elaborate disguise

this is for @ilgaksu because she had a bad day and we’ve been chatting spy au and she gave me an idea and i want to cheer her up. all those reasons

Running the surveillance van is generally considered the boring job, but Matt doesn’t mind it. He can people watch to some extent, and he has Neil here to keep him company in watching the screens. It’s quiet and requires no acting, which makes it preferable to being in Andrew’s position right now.

On Matt’s screen, Andrew is leaning back in his seat, cards held in one hand and a low glass next to the other. He’s pretending to be a Russian magnate with a taste for the dirtier side of capitalism and also for killing people he doesn’t like. He looks relaxed, swimming with sharks. Probably because he’s the deadliest predator swimming in these waters.

They’re well into the game in there when Neil says something low in a language that definitely isn’t English, and then, “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

“What?” Matt asks. He’s instantly alarmed, because it takes a lot to make Neil lose his cool – the last time he said something similar, he was bleeding out from a hole in his gut.  

Neil is already on his feet. “I’ve got to go in there.”

Neil is definitely not supposed to go in there. He’s only here in the van because of a concession on Wymack’s part, mostly because they’d all believed he’d find a way to get involved in the worst way possible if he weren’t included in an official role. Things have gotten a lot more complicated since he and Andrew started working together, including the frequency with which Neil gets bullet wounds.

“You can’t,” Matt says. “You’ve got your orders.”

“Do you really think I care?” Neil replies. “Andrew’s about to get his cover blown, and I can’t warn him from here.”

They couldn’t send Andrew in wearing an earpiece because everyone inside was searched for tech, so the only support they could provide was watching like this. “How do you know you won’t get him killed storming in there right now?”

“What would you do if it were Dan? Sit in your ass here in the van, or go?” Neil asks. Matt looks away from the screen to his face, taking in the brutal determination with which he looks back.

Matt and Dan are married, but he suspects mentioning that might not be worth the air he’d waste in the process. Whatever bond it is that Andrew and Neil have, it’s probably just as significant, as close and as unbreakable. He says instead, “Who did you see?”

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i’m sketching out the finer points of a fic where dennis comes out and he and mac start dating but dennis is concerned that they’re not doing the whole “gay” thing properly and that they don’t have enough “status” in the “community” so he signs himself and mac up to volunteer with some lgbt youth, and i guess the community centre is just understaffed enough that they allow mac and dennis to run the tuesday night lgbt youth group all by themselves, and it goes about as well as you can imagine. one girl asks if mac and dennis can give her a ride to goodwill on the weekend to get some feminine clothes and dennis explains that goodwill is full of bedbugs and diseases and they take her on a shoplifting tour of forever 21 and claire’s instead. a boy comes in upset about his father refusing to let him see his boyfriend, and the very next morning that dad walks out to the curb to find his tires slashed and his windows shattered and a single log of poop sitting in the middle of the driver’s seat. one girl is sad because she doesn’t know where to find a girlfriend and mac and dennis take her to a sold-out tegan and sara concert (i.e., sneak her in through the stage door in an elaborate disguise) and proceed to wingman her all night by pretending to be her overenthusiastic gay dads.

How often is our life the elaboration of our disguises, of what we’re not and cannot really be…Man has invented a creature of culture and refinement which he then pretends to be…We become confused about our Being. We begin to believe we are our hypocrisies…We free the negative and let the positive go hang. We proclaim the ultimate value of man in the face of his palpable worthlessness.
—  William H. Gass, The Tunnel
Hockey Camp - Auston Matthews (Part 12)

Auston Matthews x Reader

Word Count: 2356

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: Not too sure how I feel about this chapter, may take this down and repost it later if I figure out a way to write this better!

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The next morning, you shuffle out of bed, going about your daily morning routine: brushing your teeth, yanking a comb through your hair, splashing water and cleanser on your face, and if you felt ambitious, putting some moisturizer on. When you’re done, you close the bathroom door behind you, rubbing your heavy eyes. You can hardly keep them open. Least to say, you didn’t get much sleep last night, as you laid awake for a long time thinking about Auston.

You plop down on your bed and pull your suitcase out from underneath it. As you rummage around for a pair of leggings and a shirt, Steph walks back in the room.

“Holy. Fucking. Shit.”

“What?” You look up at her, blinking furiously. Everything seems way too bright this morning, and you can feel a headache coming on.

“What do you mean ‘what’? Would you care to explain what’s on your neck?”

You freeze. Oh no.

Steph takes one look at your expression and grins devilishly. “Oh, this is too good. Go on, take a look in the bathroom mirror.”

“I don’t want to.”

“You better, or I’m taking a picture and putting it on my Snapchat story.”

You stand up, glaring at her. “You wouldn’t dare.”

She just smiles. When you walk back towards the bathroom, she stops you. “Wait! You might need this.” She tosses you a tube of concealer and laughs maniacally at the look you give her.

Sure enough, when you look in the mirror, your neck is an absolute mess. Both sides are covered in red and purple hickies, trailing all the way down to your collarbones. You’re going to kill him.

“Steph! You better come here and help me - I can’t go out in public like this!”

You hear a camera go off, and whip around to see Steph running away from the bathroom, phone in hand.

You run out the door, furious. “Stephanie LaChance, I swear to god, if you don’t delete that right now, I’ll-”

“Okay, okay! I’ll delete it!” She holds up her phone, showing you as she hits the ‘x’ button in the top corner, removing the photo.

“You already saved it to your camera roll, didn’t you?”


You sigh. “You can send it to Mitch, but no one else, alright?”

“Okay!” she says happily, opening a new text message to Mitch.

“But only if you help me cover this up. We have ten minutes to get to the bus!”

