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Fantasy Human Race ideas (POC input needed)

So I have an idea for three major Human races: Wood Folk, Metal Folk, and Gem Folk. Each race would include a variety of dark skined members with descriptors related to their culture’s backgrounds. And I need an invoice from POC to see if the idea holds well or not.

For example, A Wood folk with Dark red skin may describe themselves as  Mahogany, and a Metal folk with more brown skin would describe Copper, and A Gem folk with black skin as Onyx or Obsidian. These of course are just individual examples, as more elements of color would be used for each race.

I’m likely to elaborate on background ideas for these three races, but I want to know what you think so far. Is there anything more I can do with these ideas? Are there things I should avoid? Things I should include in addition to color?

Like I know it’ll be tricky describing Tree folk skin color in relation of trees, as there are some trees with foody names that can lead to racist connotations if used, so I want to avoid doing that in describing dark skinned characters.

So in addition, I’d like to hear some input. What do you think?