elaborate costumes

Why do film adaptations always add lines and unnecessary details to designs that work perfectly fine? Just because you have the money for elaborate costumes, make up and effects doesn’t mean you have to make everything elaborate.

A few examples

Comic Black Panther: 

Smooth and shiny black outfit, a few lines around his gloves and that’s it, looks like a panther.

Movie Black Panther: 

Lines and divots and unnecessary details all over. While some outlining is required to make the different parts of the costume more discerning in action scenes, they overdid it. It looks more like a robot than a panther.

Cartoon Aang:

A simple arrow tattoo on his forehead.

Movie Aang:

This level of detail in completely unnecessary. It in fact makes the tattoo less clear as an arrow.

TV Zordon:

Disembodied head in a tube. Doesn’t get much simpler.

Movie Zordon:


I’m not saying all of these are bad designs or that it’s bad if you like them. But they’re rather unnecessary and I find them distracting and detrimental to expressing anything meaningful about the character to the audience, which is what a design is supposed to do.

It looks more like the production wanted to show off how much money they have than actually put any thought to what the audience is going to see.

Halloween Idea: Tony taking bb!Peter trick-or-treating as a favor for his good friend May. (Peter’s a witch. He thinks Hermione was super cool.) They start at Peter’s apartment building because of course. Peter knocks on the door of 645B and a man in a banana costume answers, holding a bowl of candy almost as big as Peter. The banana has a cute face. Peter dutifully ‘trick-or-treat!’s and the banana dutifully gives him candy.

“Who’s the banana in 645B?” Tony asks May when they get back with a pillowcase full of candy. “…I’m hoping that you mean Steve Rogers,” May says slowly. “He was the most handsome banana I’ve ever seen.” “Probably Steve then.”

“Oh my God Bucky,” Steve hisses into his phone. “The most handsome Tony Stark impersonator brought Peter trick-or-treating and he saw me in the banana costume.“Ha ha,” Bucky laughs unhelpfully. “You’re the one who said I couldn’t give out candy without a costume! I could have been wearing that stupid shirt Natasha gave me that’s two sizes too small!” Steve wails. “I could have been super sexy! Now I’m just the guy in a banana suit!” “Ha ha,” Bucky laughs again. “GIVE THE PHONE TO NATASHA SO I HAVE SOMEONE TO LAMENT WITH PROPERLY. Honestly I don’t know what she sees in you she could do so much better you dick.”

(Steve just about dies when he realizes it wasn’t just an elaborate costume, but Actually Tony Stark. Tony thinks it’s hilarious and calls Steve his ‘handsome banana’ until Steve literally begs him to stop.)

Costume Sentence Starters

Happy Halloween! Send my muse a reaction to seeing them in a costume, whether positive or not so positive. 

Wait. We were supposed to dress up?”
“You look…adorable!”
“Ah! J-jeez, I didn’t even recognize you!”
“Ugh, you know I hate that mask!”
“Are you really going to go out like that?”
“I don’t know. I think we’re a bit too old to dress up.”
“You don’t think it’s a little too revealing?”
“I don’t have to match, do I?”
“I’m not so sure about our theme this year.”
“Oh shit, I didn’t get a costume for myself!”
“How do you still look beautiful in zombie makeup?”
“Okay, I admit, I like it.”
“You know what would look good with that costume? Fire. Burn it.”
“I think you might offend someone with this.”
“What are you even supposed to be?”
“Wow. Maybe we should stay home and have our own party.”
“You know, it’s not really a costume if you just dress like yourself.”
“Ooh, I love your costume!”
“Wow, how creative, you look like a normal person for once!”
“Well, it’s certainly original.”
“How much fake blood did you use?!”
“Whoa. You really went all out this year.”
“This isn’t a costume. You’re just wearing a pair of cat ears.”
“I feel like there’s an inside joke here but I don’t get it.”
“Honestly, you’re terrifying.”
“You look way too incredible to wear this for only one day.”
“You look like something that crawled out of hell and I love it.”
“I’m going to be seeing you in my nightmares. Thanks for that.”
“Are you serious? I was going to be the same thing!”
“Please don’t make me dress up.”
“I’ll go with you, but I don’t do couple costumes.”
“I think you spent more on the dog/cat’s costume than your own.”
“Wow, did you make this yourself?”
“I think this costume really reflects who you are as a person.”
“Your costume is ten times better looking than mine.”
“This is the most elaborate costume I have ever seen.”
“Why are you wearing a trash bag as a costume?”
“Did you just steal my clothes to dress up as me for Halloween?”