Nine minutes later, the two of you are on the bus, breathless. Your bruises have been hastily covered by half a tube of concealer and a dusting of powder, and although it’s nearly 25 degrees out, you’re wearing your sweater with a big hood that somewhat shields your neck from view. It isn’t the most elaborate disguise, but it’s fairly decent for only having ten minutes.

When you walk into the arena, you pull your hood further up your neck, and peer around nervously. Hopefully no one can tell. You feel like the words, ‘I have a hickey’ are written in huge letters across your forehead.

“Y/N, relax.” Steph seems to read your mind. “Nobody’s going to be looking at you anyways.”

“Gee, thanks.”

She rolls her eyes. “You know what I mean.”

Steph heads towards the dressing room to get ready, but you keep walking down to dressing room E, where Nancy said she would meet you. However, this means you’ll pass by the guy’s change room.

You walk quickly, with your head down. If you can just get to the dressing room, then you won’t have to worry about anyone noticing the giant bruises on your neck.

Mitch has other plans, however.

“Hey, Y/N, how’s it going?” he greets you loudly, stepping out of his dressing room and blocking the hallway.

“Great, how are you?”

“I’m good, thanks.” He smiles as he says this, but there’s a mischievous glint in his eye that makes you uneasy.

“Listen, I-” you start, trying to push past him. He blocks you, throwing an arm up on the side of the wall.

“Not so fast.”

“Mitch, I really have to get to this appointment with Nancy.”

“Nancy’s not even here yet.”

“That’s okay. I like to be early.”

“Well, you’re going to have to be on time today. I have a very important matter to discuss with you.”

You feign obliviousness. “And what would that be, Mitchell?”

“Well…” He smirks, seeing right through you. “It has to do with a certain boy, very tall, brown hair, looks like he never sleeps…”

“You’re going to have to be more specific. There’s a lot of tired-looking brunettes here.”

“Fine.” Mitch huffs, crossing his arms. You take this as your chance to slip through the gap between him and the wall. You surge through, but just as you think you’ve made it, he snags your forearm.

“Y/N, it’s about Auston.”

“I already knew that.”

“Then why didn’t you say so?” he exclaims.

“Because, I already know what you’re going to confront me about, and I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Why not?”

“Why not? Because it’s embarrassing!”

“Going on a date is embarrassing?”

You frown. “No…is that what you wanted to talk about?”

“Yeah! That’s why I don’t get why you don’t want to talk about it - unless you don’t like Auston. Then I’ve totally made this conversation awkward.”

“Oh, okay. No, I had a great time with Auston last night. Steph didn’t send you the picture then.” You sigh in relief.

“The picture? What picture?”

“Nothing, forget I said anything.”

Mitch pulls out his phone. “Oh, here! I do have a message from Steph.”

“Don’t open it!”

“Why not?”


“Should I wait to show it to Auston then?”

“Show me what?” Auston says, and you wheel around to see him walking up behind you. Perfect timing, as usual.

“Nothing!” you say loudly at the same time Mitch holds out his phone to show Auston the picture.

“What’s this?” Auston says curiously, taking the phone from Mitch and holding it high enough so you can’t reach it.

In a matter of seconds, Auston’s face turns bright red.

“What?” Mitch exclaims. Auston hands the phone back to Mitch silently and gives you an apologetic look.

“Oh, shit. Y/N, your neck!” Mitch bursts out in laughter, clutching his hand to his mouth. “Oh, man - that’s too good. Auston, I never knew you were such an animal.”

Auston’s face reddens even more.

“Yeah, okay - I’m leaving now,” you squeak, and jog away from Mitch and Auston and head over to dressing room E before Mitch can stop you again.

Just before the door shuts behind you, you hear Mitch screech, “Wait, does that mean you guys were banging in my car?!”

“You seem very tense,” Nancy comments as she massages the area around your bruised ribs.

“Do I? Sorry,” you apologize and will your muscles to relax. Nancy hits a particularly tender spot, and you tuck your chin into your shoulder to try to hide your wince.

Her hands leave your back. “Y/N, I know you hardly know me and may feel uncomfortable opening up to me because of that, but if you need to talk to someone, I’m always here to listen. I had to take mandatory sports psychology courses as part of my degree, so I do know how important your mental health is for your physical performance in sports. To me, it feels like a lot of the tension in your muscles is not from overexertion, but rather from stress.”

You’re surprised by the tears that well up in your eyes at her kind words. Your voice is thick when you reply: “Thanks, Nancy.” You swallow the lump in your throat and continue, “I think I’m having some difficulty finding a balance in my life between sports and relationships.”

“Well, if it brings you any comfort - you’re not alone. I think you’d be surprised to hear how many NHL players I’ve heard say the same thing.”


“Really. It takes some time and patience, but I think you’ll be able to strike a balance between your personal life and your career. It’s very easy for an athlete to zone in on their profession and nothing else, and so it’s important that you take a step back and have some time to be human. Whether that’s hanging out with friends, loved ones, or spending time with yourself to de-stress, it’s essential for your performance on the ice.”

“I think I understand that now. I’m just scared of getting too distracted and it affecting my game.”

You can’t see her, but you can tell Nancy’s smiling. “Is this perhaps about a boy?”

“Yes,” you admit shyly. “I feel like I’m twelve years old again. I can’t stop thinking about him, and his smile, his eyes…sorry, that’s probably too much information.” You blush.

Nancy laughs lightly. “Don’t worry. I was the exact same way about my husband when we first met in university. The advice I can give to you about this is to make sure he’s someone you’re proud of being around, someone that you wouldn’t feel embarrassed introducing to the most important people in your life. You also want to make sure he’s someone that encourages you to improve your skills, and helps you to become a better person. If he fits those criteria, then you shouldn’t have to worry about him inhibiting you from achieving your goals. If anything, you’ll be yelling at him to be quiet because he’s cheering for you so loudly.”

