liam: *goes to the brits to accept the award and posts a picture with an elaborate caption on how thankful he is*
louis: *records a video of him telling us how much he loves and appreciates us, telling he’s sorry he can’t be there*
niall: *tweets about how overwhelmed he is that they’re still winning awards*
harry: styles

  • She calls herself the Foxy Lady, and then she laughs about her own joke. Every time. This is triply awful because she speaks with five voices at once and each of them is slightly out of sync with the others.
  • She’s extraordinarily friendly - doesn’t insist on formalities, laughs loudly at all jokes not at her, appreciates wit - but don’t ever mistake that for kindness.
  • Always wears elaborate dresses that sweep the ground. You don’t know what’s under the skirt, but judging by the way the fabric moves when she… walks? there’s a lot of them.
  • Her hands are unsettlingly small. She could just about close her fingers around an object the size of, say, a human eyeball.
  • On an unrelated note, the number and color of the eyeballs orbiting her head changes often. They are always watching you, even if her head isn’t turned in your direction.

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Would you be willing to do HC reactions from The chocobros on SO telling them they are pregnant? How would SO tell them? :) What do you think each one would have?


When you tell Noctis that you’re pregnant, you’re definitely nervous. You’re sitting up in your bed, waiting for him to finish his night time routine, and trying to figure out the easiest way to tell him that the line of Lucis will have another heir. You have a whole elaborate speech planned out, but when Noctis emerges from the bathroom, you just end up blurting it out and he stops mid-yawn.

You can tell that internally, he’s freaking out. He’s excited, yes, but also very scared. He’s young, and the fact that you are having a royal baby is definitely weighing heavily on his mind. He realizes that he hasn’t said anything, and that your face is showing increasing amounts of dread, so he immediately comes over to the bed and hugs you close to his chest. He tells you that he loves you and that he can’t wait to start your family together, which is the absolute truth. You let him know that you’re just as scared as he is, but that you know that you two will make great parents.

When Noctis suggests asking Ignis to help out a little here and there, you emphatically agree. You and Noctis have a son, one who looks like him but behaves more like you. He and the baby are in competition for who takes the longest naps.


You bring Prompto to one of his favourite places to tell him about your pregnancy. You figure that if he’s surrounded by chocobos, there’s no way he could be upset at the news, if he were to be upset at all. So you bring him to the chocoholic farm, buy him a snack, and go for it.

But of course, when you tell him, he’s over the moon. He’s so happy that he’s crying, and picks you up and spins you around before freaking out, realizing that he probably shouldn’t be doing that. He leans down and apologizes to your belly, saying that he didn’t mean to freak out his future child. He’s so excited to be a dad that he just can’t contain the news and asks if it’s okay to call the other guys. You agree and laugh as he conferences them all in, and puts them on speakerphone so you can talk to them as well.

He’s just so excited to be a dad, and he fits the role so perfectly. You end up giving birth to twins, and have to convince him not to give them rhyming names. He takes photos of them all the time and posts them all over social media.


You were nervous to tell Gladio, mostly because you knew about how his playboy past was before you and him were in a serious relationship. You thought maybe he would see it as you trapping him somehow, and so you were hesitant to bring it up at first. But in actuality, Gladio loves children. He was always the one to take care of Iris when she was small, and despite his giant looming stature, kids love him too.

When you tell him he wraps you up in his arms like a protective shell and holds you close. You don’t get to see his sensitive side that often, but you swear he’s in tears, though he denies it. He places his hands on your stomach and promises to your unborn child that he’ll do everything in his power to protect them, and that no harm will ever befall them.

You and Gladio end up having a daughter. She has his eyes, but the rest of her features are more similar to yours. She wiggles and kicks a lot, and Gladio claims that she’s a fighter because of her Amicitia blood. You’re inclined to agree.


You’re actually visiting your parents by yourself when your mother mentions that you’re looking a little more plump lately. At first you take offense, but then you remember that you’re late for your period and you’ve been getting sick in the mornings. You take a pregnancy test and see that it’s positive. On the drive back home, you’re internally freaking out over how to tell Ignis.

When you do tell him, it’s while you’re cooking dinner together. He offers to cook what is usually your favourite dish, but when you think of the smell, it makes you nauseous. Ignis picks up on that sign pretty quickly, and you confess to him that you’re pregnant. He looks like he’s known this whole time, and maybe he has, even before you. But he kisses you and rests his hand on your stomach, telling you that you are going to be the perfect mother. You melt in his arms and he proceeds to continue making dinner, opting for something a little less fragrant.

You and Ignis have a son. He’s got that same tawny hair as his father, and it sticks out in all directions. He’s a happy baby who laughs a lot, and sleeps through the night pretty easily. But when he fusses, Iggy is the only one who can calm him down. He puts his glasses on his face and he’s so amazed by them that he immediately stops crying. It’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.