Hey gang!

Pre-commission list for New York Comic Con is now open!

If you are attending (or have a friend attending who can collect it) and would like to get on the list, now’s your chance! Pre-commission details as follows:

For a 9x12 full colour marker piece like Vanellope here, prices start at $100 for one character(extra details like props/extra characters/elaborate costuming will add to the cost). No backgrounds, TARDISes, vehicles, kinks or adult material, please.

I also don’t do likenesses, so no requests for portraits of children/spouses/pets.

Limit is TWO characters per image.

Payment is in advance in full by Paypal only. Placement on the list is only guaranteed when payment is received in full.

Again, this is for pickup at New York Comic Con ONLY. Mailing commissions are not available.

With only 3 weeks to the show and a busy book schedule, I only have about ten spots available. @silvaniart & I will also be taking commissions on the con floor every day, first come, first served!

If you want in, email amymebberson at gmail with your idea(please have an idea ready so I can give you an accurate quote)  and we’ll take it from there!

fun ideas for things to do for fun that are free:

- Play “don’t let the balloon hit the floor” with multiple balloons while at the same time playing “the carpet is lava”

- play hide-and seek in a mall or large public place

- dress up in elaborate costumes to do normal things like go to walmart

- play hide-and-seek or something in walmart without getting kicked out

- get on youtube with friends and try to learn a new talent like juggling or dancing or something

- look at the ingredients in the house and google what you can bake with them

- go to a park you’ve never been to before and walk around like you’re an adventurer discovering everything (“I do say! This here looks like a leaf! What an interesting specimen!”)

- just go to a park in general. I mean, they got slides and swings and crap. Get all over that (but don’t be a jerk. kids are awesome. let them play first).

- dig up toys/games from when you were a kid. Try to play Nintendo 64 games on your hi-def TV. Feel yourself get cut by the sharp, pointy pixels. 

- make a super tacky music video to a song that you thought was super cool when you were in middle school

- draw with chalk, blow bubbles, jump rope, ride your bike around your neighborhood

in general, just stop pretending you’re too cool to do the fun stuff you did when you were 10. 10-year-olds don’t have money to spend on entertainment, and yet I notice that they have more fun than anybody. Have an awesome summer, everybody.

Trick or Treat

It’s the ghoulish holiday Halloween and you’re currently opening the door for the trick or treaters dressed in their elaborate costumes to give them treat bags. But when you open the door for the next knock, you don’t come face to face with a small child. No, they are much taller, towering over you with a very detailed costume of a clown. You don’t even anticipate his next move…

Warning: smut so sweet it’ll rot your teeth (or not cuz it’s Pennywise so).

I’ve had this idea in the works for a while now back in like September and I’ve been writing it for a while and had the completed story in my drafts for a while. I hope you all enjoy and Happy Halloween 🤡🎈

As I always say, if you don’t like it then don’t freaking read it. A lot of my fellow peeps on here have been getting shit lately and it’s honestly just dumb. Move along without saying anything for once in your life if you’re one of those people. My story isn’t tagged in the main It movie tags so.


“Happy Halloween! Stay safe out there!” You cried as you waved off the little zombie and skeleton now leaving your property with two new add-ons to their ever growing candy collection with wide grins. Closing the door, you smiled with content as you made you way to the chair near the door and settled down in it. You loved this time of year, the giving of candy to children and some teenagers alike who were dressed up in costumes that seemed to get better and better as the years went by. You gave out gift bags filled with candy and goodies that you always strived to improve every year and because of that, you were a popular house to visit.

There was another knock on the door, this one more firm and crisp so you assumed it was a more older child or a teenager. You smiled and pushed up from the chair to walk over to the door. You pulled the handle down on the door and it swung open. You were expecting to be at eye level with the person at the door but all you came face to face with was a chest with bright orange pom-poms attached. Your eyes travelled up the line of pom-poms, beyond the overly layered collar to meet the face of the visitor. To say you were shocked was an understatement.

His make-up was startlingly white with two slashes of red through his eyes and curling around his cheeks to connect at the corners of his large, red lips. His nose was like a button, also painted red. Two slightly pointed bucked teeth poked out between his lips as he grinned down at you. But what you couldn’t stop staring at were his eyes. They were the bluest you had ever seen, and they twinkled with mischief. Despite his age being more than that of a teenager’s, you gave him a smile. He leaned down slightly and it was then that you realised he held a piece of string that had a large red balloon attached to in between his thumb and first finger.