You nod, taking this all in.

“Does that make sense?” Nancy asks.

“Yes. That helps a lot, actually. Thank-you.”

“Anytime,” she says warmly. “Now, let’s try and get this knot out of your shoulder, shall we?”

After Nancy finishes her session, and tells you to come back tomorrow before she can clear you for light exercise, you find yourself climbing up the stands to watch the tail end of the morning skate.

Steph sees you and waves wildly, banging on the glass. You create a heart shape with your hands before blowing her a kiss. Then she’s gone, sweeping around the ice with Alexis for the drill, the puck flying between them. Auston takes her place in the line-up. Your eyes are glued to him as he completes the drill, but twice as fast as Steph, and with an effortless appearance that you envy. He’s even more impressive to watch from the stands.

You study him for the rest of the practice, absorbed in the quick motion of his legs and the agility of his hands and stick - which is truthfully more like an extension of his arms than a piece of fiberglass. There is something about him that sets him apart from everyone on the ice. (And no, you’re not biased in the slightest). There’s just a sense of fire, of passion in everything he does that is unparalleled by anybody else.

When practice ends, you climb down from your seat and head towards the girl’s dressing room to talk to Steph about your session with Nancy. But on your way there, someone grabs your arm.

“Mitch, please stop harassing me, or I will-” you start, swinging around to face a grinning Auston. “Oh, it’s you.”

“‘Oh, it’s you.’ Thanks for the warm welcome.” He pretends to turn around and leave.

“I didn’t mean it like-”

“I know you didn’t, silly. I’m just teasing.” He leads you down the hall and into the small gap between the dressing rooms that leads to outside. He takes off his helmet and dumps it on the ground, slicking back his sweaty hair with his hands.

“So listen, I’m sorry about your neck.”

“Uh-huh. You seem to have developed a habit of bruising me.” His eyes follow your hand as you brush your ribs with your fingers.

“Hey, I swear I’m not doing it on purpose - your skin just bruises very easily.”

“Or maybe you’re an animal,” you tease, referring to Mitch’s earlier cringe-worthy remark.

“Please - just don’t.” He drops your gaze, abashed. “Mitch is like the little brother I never wanted. He’s the worst wingman and constantly embarrasses me. I don’t know why I keep him around.”

“Friendship is a strange thing,” you agree. “Steph drives me up the wall sometimes, and I swear was put on this earth to annoy me - but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love her to bits.”

“Yeah.” Auston nods, and then it falls silent, neither of you knowing what to say.

You’re about to turn away and make something up to relieve yourself from the stifling atmosphere when he blurts out, “can I kiss you?”

You give him a strange look.

“I really want to kiss you,” he explains, his face flushing.

“Okay, then kiss me, you idiot.” You laugh.

He walks over, careful not to tread on your toes with his skates. Then he bends down, firmly pressing his lips to yours. Your hands come up and hook inside his chest protector, bringing him closer. He deepens the kiss, but then breaks off, grabbing your hips and lifting you up so that your shoes are resting on top of his skates.

“Sorry, the height difference was making my neck hurt,” he whispers.

You’re about to retort that you’re not actually that short, that his skates give him an extra two inches over you than normal, but his lips cut you off. You lose yourself in the kiss, your hands sneaking under his equipment to brush against his bare skin. You distract him enough that he doesn’t notice when your lips dart down to his neck. You suck gently at the skin until you’re sure you’ve left a mark. But you end up grazing your teeth against his neck a little harder than expected and he realizes what you’re doing.


You laugh playfully and pull away, ducking out from underneath his arms. He tries to grab you, but you’re too fast as you hop down off his skates and sprint away.

“Y/N, get back here!”

[Part 13]

Come hear the Magic of the Mundane! Members of Rocher Hotel come together to play D&D and have wild adventures!

In this episode, our heroes run into people they don’t expect and stumble upon another mystery plaguing a fellow classmate! Can they get the answers they seek while avoiding certain eyes? Ken isn’t here right now, Ophelia talks to someone to her own dismay, Taiko tries breaking and entering, Toby never forgets a girl, and Duo makes a promise.

Credits and NPC are under the Read More!

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Random Batjokes Headcanons

- J always being the first to wake up in the morning. Most of the time, he’ll read in the library till Bruce gets up, but sometimes he helps a rather surprised Alfred around the house.

- Bruce putting together elaborate disguises for them both so that he can take J on dates around Gotham, and to charity galas, or just so they leave the house together sometimes

- J refusing to call Alfred that. Its always, “Alfie”, or “Jeeves”, or other ridiculous nicknames. (The only time J has EVER called him Alfred, was when Bruce came home from a patrol seriously injured, and the clown had no idea what to do, panicked, and begged the butler for help)

- Bruce has a collection of different packs of playing cards that he and J play with sometimes. Surprisingly, Bruce tends to win no matter what the game (unsurprisingly, though, is that the joker cards always disappear from the packs withing a week of Bruce buying them)

- J has a signed Batman poster in his cell at Arkham. Everyone else thinks its just a fake, mass produced and sold on eBay, but the clown takes pride in knowing he has the only real, Batsy-authorised Batman merch in existence.

- Bruce has decided that his favourite colour is, in fact, green. No one is ever allowed to know this, especially J because he’d think it was because of his hair (which, of course, it 100% is)

- J has threatened every criminal in Gotham that if they injure his Batsy, the clown will personally come and deliver twice the damage back to them.

