
    • S4E1
  • The Romanian Circus ☆
    • Nate: “What [Sophie]’s doing is she’s running a variant. It’s called a Snipe Hunt. It’s the [Romanian] Circus, but it’s leaner and faster.”
    • S4E5
  • The Snipe Hunt ★
    • S4E5
  • The Roman Wedding ★
    • S4E6
  • The Peruvian Slide
  • The Boca Backlash
  • The Oklahoma Little Chucky
  • The Chilean Custard
  • The Moonwalking Bear ★
    • S4E8
  • The Big Store ★
    • S4E8
  • The MassDOT Special ★
    • S4E9 (also in S3E7, but unnamed)
  • The Wicked Stepsister
  • The High Minne Scam Variant ★
    • S4E15
  • The Lazy Dachshund
  • The Pizarro Pressure Point
  • The Double-Pronged Monkey Con ★
    • S4E16
  • A Radio Play ★
    • S4E17
  • The Oligschlager Shuffle ★
    • S5E2
  • The Arkham Ascent ★
    • S5E3
  • The White Van Speakers
    • S5E4
  • The White Rabbit ★
    • S5E12
  • A Swap-and-Whisper Campaign
    • S5E13
  • The Trojan Horse ★
    • S5E15

things that destroy me across fandoms in no particular order: 

  • will and tessa and jem and the last 50 pages of clockwork princess, which, tbh, i am still not over and it’s been years
  • jamie and claire being separated for decades and still managing to love each other
  • Captain America’s inability to let Bucky go and vice versa
  • rhysand [i’d elaborate but i feel like it’s unnecessary]
  • we are groot
  • the marauders - every aspect of their friendship, deaths, and those they loved is heartbreaking
  • meredith grey did not deserve to lose the love of her life the way she did
  • rowan realizing that he loves aelin but trying to fight it 
  • jim kirk. oh captain, my captain. him and spock will one day live happily ever after and if you disagree FIGHT ME
  • robb stark did not deserve to die. he made ONE mistake guys, one really stupid, really frustrating, oh my god i need to stop this rant - 
  • which leads me to Jon Snow. his life has been so tragic and if he does not end up on that iron throne when all is said and done, i will riot
  • julian and emma and this stupid whole don’t fall in you love with your parabatai thing which is totally not going to come back to haunt them, nope sir it will not

reblog and add yours - i want a really long list of really depressing shit, guys

I think the reason no self respecting X-Men fan likes Cyclops is because Scott is literally a stockpile of Mary Sue cliches.

Like it’s all there: the tragic and elaborate backstory that eliminated his parents and support network? The fact that multiple members of the opposite sex find him sexually fascinating despite the fact that he’s as interesting as wallpaper paste?

Like, wow, excuse you Scott Summers. I almost cut myself on your edge.

Sonnets-A Hiddleswift Fanfiction-Drabble


The distinct sound of retching echoed from the bathroom. She found him leaned over and evacuating his stomach contents at a rapid pace.

“Tom? What’s wrong?”

He breathed in and out slowly. He was able stop the flow long enough to respond.

“I had hoped to keep this from you but I don’t see how I can conceal it anymore. I’m pregnant.”

She shook her head in disbelief. “And we were so careful. How far along are you?”

“The third trimester…that’s how they calculate it, isn’t it?”

“Yes. I’m relieved to say, I can’t be the father.”

“Damn. There goes my elaborate scheme for child support.”

“Do you think it was the new restaurant we tried?”

“They will definitely not be receiving all their Yelp stars from me. Now just leave me here to die.”

“I found your fault. You are a big baby when you’re sick.”

“Don’t mock me, woman.”

“I think I have something in my medicine cabinet. Dramamine. It’s supposed to help with motion sickness but surely it will do in a pinch.”

“Anything. Give me the bloody thing.”

She passed the pill and a glass of water. He chugged at it like he was a freshman at his first keg party. She coaxed him to the bed and placed a waste basket at his disposal.

“I’m sorry. I know I’m being a terrible inconvenience.”

“Worst thing I have ever experienced.”

“Why do you put up with me?”

“You’re sort of cute.”

“Sort of? I’ll remember that.”

He clasped her hand to his chest and drifted off to sleep. She smoothed her free hand through his hair and whispered to him.

“I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have made yourself, but what you are making of me. I love you for the part of me that you bring out.”

“Must you whisper Elizabeth Barrett Browning at me? I was almost asleep and now I see there is no other choice than to have you right now.”