“Trick or treat.” He spoke and his voice sent shivers racing down your spine. It was both husky and squeaky, not natural. But you guessed that was for his character.

“Oh your costume is wonderful!”

The man chuckled roughly and shivered, your ears picking up on the sound of bells jingling.

“Well thank you.” He purred.

You shifted from one foot to another under his intensely blue gaze, as though those eyes were staring into your soul. You gazed up at him through your eyelashes.

“Uh, I don’t know if you want a treat bag but I can offer you a piece of candy if you want?” You suggested. His unnerving but comical smile shifted into a darkened smirk, one that was hungry.

“Sure! If love a treat.” He leaned down further until he was nearly in your face. A little weirded out, you cautiously moved away and then turned your attention to the glass dish where you had loose candy, reaching for it. This was a mistake. You didn’t see him move, but the next thing you knew you were suspended in the air by your neck and another hand clasped around your mouth to middle your cry of surprise. The dish tumbled onto the ground, shattering and dispersing shards of glass and candy all over the hallway. You struggled with no luck against the clown as he carried you through to the living room, the sound of the front door slamming shut echoing in your head. Immediately, he shoved you against the nearest wall and inhaled, those pretty blue eyes now an alarming amber. You choked in his grip and tried to pull free. Drool began to slip down from his lip to his chin.

“Such a pretty thing, and you smell oh so good.” You bit your lip as you took in his scent, his warmth. The feel of those large hands on you. Fuck. He inhaled again and he giggled.

“Oh! Well, that is very interesting…” He trailed off. He leaned his large head close to your face and brushed his dangerous lips against yours. “Even as I terrify you, your body just can’t stop from enjoying this.” He cooed, now using his knee to shove in between your thighs, rubbing up against your sensitive area. You wiggled in his grasp and whimpered.

“N- no I-”

“I can smell your arousal, it’s oh so sweet like candy.” He cut you off. He inhaled again and you twitched for a growl rumbled through his chest. And then he was dragging you to your armchair and pushing you face down onto it, your buttocks in the air. You felt him right behind you, one of his large, gloved hands pushing your shoulder blades down and his hips brushed against your ass almost teasingly. You wanted to struggle, to cry out in fear but then again, this was exciting, erotic. A stranger dressed up in clown make-up who didn’t seem even human had barged into your home and now it seemed as though he or it was going to fuck you into the chair. It was almost shameful to admit that this had been something you’d pictured many times, the thoughts that had you writhing and moaning as your fingers worked. And it seemed like this creature knew it too.

You almost cried when you felt fingers slip in between your thighs and tease your warm, clothed cunt. You knew he could feel your dampness forming down there as his fingers brushed against the sensitive button, causing your knees to buckle slightly. He chuckled.

“Dirty, dirty little girl. I’ll give you a trick and treat.” He hissed. And then his hand left your clit, only to grab your trousers and rip them as he pulled them down, exposing your ass to him. You felt the sting before you heard the slap of his hand against the squishy flesh and you yelped. He giggled and you felt his lips press a kiss against the tingling area. His fingers delved back in between your thighs and he began to slowly tease his fingers along your now slick pussy, swirling around your clit firmly and then travelling backwards to your entrance. You were panting as he began to thrust the finger in, but he wasn’t satisfied and quickly added a second finger, then a third. The tightness of your cunt mixed with the moisture caused his thrusts to make a loud squelching sound, one that amused the creature greatly.

“You’re so wet! You’re so nasty, my little nasty girl.” He growled and thrust the three fingers faster. His other hand joined the mix, rubbing speedy circles round and round the little bud until you were moaning and gasping, your body shaking and your fingers digging into the firm armchair. And then his hands were gone just as you felt yourself reach orgasm. You cried out in discontent and heard him burst out laughing, the sensation of his clothing moving against your butt.

“You really thought I was gonna treat ya? It’s TRICK first!” He cackled and slapped your ass again. You felt tears prickle in your eyes and you attempted to turn around but his now wet left hand grabbed you by the back of the neck and pinned you in place.


“I’m in charge!” The clown growled at you and you felt your fear spike again, your arousal no longer the dominant sensation. He let out a hiss after a moment and then that was when you felt it. A long, hot rod of flesh now pressing along your ass crack. You froze and your breath held in your lungs. He chuckled gruffly.