- Bruce (the teddy bear from J’s regression therapy) lives on top of actual Bruce’s wardrobe. The vigilante finds it both hilarious and endearing that J has a toy named after him, and always remembers to bring the bear with him when “interrogating” the clown whenever he’s in Arkham

- Bruce and J aren’t officially public as a couple to anyone but the Bat family and Alfred. Alternatively, only Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn know that the Joker is dating Batman (and that’s only because J won’t shut up about his beloved Batsy). Despite this, anyone who’s ever met the two 100% suspect the truth.

pipermccloud  asked:

Quick question: Do you think Grell's always had red hair or not until after they were a reaper, because their butler form MAY be what they were like as a human, hair color included? Or was it all apart of an elaborate disguise, because let's face it bright red hair isn't exactly a common thing to see.

I mean, your right, bright, saturated blood like red hair isn’t a common thing to see. But we are talking about Anime characters here, and in terms of the Kuro universe, people are naturally born with a lot of uncommon hair colors. For instance: Ciel, Snake, Madame Red, and Charles Gray and Phipps. So in my headcanon yes I believe Grell was born with her vibrant hair. I also think their butler form was just a disguise because I hc that Grell loves to have people think she’s weak at first and then CRUSH THEM LIKE A BUG.

my mother’s got two bottles of dieting pills on sitting on the counter for all to see. just because we all grow olde doesn’t mean our demons fade away. it just means falling into the habit of awarding them masks and disguises like trophy prizes, like the way my mother uses healthy weight loss to mask eating disorders and a need to hate and change her body to please privileged and unworthy men.
—  stop telling kids that their mental issues are a phase when all you do is give your own elaborate disguises
Optimism is the parent of despair, while pessimism allows the mind to accustom itself to the inevitable disappointments of human existence by degrees, just as some drugs induce a state of tolerance. Pessimists, moreover, have the better sense of humour, for they have a livelier apprehension of pretension and absurdity. In a meritocracy, furthermore, those who fail must either indulge in elaborate mental contortions to disguise reality from themselves or sink into a deep melancholy.
—  Anthony Daniels
Lena tells Kara that she and Supergirl are her only friends, so Kara decides to do something about it.

But instead of introducing Lena to Winn and James and Alex like a normal person, she breaks into the undercover supplies room in the DEO. 

Elaborately disguised, Kara proceeds to bump into Lena at various locations across the city regularly, for weeks, with the goal of befriending her as different people and ultimately raising her friend count.

However, things get complicated when Lena just won’t stop hitting on them all. 

Fatherly Instincts; Sherlock x Reader

Requested by Anon: Hello! I saw the one-shot “Users and Cheaters” and I thought if you could do an one-shot where reader is Sherlock daughter and something happen to her (she got kidnapped or something) and Sherlock tries to deal with the situation and save reader.

So… I was watching Criminal Minds while writing this so beware, this has some heavy themes to it. Also, sorry about no updates yesterday it was my birthday and I was gone basically all night but I am now a licensed driver!

You stood facing the mirror in the Baker Street bathroom, doing your hair, and your make-up for the dance later that night. Your dress was laid out, your nails were done, and your date was hot, so the night looked good for you. Memories of watching TV and seeing other girls go to their dance raced through your head as you basked in the excitement that your dance was finally here.

Sherlock, on the other hand, couldn’t be more nervous about his daughter’s dance. This was really the first time you had gone out with a boy that Sherlock could remember. Memoires of you raced through his head as he thought of his little girl growing up.

Dennis, you date, was as excited as you were but for different reasons entirely. The old trope of everyone gets laid at prom had been floating around in his head for months now. He looked down at the small pill in his hand that he had procured from his buddy earlier that day. Memories of hearing all his friends talk about their previous dance escapades and the tip his other friend gave him about a small little pill ran through his mind.

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fialleril  asked:

Okay prompts: Write me a thing about giant dweeb Vaderkin attempting to woo Padme.

WELL OF COURSE. for reference, an attempt on padme’s life was made, vader was assigned as her guard, because palpatine’s a shitty person who wants to make vader’s life worse. this is the period directly after they part ways. (in the actual fic, the scene will probably change - but enjoy the draft of it for now! i apologize for any mistakes in advance)

Red Roses, Too |read on ao3|

Seetoo had layered on the various silks and cloths thick, making movement difficult.

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huntress-earthtwo  asked:

27 please!!!!!!!!!! love your fanfics! Awesome blog by the way!

YOU GOT IT (and thank you! ^_^)

Originally posted by teentitanz

27. “No. Regrets.”

It was just a mission. 

Some stupid undercover ploy to infiltrate the enemy base and scoop up new intel on Brother Blood.

So what if it required an elaborate disguise? So what if it required Beast Boy to have a ‘date’ to go with to the ridiculous party? And if it happened to be an attractive vixen like Ravager, it certainly wasn’t any of Raven’s concern. 

“How do I look?” He’d asked her apprehensively once he’d come out of his room.

Raven had to use all of her willpower and self control not to let her expression betray her emotions. 

She’d been expecting him to look disheveled, lazy, maybe even unkempt, but when Garfield had stepped out for her appraisal, he looked anything but. 

Not only was he wearing a clean cut, black dress suit and silk tie, he also had to slip on a custom holo ring that Cyborg had made exclusively for him, to help mask his otherwise uncanny appearance. 

Therefore, the young man that stood before her looked nothing like the teenage boy she’d come to know throughout the years. This man had hair in a shade of flaxen blonde, combed back and gelled neatly aside in a gentlemanlike coiffure, very unlike the shaggy green tendrils Raven had grown accustomed to. Most notably, his skin was no longer a jade green, replaced now with a more normal peach tone as of his Caucasian heritage. Also, it did not escape her that even his ears were not pointed, and his teeth were a straight, pearly white with a significant absence of fangs.