Siphnian Treasury

Delphi, Greece

525 BCE

The Siphnian Treasury was a building at the Ancient Greek cult centre of Delphi, erected to host the offerings of the polis, or city-state, of Siphnos. It was one of a number of treasuries lining the “Sacred Way”, the processional route through the Sanctuary of Apollo, erected to win the favor of the gods and increase the prestige of the donor polis. It was one of the earlier surviving buildings of this type, and its date remains a matter for debate, with the most plausible date being around 525 BC. Until recently it was often confused or conflated with the neighbouring Cnidian Treasury, a similar but less elaborate building, as the remains of the two had become mixed together and earlier theoretical reconstructions used parts of both. That is the reason I struggled to find reconstructions of the Cnidian counter-part but to no sucsses.

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I miss Taemin's heavy makeup days

this bare-faced fetus might have my whole heart and soul, but

I’ll be the first one to admit that nothing - nothing - can beat taem’s stage presence when he has heavy, elaborate make up on. if in the selfie above he’s an angle, in these

he’s a seraph. look at him for too long and your eyes will probably burn. I know a lot of people aren’t into this look, but imo it fits his stage persona perfectly - it’s supposed to be impacting and eye-catching, after all, rather than just pretty. 

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Can you elaborate on something I've been really curious about? You clearly disdain and disrespect Sam. You've never been shy about it and actually, I find your comments to be shockingly vicious and mean spirited sometimes. Yet you want him to be with Caitriona? What is the thought process there? Why root for her to be in a relationship with someone you think lacks integrity? Truly curious and interested to hear your thoughts because I'm seeing this in a lot of shippers and I don't understand it.

I disdain and disrespect Sam because I call him out on things I think are unfair and wrong? Am I being disdainful and disrespectful when I’m paying to watch his show, buying Outlander merchandise, tweeting and retweeting in support of him, or voting for him? Are happy, respectful fans ones who sit back and accept whatever is thrown their way, no questions asked? Sam isn’t perfect. Plenty of people have said he’s a good man and I’m glad to hear it. But even the best people do things that hurt others and that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pretend it doesn’t happen. Just because you interpret his behavior and actions one way doesn’t mean I feel the same and I’m allowed to share my feelings on MY blog under MY username. I own what I say, unlike you.

As far as my “vicious” language goes, you know what is ACTUALLY vicious? A select group of fans being continually targeted and harassed and called cray cray, cockroaches, trolls, and delusional. Vicious is when a “journalist” tweets about and to a select group of fans and calls them cunts and tells them they’re not human and implies gun violence against them. Vicious is when a select group of fans are told to commit suicide and other people laugh about it. That’s vicious. If you don’t see the difference between criticism and outright disgusting behavior, then I can’t help you.

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happy headcanons! kara leaving little folded hearts around the apartment for lena and each one has a little thing inside like "you're beautiful!" or "have a good day!"

need me a freak like that,

Billion Dollar Man

Kwon Jiyong/ G Dragon X Reader


Moodboard by @memoiresofaneternaldreamer

When you originally pulled the invitation from your mailbox you thought it had been yet another wedding invitation from one of your college friends. The elaborate gold writing on the black envelope, wrapped in actual lace. It was easy to assume from its elegance that it would be something like that.

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Due to a specific type of bacteria / parasite residing within the Kariian bloodstream, a defensive mechanism in the face of life-threatening situations is for the blood to, essentially, become extremely poisonous and even acidic upon contact, worse with ingestion. Kariians are, of course, immune to this, but other Galra are not.

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can you do a gif sharpening tutorial please? :^)

hello anon :) sorry i just saw this ask today. OTL

gif sharpening is actually relatively easy. the problem with sharpening is when it becomes oversharpened but it depends on what you think is over sharpened of course

so recently i’ve just been using Adobe Photoshop CC 2015. I used to use CS6 because I was comfortable with it, but sharpening is much (much!) easier with CC.

So I assume you know how to make gifs? i cannot make an elaborate tutorial because i am at work and im not really very good at explaining things and i might just confuse you or make things look complicated when it’s not actually.

so here are the steps:

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I feel like a lot of us come from interfaith marriages, but it’s still a pretty wild ride sometimes

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Hi! I was wondering, what do you think about all the fourth-wall-breaking stuff like "707 IS AWARE OF THE GAME RESETS" headcanons etc.? :o

I personally don’t think it’s anything other than Cheritz being funny by adding those wall breakers in there.
But it’s really cool to see a lot of the fans taking it and making it into these elaborate stories that make me wanna cry haha

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Every time Clark doesn't get something, a joke or an opinion or why a certain song makes some people cry--the kind of stuff that hits all people differently anyway--he secretly worries it's a Human Thing that's just beyond his ability to understand.

three cheers for feeling like, instead of punching through steel, superman just punched through your heart

and i hate to be that person but this gives me a lot of emotions about clark and bruce, because nine times out of ten, jokes are going over bruce’s head rather than clark’s. it’s not an alien thing, it’s…. just a thing, it turns out. whenever someone makes a star wars reference, bruce looks at clark helplessly - “who is yoda why does tim keep calling him space shrek clark please stop laughing at me” - and whenever someone (hal, or barry, or both) makes an elaborate pun clark looks at bruce with a pained expression