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Behavior experts explain Trump and Melania’s strange inauguration behavior

  • Body language experts told Mic behavior like this could be one of many signs of an unhappy relationship.
  • “If you didn’t know that they were married, you wouldn’t know that they are married,” communication and body language expert Susan Constantine said in a phone interview Monday.
  • “Not only did he not wait, he went up the stairs and greeted the Obamas,” body language expert and professional speaker Patti Wood said in a phone call. “He didn’t even look back to see if she was there or help her up the stairs.”
  • Wood elaborated: “He does not, as she comes to his side, hold her, greet her, bring her in close. He does a quick glance as if she was anybody and he doesn’t touch her.
  • Constantine believes the Obamas’ body language demonstrates a much stronger relationship. "Melania is an object to [Trump],” Constantine said. “I don’t see any warmth or true love and compassion in that relationship whatsoever." Read more

Wernigerode is a town in the Harz mountain region in Sachsen-Anhalt, Northeastern Germany. It’s part of the German Timber-Frame scenic route, and contains interesting Gothic buildings, including a fine town hall with a timber facade from 1498. Some of the quaint old houses which have escaped the numerous fires through the years are elaborately adorned with wood-carving. The Gerhart-Hauptmann Gymnasium, occupying a modern Gothic building, is the successor to an ancient grammar school. Brandy, Hasseröder lager beer, cigars, and dyes are among the products manufactured in Wernigerode. The castle (Schloß Wernigerode) of the princes of Stolberg-Wernigerode rises above the town. The original was built in the 12th century; the current version was built in the 1800’s and includes parts of the medieval building.

She’s bubblegum pink hair and ballet slippers 
She’s the feeling of the wind whipping at your hair
The exhilaration of freedom, the feeling of wanting to run
The climax to a song and polaroid photos 
She is creased maps and old aeroplane tickets 
Agatha is the smell of the sea breeze

Penelope is old hardbacks stacked on top of each other 
She is varnished wood in elaborate details 
She’s the static of a vinyl before it begins to play 
The feeling of knowing, of being right. The answer dancing on the tip of your tongue. 
She is knee high socks and gem stones 

He’s the cold night air stinging your face 
He’s as delicate as newly fallen snow 
Baz is expensive sweaters and porcelain skin 
He’s night highs and fast cars driving on deserted roads 
He’s exhilaration 
Baz is the hair that falls in front of your face 

He’s exploding fireworks and the crackling of a fire 
He’s the heat in a conversation and the giddiness of children 
Simon is the tension before a storm 
He holds the possibility of a rosebud, still blooming 
Simon is the dawns first rays of sunlight cracking through stain-glass windows
Simon is magic  


So I got this message from @krokodilov

Tbh yknow what id kill to see? Oot ganny coming back to gerudo fortress for a bit and spending some time with lil gerudo children :3 and being RLY sweet and kind and really fatherly to them giving them some shit hed pick up from some hylian corpse talking to them like “hey did ya know in hyrule a kings daugher is called princess! You guys are all my little princesses :) :) :)”

…and it was perfect and beautiful and I couldn’t help myself. All of the Gerudo children share the names of characters from Breath of the Wild, which I referenced from (this post). (Also on AO3)

* * * * *

Ganondorf unknotted the scarf covering his face and shoulders and tossed it onto the sleeping platform in the corner of the room. The quilts covering it were new, as were the tapestries hanging down over the rough stone of the walls, but the familiar smell of this place had not changed. He had been gone for some time, and it was good to be home.

A faint dry scraping caught his attention, and the fabric of a tapestry covering the far wall rustled slightly. A slow smile spread across Ganondorf’s face.

“Any thieves in this chamber take heed,” he said. “If you show yourselves now, I will be merciful, but if I must expose you myself I will be forced to tickle you… to death.”

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Akashi Seijuro Head Cannons

Actual baby



·       Most animals respect Akashi but never truly warm up to him with love and affection. Akashi pretends this doesn’t bother him.