Beast Boy looked…completely and utterly normal.

The only feature of his that had remained unchanged were his eyes; they stayed the same glittering verdant shade she had found comfort in many a time. Even if she were at death’s door, she’d vowed never to tell him any of that.

Altogether, his new look had jarred her, and done something strange with her emotions that she couldn’t recognize. Too frightened to linger on feelings she could not understand, she focused instead on the ones she could easily rely on, such as apathy.

“…Weird,” she finally answered him in a disinterested tone.

His smile faltered a bit. “W-weird? Is it the suit? Or the hair? I told Cy, I just don’t do gel.” He fidgeted in his clothes like they were crawling with insects, adjusting the form fitting jacket and playing with the buttons on his crisp, white dress shirt.

“I think you look delicious,” a new voice entered the fray.

Rose Wilson stood at the end of the hallway, wearing an appreciative smirk and a revealing, tight black dress to go with it. She eyed Beast Boy without a hint of discretion, admiring the way his new outfit clung to his lean form. Raven noted that the tips of his ears were red, and that his blushing was becoming a lot more evident now that he wasn’t green anymore.

Rose started walking towards them once all eyes were on her, the slit in her floor length, black gown revealing the strap on her thigh where she’d no doubt stashed a weapon of some sort. The holo ring Cyborg had provided her with had changed her hair colour to a more natural, platinum blonde while also maintaining the illusion that she had both of her eyes. It didn’t, however, provide any alterations on her deceptive and unpredictable personality.

Once she’d reached them, she had made it a point to blatantly ignore Raven’s existence, and instead, leaned in towards Beast Boy, her nimble fingers playing with his tie. “Normally, you’d be a little too young for my tastes, but might I say that you clean up well, Gar,” she purred into his ear.

Beast Boy had visibly tensed, and Raven saw his cocky façade for exactly what it was; a façade.

“U-uh, you look good, too, Rose,” he squeaked, uncomfortable at the lack of space between them, and working up a nervous sweat.

She towered over him by a few inches, especially in the strappy black high heels she wore, and, as a result of the height difference, if Garfield looked down, he’d be staring directly into her ample, pushed up cleavage.

“This is the part where it gets gross and I leave,” Raven groaned, rolling her eyes in disgust, no longer being able to stand in such close proximity to the couple.

As she started walking down the hall and towards her room, Ravager called out to her, “You had your chance, Rae. You turned it down, don’t forget that.”

Raven scoffed, “Whatever.”

Yet Rose’s words still rang true; Nightwing would have much preferred if it had been Raven going in undercover, and not Ravager. Not when they barely knew if they could even trust her, especially considering her heritage. Richard had pleaded with Raven to reconsider, although Nightwing’s ‘pleading’ merely outlined all the benefits of his decision versus the negatives. Still, Raven had adamantly refused, and not even their leader would be able to sway her on the matter.

Not because of having to be Garfield’s date, which was what everyone else on the team had initially concluded, but because she didn’t think she could pull it off. She wasn’t a very good actress, and she figured, if anything, she would only blow their cover and jeopardize the entire mission. Considering how much was riding on gathering the intel before Brother Blood could initiate a devastating blow to the Titans, Raven didn’t know if she could handle that sort of pressure. Rose Wilson, on the other hand, was charismatic and devious enough for such a role.

It was simply best if Raven sat this one out.

Or so she’d thought.

Both Rose and Beast Boy had tiny earpieces and small cameras placed somewhere on their clothing, allowing the rest of the Titans to monitor the events of the party safely from the Tower. Cyborg had even stealthily hacked into the security surveillance of the event to garner them a better view of the entire banquet. 

Raven had walked into the team’s new conference room where multiple screens flashed different angles of the party, and Nightwing, Starfire and Cyborg sat huddled about, discussing some more final details about the job.

“We need to figure out what Brother Blood is up to. You all have your parts to play. Star and I will be at the rendezvous point in case anything gets out of control. We’ll both have our comms on us,” Nightwing instructed his team.

“What am I supposed to do?” Raven asked him.

After her refusal to cooperate, Dick had left her alone for the most part about the mission. It was an unspoken respect between them; if she wanted in, all she needed to do was come to him. If he had upset her somehow, then he was also content with having her on the bench for this one. The decision would ultimately be up to her.

Dick shrugged at her question, clearly taken by surprise that she’d decided to lend a hand after all. “Uh, watch Beast Boy and Rose? Make sure they stay out of any trouble, and that they blend in. None of this works if they’re discovered too soon.”

“Fun,” Raven replied dryly before sitting down and mentally preparing herself for the underwhelming task she’d been assigned.

Once everyone was in position, and both Garfield and Rose were on scene, the operation was in full swing.

“So, do you think they have vegetarian options at this thing or…?” Beast Boy’s voice came over the speakers.

“Focus, B,” Cyborg answered him.

“Yeah, yeah. Blend in, got it.”

“Any suggestions, Raven?” Ravager asked the empath in her sultry voice.

She sighed, annoyed by the simplicity of the question. “You probably want to locate a few of Brother Blood’s confidantes, get as close as possible to them while eavesdropping. I think I see one of his bodyguards by the dancefloor,” Raven replied, scrutinizing a screen for a familiar face.

Rose laughed heartily. “Perfect; a reason to go dancing. Wanna take me for a spin, Gar?” She cooed seductively.

A cold shiver ran down Raven’s spine and she tried not to convulse in disgust. “Ugh,” she groaned, rubbing the palm of her hand down her face.

“I’m getting vibes of a double entendre here,” Cyborg grimaced.