Suddenly, Taylor made a noise somewhere between a cough and choke. She jumped out of bed and ran for the bathroom. The noise of her retching saturated through the otherwise silent room.

“Is that a no then?”


He giggled gleefully.

“I will buy you a copy of Sonnets from the Portuguese to commemorate this occasion.”

“Oh, shut up.”

not to seem deep but writing about my feelings in more elaborate ways is kinda therapeutic in it’s own way. i can acknowledge them and read over them and connect with people who have felt the same in the past or are currently feeling the same.


The absolute worst part of designing an oc is colour scheming, especially when the character is pattern based like jeez (i completely failed with greenie).

Also that moment where you make a new window to look up a ref before you realize its your own stupid creation.

Like, Ask I guess, if you want elaboration, i have tons of elaboration I’d love to share! In private. (Including names, backstories, character arcs and personality and, of course what fandom these guys are actually from.)

Rivuel’s personality is such an interesting phenomenon because she’s so deliberate about everything she does, but she does it in such a way that it seems flippant? She’s lazy on purpose, she makes inappropriate jokes on purpose, some of her mistakes are even on purpose, just for the sake of her image as an unmotivated and unreliable individual. She doesn’t like people to expect things from her and she certainly doesn’t like being handed responsibility. Could she handle a leadership role in Clan Sunsharp? Absolutely. Does she have any desire to do so? Not in the slightest.

therevenantrising  asked:

Can you elaborate on what "pin types" make a gun automatic or not?

I was actually asking other people for clarification. I know it varies hugely between guns as to what exactly has to be modified.

I was told by a friend of a friend who modifies firearms that by changing certain components, including pins (I’ll admit he was probably being colloquial for my benefit) that he could easily convert semi-automatic weapons to full automatic. I know that it would vary greatly between weapons with manufacturers being pressured to make it more difficult, but I was told that the older the firearm the easier it is to do.

My point was that there’s no guarantee that the weapons shown were actually automatic since the shape of the gun isn’t necessarily a sign of whether or not they’re automatic. I know that much for certain. The specifics of operation I’m not an expert on.

anonymous asked:

You mention that rhythmic gymnastics in different quads was marked by different qualities. Could you elaborate on this? What are some of the qualities that have defined the past few quads? Love your blog btw, just getting into RG and following you has been super helpful!

Thanks so much anon !!

soo, I’m gonna try to answer as best as I can :

- I think in the 80s, with the rise of the bulgarian RG and the domination of the “golden girls”, RG was really defined by great choreographic work, also this is I think the decade when we started to see super skinny girls with great flexibility (Marina Lobatch from the USSR had great overspilts for example), when in the 70s, gymnasts had fuller form (check Irina Deriugina, now head coach of the ukrainian team)

- in the 90s it went on with this, gymnasts were more and more flexible, difficulty evolved, but you still had the "perfect 10" system, the split of the USSR saw different styles develop : tall ukrainian gymnasts with great amplitude/oversplits (Serebranskaya, Vitrichenko) and perfect execution, but not the most risky routines, while russian gymnasts went more and more for crazy flexibility and more difficult apparatus work (Batyrshina initiated this, then Kabaeva)

- in 1997, the CoP started to emphasize more body difficulty, and the score was 25 % technical (5 points top), 25% artistic (5points top) and 50% execution (10 points top) to a total of 20 points that was then divided in 2. Kabaeva started her reign as “the it gymnast” because of her difficulty and her extreme back flexibility, she was also rather far from the “balletic style” as she was more dynamic and powerful. She “only” took the bronze in Sydney after her hoop went out of carpet on a rather easy element..

- after Sydney the CoP changed a lot, with the increase of the number of elements counting towards the D-score (I think a bit over 20) and it shows in the routines, the gymnasts didn’t stop (watch Tchachina, Peycheva, Bessonova, Zhukova, Yussupova, Kabaeva too but her execution degraded in this quad), I think they also introduced “unities” in this CoP, with like elements from different families of difficulties having to be linked together (like pivot+jump or leap+balance) or it was after Athens i’m not sure on this one. The score was now evaluated out of 30 (10 for difficulty/10 for artistic/10 for execution)

- the 01-04 era is still very appreciated by the fans but the number of counting elements was considered to high and they decided to lower it after Athens. Yet, during the 05-08 era, you always saw more innovative elements, like penché rotations.. They also started to encourage more apparatus difficulty. It’s the last quad during which a non-russian gymnast took the AA title at worlds (Bessonova in 2007)

- After Beijing, they lowered the number of elements counting towards the d-score to 12 iirc. I think they also got rid of the “unities” (but I’m really not sure on this one). You saw a lot of pivots or rotation in connection (watch Daria Kondakova, Evgenia Kanaeva, Melitina Staniouta..), Zhenya Kanaeva reigned during this quad and almost took all the gold medals at every major competitions she attented. She was a very complete athlete, great flexibility, very dynamic and powerful, intricate apparatus handling..