·       Akashi is especially good with horses, but most dogs growl at him and cats tend to run away.

·       Nigou was the first dog that didn’t shy away from Akashi and that secretly means the world to him.


·       Fleece jackets

·       Chalk on a blackboard

·       Fancy stationary

·       Scent-free soap

·       Elaborate, ornate wood carved statues and weird knickknacks

·       Ugly-ass, home-made Christmas ornaments

·       Color-coded closets

·       The food pyramid

·       Chapped lips

·       Finding an awesome rock and giving it to someone you love

Quirks / Irks

·       Akashi has a ton of joke books hidden under his bed.

·       Akashi is terrified of his foot or leg falling asleep when he is in public.

·       Akashi always eats an orange and green vegetable every day because when he was little his mom told him it was a law.

·       When he was little, Akashi would always draw the ugliest pictures but the teacher and students always said his pictures were amazing.

·       Akashi thinks home-made gifts are the best and would literally melt if his S/O made him anything ever.

·       Akashi doesn’t like big, open spaces; they make him feel small and nervous.

·       Classical music puts Akashi to sleep almost instantly.

·       Akashi hates when people leave out pieces of chalk that are too small to write with.

Love / Affection

·       Akashi’s first crush is someone exactly like his mom and at the time it doesn’t weird him out at all.

·       Akashi will never let go of his S/O’s hand first, ever. Even if he is cooking or doing homework and it’s kind of ridiculous.

·       Akashi is the Emperor of Awkward Hugs.

·       It’s true Akashi would put his S/O on a pedestal. He would actually think they are the greatest person who has ever lived.

·       Akashi is lousy at productive arguments with his S/O. He never wants to have a disagreement in public, but is still puzzled sometimes in private when his S/O explains their feelings to him.

·       Akashi wouldn’t hesitate to let his S/O know he thinks they are making a bad decision, but will always let them try anyway.

·       Despite basically owning every space he occupies, Akashi wants his S/O to make him feel safe and wanted wherever they are.

·       Akashi will probably think his S/O is the funniest person on the planet.

Emotions / Feelings

·       Akashi gets emotional when he sees families in the park together.

·       It doesn’t bother Akashi anymore when he tries to make a joke and his teammates all fake-laugh.

·       Akashi thinks he is in general, a lot sadder than his other side.

·       Akashi gets especially sad or lonely around holidays.

·       It would take a very long time for Akashi to be comfortable enough to bring his S/O to his mother’s grave. But once he does he will always be glad he did and it will probably be one of the best days of his life.  

I (your moderator ianference ) feel like a lot of people have the misconception that secular folk are a bunch of grumps, who loathe the holiday season.  Let me dispel that misconception.  In 2010 my parents’ house was about the only undecorated, un-lit-up house on the cul-de-sac where we lived.  Meanwhile, my father has a fairly elaborate wood shop in the basement.  So I inquired about him if he’d teach me woodworking - by helping me craft a giant, 4'x4’ plywood “Out Campaign A”, with 100 energy-efficient red LED bulbs in it.  He was more than happy to!

So over the next 2 days - it was about a 15 hour project - I learned about smoothing out knots, operating a band saw and drill press, and how to precisely calculate the spacing for our LED array.  I learned about single-rectified circuits versus doubt-rectified circuits.  It was a great bonding experience with my father, and we were both proud of our festive design - which hopefully proved to my neighbors that secular people can enjoy the holidays too - we just use different signs, and focus on turkey instead of ritual (although the way my mother obsesses over turkey, it almost is a ritual!)  And meanwhile, we made a positive statement!

Picnic set. An elaborate picnic set; wood and lacquer; it might have been used for picnics, but it might also have been a showcase for the woodcarvers skill.  About 1820’s, Japan by an unknown maker.  Japanmuseum SieboldHuis