“I wouldn’t be opposed to either,” Rose teased.

Garfield could be heard sputtering. “W-what?! What does that even mean?!”

Raven and Cyborg examined the cameras as Ravager led Beast Boy to the dance floor, not allowing him to formulate a proper response in time. He stumbled behind her as she tugged on his hand.

“Like what you see, Gar?”

Raven stiffened.

“I’ve always been told I look good walking away,” she playfully added.

Even from the furthest camera, Rose’s impressive silhouette stood out in the crowd, her curve-hugging black dress leaving very little to the imagination.

Cyborg let out a tired sigh.

“I…you…uh…I’m not looking, I swear!” Beast Boy could be heard protesting.

He yelped when she moved his hand lower down her back, to a spot that would certainly be considered indecent. “Yes, you were. I bet you stared long and hard enough just to figure out if I’ve got any panties on under all this.”

Somewhere in Titan tower, a lightbulb shattered. Cyborg flinched at the sound before he turned to regard Raven.

Her hands were tight, balled fists at her side, and she wore a scowl that set her features into a conflict of emotion.

“You…You’re not wearing…any?” Beast Boy gulped.

A girlish giggle from Rose. “Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. There’s only one way to find out for sure, Beastie.”

Some of the surveillance screens were flickering, moving between grainy black and white, then back again to the party.

“Uh…Rae?” Cyborg called out to the empath carefully. “You okay there?”

Rose was indecently pressed up against Garfield, her lithe body practically melded against his own, her mouth dangerously close to the sensitive spot below his ear. She grinned widely, like she was the Cheshire cat, and one of her arms wrapped around his waist tightly, while the other hand explored the fine blonde hairs at the nape of his neck.

One of the screens cracked and fizzled loudly, and Cyborg cried out in surprise.

Ravager, with her luscious red lips, and long, wavy, platinum hair, stared over Garfield’s shoulder, directly at Raven through one of the cameras. Almost as if she knew she somehow had her attention, she gave the enraged demoness a playful wink and a slight wave of her fingers, before placing a tender red kiss against Garfield’s neck. All the while her piercing blue eyes, so much like her father’s, never left the camera.

Raven gritted her teeth in agitation as a few more screens shattered and the lights flickered throughout the Tower.

“She’s doing this on purpose,” the empath growled, her anger seeping through her normally contained demeanour.

“Doing what, Raven? Breakin’ all my stuff?!” Cyborg shouted out in frustration, all the while trying to avoid the shards of glass that had decorated the floor and tabletop while he worked on fixing his equipment. He didn’t know what to start working on first; he could hardly keep up with the level of chaos.

“Look, I don’t know what you guys are playin’ at, but if you could stop destroying everything in sight, Rae, I’d appreciate it,” the oldest Titan commented, growing frustrated with the amount of damage his teammate had caused.

Rose cackled loudly, throwing her head back in mirth. “What’s the matter, Rae Rae? Have I struck a nerve? Does rage want to come out and play?”

A loose wire sparked to life and Cyborg nearly jumped at the shock.

“Uh…is everything okay over there?” Beast Boy sounded concerned.

Raven’s fingernails dug into the skin of her palms as relaxation and calm seemed to be escaping her with every second that passed.

Peachy. Don’t you two have a job to do?” Raven hissed through a clamped jaw.

Cyborg, looking mildly apprehensive about approaching the broken equipment after it had nearly shocked his systems, agreed with Raven on that matter. “She’s right. Quit foolin’ around and find someone from the H.I.V.E already.”

Ravager smacked her lips together, her hand creeping down Garfield’s backside before giving him a slight pinch, eliciting an uncharacteristic squeal from the changeling. “Oh, I know. The fooling around bit usually comes after an intense job,” she acknowledged, biting her bottom lip.

Beast Boy mocked innocence. “I have no idea what you mean by that,” he stammered unconvincingly.

“If ya’ll don’t get your act together soon, I’m pulling you out and calling this a bust. Then you gotta deal with Nightwing and explain to him why it was a major fail since you two can’t seem to keep it in your pants!” Cyborg threatened.

Rose only seemed to grow more amused by the effect she was currently having on every Titan, not taking Cyborg’s comment seriously in the least. “You are all such easy marks,” she smirked, shaking her head.

“While you were all too busy setting up and dilly dallying, I placed recording devices on Jinx and Blood himself. Any meaningful conversations, I’ve got stored right here,” she indicated a spot between her breasts.

Beast Boy groaned helplessly.

“You did what?!”

“Turns out Gar isn’t the only one who’s got a penchant for hot blondes,” she shrugged. “And Jinx is the H.I.V.E leader, so if any of them would be getting the dirty details from Blood himself, it would be her. She’s obviously the brains of that idiotic group,” Rose continued as if all this was common knowledge.

Cyborg’s jaw dropped while he absorbed this new turn of events.

Raven only glowered into the screen she’d been facing, not as easily impressed with the assassin’s skills as her teammates. “Good. Then there’s no more reason for you to be there,” she spat in retaliation.

Rose made Beast Boy twirl her about on the dance floor before she ended up wrapped in his arms again, her back pressed firmly into his chest. “But we’re having such a good time, Rae!”

Every window and screen but the one Raven stared into exploded, the pieces of glass flying all over the room, narrowly avoiding the empath’s face. One of the monitors had even erupted into a smoking flame that Cyborg was desperately trying to put out.

Get back here,” she hissed dangerously, her eyes now glowing a ferocious red.

As an affront to Raven’s rage, Rose turned Beast Boy’s chin towards her and leaned in to press her painted lips against his unsuspecting mouth. Just as they were about to kiss, the final screen exploded, and Raven levitated out of the room in an angry huff, a trail of dark magic shadowing behind her cloak.

