elaborate disguise

Lena tells Kara that she and Supergirl are her only friends, so Kara decides to do something about it.

But instead of introducing Lena to Winn and James and Alex like a normal person, she breaks into the undercover supplies room in the DEO. 

Elaborately disguised, Kara proceeds to bump into Lena at various locations across the city regularly, for weeks, with the goal of befriending her as different people and ultimately raising her friend count.

However, things get complicated when Lena just won’t stop hitting on them all. 

Optimism is the parent of despair, while pessimism allows the mind to accustom itself to the inevitable disappointments of human existence by degrees, just as some drugs induce a state of tolerance. Pessimists, moreover, have the better sense of humour, for they have a livelier apprehension of pretension and absurdity. In a meritocracy, furthermore, those who fail must either indulge in elaborate mental contortions to disguise reality from themselves or sink into a deep melancholy.
—  Anthony Daniels
Random Batjokes Headcanons

- J always being the first to wake up in the morning. Most of the time, he’ll read in the library till Bruce gets up, but sometimes he helps a rather surprised Alfred around the house.

- Bruce putting together elaborate disguises for them both so that he can take J on dates around Gotham, and to charity galas, or just so they leave the house together sometimes

- J refusing to call Alfred that. Its always, “Alfie”, or “Jeeves”, or other ridiculous nicknames. (The only time J has EVER called him Alfred, was when Bruce came home from a patrol seriously injured, and the clown had no idea what to do, panicked, and begged the butler for help)

- Bruce has a collection of different packs of playing cards that he and J play with sometimes. Surprisingly, Bruce tends to win no matter what the game (unsurprisingly, though, is that the joker cards always disappear from the packs withing a week of Bruce buying them)

- J has a signed Batman poster in his cell at Arkham. Everyone else thinks its just a fake, mass produced and sold on eBay, but the clown takes pride in knowing he has the only real, Batsy-authorised Batman merch in existence.

- Bruce has decided that his favourite colour is, in fact, green. No one is ever allowed to know this, especially J because he’d think it was because of his hair (which, of course, it 100% is)

- J has threatened every criminal in Gotham that if they injure his Batsy, the clown will personally come and deliver twice the damage back to them.

- Bruce (the teddy bear from J’s regression therapy) lives on top of actual Bruce’s wardrobe. The vigilante finds it both hilarious and endearing that J has a toy named after him, and always remembers to bring the bear with him when “interrogating” the clown whenever he’s in Arkham

- Bruce and J aren’t officially public as a couple to anyone but the Bat family and Alfred. Alternatively, only Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn know that the Joker is dating Batman (and that’s only because J won’t shut up about his beloved Batsy). Despite this, anyone who’s ever met the two 100% suspect the truth.