- I think the 2013 CoP introduced a big change in RG (kinda similar to the change introduced after Sydney), as they lowered the number of elements counting towards the D-score again, and introduced a new compulsory element : the 8 seconds dance requirement. Basically, they tried to bring back more artistry and choreography in the sport and reinforce the execution. They also got rid of the “artistic note” so that the scores are now counted out of 20 (10 d-score/10 e-score). The Russians complained about this, since they are known for always going further in terms of difficulty (which is also made possible through their incredible depth and effective selection and training program), and some fans too, as they thought the sport was going more towards “dance” and less towards actual gymnastics. But you can’t deny that this quad has produced absolutely gorgeous and innovative routines. Not just the Russians (innovation and difficulty are 2 different things), but the belorusian, bulgarian gymnasts, as well as the new israelian and italian gymnasts and naturally Salome Pazhava, have brought a lot of originalities !! this quad has also valued pivots a lot in terms of difficulty, which really benefited a gymnast like Rizatdinova, Yana Kudryavtseva was so dominant partly bc she had beautiful execution and very elaborate apparatus work (expecially ball and clubs, she’s just out of this world). Another change was the possibility to have one music with lyrics..

- The 17-20 will bring new changes, like the devaluation of some pivots (attitude and arabesque), no more limitation for masteries, but the dance requirement remains (which imo is a good thing). individuals will also get to have 2 musics with lyrics.. I don’t remember everything sorry, I’m at work and my brain is foggy haha

@rhythmicppl on tumblr, feel free to correct me or add more things !!

This month wrapping up towards the big volume 20 we have an incredible and mesmerizing set from producer Decoy, a fellow northwest resident from the evergreen state of Washington brings one of the most rawest and elaborate mixes featuring a huge amount of his own production along with a handful of classic house, techno and swaying into ghettotech and ghetto house tracks from artists you’re more than likely familar with. Catch my man Decoy radio hosting for his local Olympia station KAOS 89.3 fm and lastly go ahead and check out his soundcloud to hear a large sum of his own work that may or may not be featured in this set. Good Talk.

1. Paul Johnson- Baby Wants To Ride
2. Decoy- Acid Freqk
3. Decoy-???
4. Levon Vincent - Love Technique
5. Todd Terry - Love Acid
6. Ron Trent - Sweet Chocolate
7. Deep Sensation - Get Together
8. Rodiewhite - Color Mind
9. Groove Selecta - Somewhere in NY
10. Decoy - ???
11. DJ Deeon - Hoodrat
12. Decoy - ???
13. Decoy - ???
14. Robert Armani - Lap
15. DJ Hyperactive - Wide Open
16. DJ Bark Lee - Walk 4 Me
17. DJ Deeon - Rubber Track
18. Decoy - ???

Radiolarians from the genus Podocyrtis (Lampterium) from the Tertiary deposits of Barbados. This arrangement (the  'central composition’) is inspired by the 19th century German naturalist Ernst Haeckel. His brilliant and elaborate drawings can be found in the book ‘Kunstformen der Natur’.

During an interview for a school job yesterday, I ended up unexpectedly talking to the guy about being a gay Mormon. In fact it was the first thing we talked about.

He asked me where I was coming from and I answered Utah instead of Wyoming since that’s where I had been living. He asked how that was and I paused, gave a half frown, and said “that’s a complicated question.” We laughed and he said “or is it a complicated answer?” I nodded and said “yes, it is a complicated answer.”

He waited for me to elaborate.

Once I realized this, I figured why the hell not and brought up half the population being Mormon, being raised Mormon, being gay (which right away he said “yeah that’s complicated”) and how the gay Mormon community is its own weird bubble within the already weird bubble that is Utah. I told him that it was time for me to leave, hence the move to Chicago. He responded with “and here you are, in a more accepting place!” The fact that he didn’t even bat an eye at anything I told him was comforting. He told me that he knew a guy who went to BYU and realized he was gay, which I hadn’t expected.

All in all he’s recommending me for the media center job and I hope I end up working with him because we had a great conversation.

whatever blizaard is doing to “reveal” sombra is the wildest shit ever. i dont understand why it has to be so elaborate.