Even the mic connection had died, short circuiting when Raven’s powers fried everything in the tower, leaving them in complete darkness.

Cyborg, disheartened by all the carnage in his room, slumped defeated into his chair, and finally gave up. “Why’d she have to go and make her so damn jealous for?” He asked the empty spot next to him.

“Good work you two,” Nightwing told Ravager when she handed over the recordings.

Rose grinned. “Maybe next time, you and I could go undercover, Dick.”

Starfire folded her arms over her chest. “There will hopefully not be any more ‘next time’.”

Richard smiled apologetically, pretending to miss the implications of her suggestion. “Star’s right; if we can stop Blood before he can begin implementing whatever plan he’s got in the works, then he’ll be in jail for the rest of his life.”

“Good. I don’t think my tech can handle another Raven meltdown,” Cyborg added bitterly.

Beast Boy, now back to his green self, laughed nervously. “Someone should probably go check on her.”

Everyone in the room pointedly looked at the changeling.

Upon realizing that he’d been nominated, he moaned aloud. “Really, guys? Why’s it got to be me? Technically, it’s Rose’s fault!”

Rose adjusted her eye patch and spoke up before anyone else jumped in, “He’s right. I guess I owe it to you to probably tag along. I’m sure little miss demon would like nothing more than to get a slice out of me.”

As the two made their way to Raven’s room, the other Titans watched them leave. “Do you think it worked?” Nightwing asked his comrades.

Cyborg shook his head. “That amount of costly damage, I’ll be angry if it didn’t.”

Starfire appeared puzzled. “I do not understand why Rose would do such a horrible thing just to upset friend Raven.”

Richard sighed. “I don’t, either. I guess it’s just her way of proving her loyalty to Raven, even if it’s somewhat unconventional.”

“You okay in there, Rae? You’ve been locked up in your room ever since we got back,” Beast Boy asked his friend from the other side of her bedroom door.

A moment later, and the metal gate opened. Raven stood in the entryway, wearing the same deadpan expression he’d grown so accustomed to. Garfield smiled nervously at her. “Looks like you’re doing all right, after all,” he noted, rocking on his heels.

A beat passed before Raven found her calm, gravely voice again.

“The green is better,” she admitted to him before he could take the opportunity to walk away.

He stopped in his tracks and regarded her with confusion. “Uh, come again?”

Raven’s amethyst toned eyes softened, and her cheeks coloured when she had to avert her gaze. “I said I prefer the green. The holo ring made you look…unnatural.”

Beast Boy’s ears grew hot. “You mean, I look better as a green gremlin than my actual human appearance? Raven, I’m not quite sure if that’s a compliment or an insult…,” he confessed truthfully.

“It’s a compliment,” she explained.

“Okay, well…thanks, I guess,” he shrugged his shoulders, not knowing what else to say, or how to even feel about it.

Raven grew flustered then, her brows knitting in frustration. “Did she…did she really kiss you?”

Her voice was barely more than a whisper, but the question was not lost to his trained ears.

Beast Boy shook his head furiously. “No, no! She was just toying with me, I swear.”

He couldn’t really understand why he was being so defensive about it. Why would Raven even care?

The empath tucked a strand of violet hair behind her ear, and he could swear he saw her lips turn into a small, relieved smile.

“So…you aren’t interested then?”

He laughed shakily. “Nah, Rose is cool and all, but she knows there’s someone else I’m kind of into. Called me out on it a little bit ago, actually. She’s good at reading people.”

Raven’s eyes widened as she stared at him with a wild expression. “Someone else? Like who?”

His smile softened. “I have a feeling, with you being an empath and all, that you probably already have an idea.”

She searched his face, not comprehending his answer until he closed the space between them and cupped her face in his hands. “Getting any closer?”

The pads of his thumbs stroked her cold, pale cheeks, just beneath her thick fringe of black lashes. She fell into his touch like it was the most natural reaction, as his emotions seeped into her like fresh paint bleeding down a canvas.

It made her ache with a sudden need to reach up and kiss him, to feel his soft, warm, pliant lips move beneath her own. It would be a long while yet before Raven would realize that she’d indeed acted on the impulse, Beast Boy’s affections melding with her own, and creating something both catastrophic and euphoric within her.  

“Well, hot damn. Girl actually did it,” Cyborg laughed, admiring the scene before him on the small screen panel in his arm.

Rose had decided to let Beast Boy go it alone, only willing to jump in if things got hairy. Little did he know that she’d planned on hiding out in the corridor and filming the entire thing. Just to remind the two that, on their wedding day, she was the one responsible for making it all happen. And they’d owe her big time. Open bar wouldn’t cut it.

Starfire and Nightwing crowded around Cyborg to catch a better glimpse of the live video.

“You do know that when she catches you filming this, she’s going to end you, right?” Nightwing scratched at the back of his head, appearing somewhat concerned by this new development.

Rose whispered over the recording device, “No. Regrets. Got to live with no regrets, batboy.”

Proposition; Sherlock x Reader

Requested by Anon:

Please could you write a reader x Sherlock one shot where they are fake dating for a case and they are practicing how they’ll act together when their friends invite them on a night out, which will be the first time they are with all their friends as a couple. Adore your writing x

You sat within your room at 221B sifting through some old books of yours before Sherlock came busting into your room. “Y/N…” he began nervously. “I have a proposition for you.”

And that was the beginning of how you had spent the entire weekend practicing to act like a couple with none other than Sherlock Holmes. Apparently he needed to go undercover at some gala and needed a date. And guess who the closest girl was when Sherlock needed one.

