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In light of the news of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, I just had to make a sketch of the Choi Twins with new versions of Solgaleo and Lunala! Gonna complete this for the Choi Twins’ birthday on 11th June yay~

Regarding OCs: Treat them kindly.

First of all, we all started somewhere and belittling or berating someone’s creativity is bullshit and just plain cruel. I get that there are some OCs you don’t jive with and that’s cool, I’m selective just like everyone else, but that doesn’t give you or anyone else the right to talk shit about them. Remember those “embarrassing” times where you were a one-liner only OC that was probably something “generic” or “cliche” or even a “Gary/Mary-sue”? Yeah, Pepperidge farm remembers that shit honey. No one starts off with some immaculate and elaborate character design, plain and simple.

Instead of being rude or cruel, its better to offer advice as a “veteran” of writing. Give them tips to help them improve rather than tearing them down and making them feel bad or making them feel like they shouldn’t even try. Remember that one person when you were younger that you looked up to because holy shit their writing and style was amazing and you felt so happy just getting to read it? Or that person that wrote with you for the first time? Or maybe your friend that you started off with in general? Having those moments are imperative to a writer’s growth and if you get to be that person they look up to or the person that gave them a little advice is friggin’ great okay? It is an amazing thing and you could literally be helping them become the next nation wide known creator.

But you’d never know if they never had the aspiration or hope to become that if you just shoved their face in the ground.

Canon characters are someone’s OCs. These characters are created by someone, became big hits, and are now written by others because we enjoy them so much. But never forget that they are the creator’s original character.

So be kind. You don’t have to like someone’s OC, you don’t have to even interact with them or anything at all, they might not be your cup of tea. But that doesn’t give you the right to be a dick. Period.

You know those mindfulness colouring books?
Roy found one called ‘The Sweary Colouring Book’ on his travels and couldn’t not buy it for Jason. Each page was a cuss of some description in the swirly elaborate designs.
Roy honestly only bought it as a gag gift, the book amused him.

Never in a million years did he think that Jason would actually take to it. He’d spend hours on a bad day sat on the couch colouring in the swear words. The tranquil aura around him was strange, the chilled expression on his face unnerving. Roy spent hours stood in the doorway staring in disbelief.
The young man had been raging at the world and now was completely calm.
Where was this colouring book when Jason decided to put eight heads in a duffle bag?

Jason’s phone rang on such a day and Roy eventually gave up waiting for his partner to notice it and answered for him.
'Yello? Jason’s phone?’
'Er hey Roy. It’s Dick. Where’s Jason?’
'Colouring in bullshit. He’s pretty focused maybe ring back later?’
’…. What? Jason is colouring in bullshit?’
'Yup that’s what I said’
He explained the book and mindfulness before hanging up on a very bemused Dick.

One by one over the next week, random members of the Batfamily joined Roy in the doorway staring at Jason in disbelief. Bruce actually forgot how to breath and Roy had to slap him on the back.
Tim merely frowned before nodding slightly and just disappearing back through the window he came through.

Then one day Roy wandered into the living room to find Jason on the couch with his colouring book and a cup of tea. The thing that had Roy staring now was Tim sat next to his brother, working his way through a Star Wars themed colouring book, a cup of coffee steaming next to Jason’s tea.

One gag gift and suddenly Roy was holding Art Therapy sessions for Robins. Sometimes Roy really didn’t understand how he got himself into these situations.

gothic witch self-care tips 🖤

- keep supportive imagery around such as bats (to symbolize rebirth) and gargoyles (to drive away evil spirits + bad energies)

- treat yourself to a healing bath w/ a black bath bomb, red candles, and a stick of frankincense

- sleep with black agate under your pillow to increase clarity and attract good fortune

- throw together an elaborate, dark outfit designated for those times you want to feel your most flashy and powerful

Keith Kogane
age: 22
country: korea

tfw ur working on a quick comic and decide to draw an outfit ref real quick, but it turns out really e x t r a.. 

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Sunday, 05.21.17

Aaaah, I am so glad AP season is over…. This spread is from the week when I took the AP Biology exam.

I’ve been channeling my anxious urge to procrastinate into designing elaborate bullet journal spreads… oops.  ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

On the other hand, I have two weeks left until I graduate from high school, soooo…. 

(Taken from my studygram: studyinmacro)


Tombs of the Sanhedrin 

Sanhedria, Jerusalem, Israel

1st century CE

Tombs of the Sanhedrin (Hebrew: קברי הסנהדרין‎‎, Kivrei HaSanhedrin), also called Tombs of the Judges, is an underground complex of 63 rock-cut tombs. The tombs are noted for their elaborate design and symmetry. They have been a site for Jewish pilgrimage since the medieval period.

The tombs were constructed on the site of an ancient quarry, with a forecourt at one end and the burial caves excavated out of the other end. The forecourt has benches hewn out of the rock for the benefit of visitors. The forecourt opens onto a small courtyard, walled on three sides. An elaborately carved Grecian pediment above the large, square entrance is decorated with plant motifs, including acanthus leaves entwined with pomegranates and figs, representative of Judeo-Hellenistic burial art of the 1st century. The inner entrance to the tombs is topped by a small pediment and was originally sealed by a stone door.

A Crate of Lemons

Everlark fic for @jynersoandor. Thank you for your donation to fight Nazis!

Request: post-war, domestic fluff

“Capitol delivery arrived,” Peeta calls.

The screen door slam that announced my presence sets my teeth on edge. I’ve got to fix that.


Dropping my game bag at my feet, I bend to pull off my boots. “Be there in a second,” I say with a grunt. The left boot doesn’t want to come off.

The kitchen smells bright with citrus, when I walk in barefoot to find Peeta at the counter, shirtsleeves rolled up. He announces the source–“There were lemons in the crate”–as soon as I round the corner.

“What are you making?” I ask, pushing up on the counter, assuming my familiar perch.

As much as I enjoy the solitude and quiet of hunting, after sitting still for the whole of the morning, it feels good to let my feet swing. My back hunches and sink my weight into my hands.

“Lemon vanilla roll-out cookies.”

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Older paladins meeting younger paladins. 

Lance LOVES Keith’s really long hair and is always messing with it. Braids, clips and simple things at first but as they get older and closer he ends up doing Keith’s hair almost every morning sometimes in pretty elaborate designs that he’s picked up from different planets. 

Lance and Keith’s rings. Meteorite with special crystals found only on a single moon on a planet they visited. Also had they EXTREMELY private ceremony there. Bonding ceremony that binds their quintessence/ souls together. The rings act like receptors for each other’s thoughts. Telepathic rings All of this was Lance’s idea and literally had to kidnap Keith to get him away from their jobs as ambassadors. The minute Keith knew what he was doing he CRIED for hours.