“Sherlock if you spend the whole gala three feet away from me no one is going to believe any of this,” you told him. Currently the two of you were practicing making conversation with other couples.

“This is a perfectly respectable distance for lovers to stand.”

“I, for one, am enjoying this,” John said, laughing his arse off from the couch.

“Thank you for all the help John. After all, you’re the only one here with any kind of worthwhile experience,” you reminded him.

John sighed before getting up and moving Sherlock closer to you. “Now I’m afraid you’re going to have to touch each other. Also, helpful hint: looking like you enjoy her presence would help you out immensely Sherlock.”

Your phone suddenly began to ring and you dropped your lesson to pick it up. “Hello?”

“Hey Y/N. It’s Alice. Steve and I were thinking about grabbing some friends and going out for a night. Rumor has it you’ve been seeing someone… maybe we could meet this mysterious suitor?”

You sorted through your memory trying to remember what she was talking about before suddenly you remember the little white lie that was Greg. “I don’t know…”

“Oh come on Y/N! You’ve been talking about this guy forever!”

“Yeah but only to get out of plans with you,” you thought to yourself before Sherlock asked what was taking so long when suddenly an idea popped in your head. “Actually Alice, Greg and I would love to go out with you tonight,” you said before hanging up.

“Who’s Greg?” Sherlock asked.

“For tonight… you.”

And that was how you ended up paired with Sherlock at a dingy bar with friends you didn’t really care that much about. “So Greg tell us about yourself,” Alice said to Sherlock.

“Yeah, Greg,” you sarcastically encouraged looking over at Sherlock’s elaborate disguise. He had not only applied a fake beard but even altered his hair color to a light blond for the night.

Sherlock looked at you through the side of his eyes before looking back at your friends. “I’m actually a web designer.”

“Well that’s interesting!” Steve said.

“I find it quite intriguing. And what do you do?”

“I’m a cop over at Scotland Yard.”

Sherlock and you both tried to maintain your cool, now realizing that one slip up would mean the entire charade would fall apart. “What division again?”

“Homicide… well usually. There’s the occasional drug bust. As a matter of fact, we drug busted the infamous Sherlock Holmes’ flat.”

“Wow, that’s so cool,” you told Steve, trying to play along.

“Y/N don’t you live on Baker Street? Do you ever see him walking around?”

“Oh god… I mean he’s always so busy solving cases it’s so rare to find him just out buying the groceries,” you told them while reprimanding Sherlock in the process getting him quite angered.

“I bet it’s his roommates’ job,” Sherlock muttered through gritted teeth.

“Well maybe they’re tired of doing it all the time.”

“Are we getting in the middle of something?” Alice asked interrupting you and Sherlock.

“Oh no of course not,” you assured her. “So… more drinks?”

Finally the night ended and you and Sherlock were finally able to escape. “I can’t wait for this gala to be over,” you mumbled as you left.

“Let’s just hope it isn’t a disaster. The next time the stakes are much higher than lying to your friends.”

Fandom based bucket list
  • Go to med school. Introduce yourself to your patients by saying “I’m the Doctor.”
  • Go to Starbucks and order coffee as 24601. When they call you out, stand up and say “MY NAME IS JEAN VALJEAN!”
  • Dress in odd clothing and carry around a sonic screwdriver. When you see a kid whovian, bring out your sonic and ask them if they’ve seen your TARDIS.
  • End your phone calls with “Goodbye, John,” even if the other person’s name isn’t John.
  • Go to a show in Vegas. When the performer asks for someone in the audience to help them, stand up and yell “I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!”
  • Make fake FBI badges. Choose a fake name from pop culture. Enter a store and ask if they’ve noticed sulfer where it shouldn’t be.
  • Change your voicemail to “I don’t understand, what do you want me to say?”
  • Go to a museum and find a portrait depicting some sort of violence. Proceed to happily yell very loudly “It worked! GALLIFREY STANDS!”
  • Other options involve “Gallifrey Falls No More.”
  • Make a meat-filled dinner for your friend. Make cannibalism jokes the whole time and wait for them to realize what you’re saying.
  • Go cloud watching with a friend. Randomly start chanting “All hail the mighty Glow Cloud.”
  • Go up to a friend you haven’t seen in a long time without warning in an elaborate disguise, followed by saying “Not dead.”
  • Dress in a sweatshirt on in the summer. When asked if you’re too hot in that, respond with “Fire cannot kill a dragon.”

thesecitystreets-deactivated201  asked:


You’re right…I’m so sorry :( what have I done? I need to fix this…

*221B Baker Street*
*entering; looking exhausted*
*sat in his chair* Well?
Molly: *shrugs* Everyone seemed to buy it. I think it was your acting… *smiling widely* You were devastated.
Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* I was not devastated. I needed to smoke.
Molly: *admiring her wedding ring* When can we tell them?
Sherlock: *slipping on his own wedding ring* When I’m certain my wife will be safe.
Molly: *approaching him* That’s quite…romantic…
Sherlock: *raises an eyebrow* Is it?
Molly: *nods; sits in his lap* So, husband, what’s the plan?
Sherlock: *stroking her hips* You attend several public events as Tom’s wife, ensuring the press see the two of you together; he is Mycroft’s top agent, you’ll be perfectly safe *kisses her slowly* And you return here every evening…as my wife.
Molly: *snuggles into him* Okay…I love you.
Sherlock: *sighs* Sorry, Molly Holmes, but I think I love you more.
Molly: *kisses him* Not possible, I’m afraid.
Sherlock: *sits them upright in the chair; smirking* I’ll prove it.
Molly: *biting her lip* You’d better.

@thesecitystreets is that better? :} oh and thanks for the idea @cumberbabe-usa I hope this fixes things pls forgive me everyone xx