“Time to play.” His voice wasn’t the same. It wasn’t human. But you couldn’t respond for the rod was not aligned with your entrance, and then the head breached you, the size and shape startling you with a gasp. You moaned as he continued forward, the length more bumpier and pleasure-inducing than you had anticipated. Each bump along the top of his cock stimulated the pleasure spot inside you and you flinched, your hips thrusting slightly. The tip now pressed against your cervix and your eyes widened. He hadn’t even bottomed out yet.

His chuckle was more of a gurgle as he slid back out, only to thrust back in once more and he continued, in and out, your body being shoved forward with every thrust as he became more aggressive. You were gasping and whining as your body tingled with pleasure but you shivered as you felt something cold and wet dripping onto your back. Then you remembered this thing drooled. The thought didn’t disgust you strangely, it only spurred on your pleasure.

The two of you were noisy, his sounds more animalistic than yours but still recognisable as pleasure. But the sound of fabric popping and ripping caught your attention and you turned your head slightly and squeaked. His free hand was no longer normal. Thick, black claws had torn through the thin, white gloves he wore and were ripping your armchair apart as he growled with every thrust. Even as it fueled your fear, your body felt overwhelmed by the sexiness of this taboo act. You were close, and you could sense he was close too for his actions were faster and faster, almost blinding. Now both of his hands were on your hips and slamming you into him, his monstrous cock impossibly reaching further into your body until you could feel his lower abdomen touching your back.

“Pennywise-” he growled.

“What?” You managed to choke. More drool splattered onto your body.

“My name is Pennywise! Say it! Say my name!” He now roared. And it was then you could feel the orgasm building, a coil at the ready to release and tear you apart.

“Pennywise-” you moaned. He wasn’t satisfied, his claws piercing your skin.

“Scream!” He commanded. “Scream you little bitch!”

You managed to weed your hand down to your clit and with a couple of rubs your whole world came crashing down with his name echoing through the halls as you screamed. Your channel clamped down tightly onto his cock as your orgasm tore through you and he was soon to follow, that cock pulsing inside of you followed by the hot sensation of his seed being released. There was so much, bubbling out of you onto the floor with a splash. It never seemed to end, his orgasm continuous until you felt sticky and dirty all over. But finally it was over, his body flopping down on top of you as it shivered in ecstasy. He was laughing quietly for he was out of breath, his lips near your ear.

“Happy Halloween.” He whispered. And then the world blanked out.


You were overly warm but comfortable when you awoke again, and you noted on the fact that you weren’t on your knees slumped forward. You had somehow ended up in bed, the covers pulled up to your neck and your pillows plumped. You shifted and winced in pain. Your body was aching, a reminder that something happened.

“Fuck…” You groaned as you lay there for a moment longer, just enough for your body to stop aching so much. But when you were less uncomfortable, you were out of bed, only to flush with embarrassment because you were still trouserless and sticky. You decided to take a shower and relax a while.


Now showered and feeling less dirty, you trudged down the stairs as your mind raced. You could only thing of him; Pennywise. What a strange and terrifying man, if he was one. When you reached the living room you gasped. There was no mess on the floor, no torn up armchair. It was as if he had never been there. But as you turned away from the living room to head towards the kitchen you were startled by the presence of a single, large, red balloon directly in your face. Attached to the string was a single piece of paper. With shaky hands, you took hold if it and turned it over. There were a few words in red ink on it:

Thanks for the treat, little one.


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Seafaring: Captain

Every ship needs someone in charge.

Race (roll 1d6):

  1. Human
  2. Elf
  3. Half-Orc
  4. Centaur
  5. Teifling
  6. Gnome

Nickname (roll 1d6):

  1. Anchorless
  2. Pelican
  3. Misty
  4. Moonrider
  5. Farseer
  6. Mapmaker

Background (roll 1d6):

  1. Navy
  2. Merchant
  3. Shipwright
  4. Galley Slave
  5. Pirate
  6. Inexperienced

Attitude (roll 1d6):

  1. A cruel taskmaster
  2. A cheerful drunk
  3. Stern but fair
  4. Lazy and uninvolved
  5. Conniving
  6. Preoccupied with plans and maps

Feature (roll 1d6):

  1. A clever animal familiar
  2. Tattoos everywhere
  3. A tremendously elaborate costume
  4. A hook hand
  5. A patch eye
  6. A peg leg

A continuation of a series

anonymous asked:

Can you do your top 10 Tomoyo outfits? (or top 5 if 10 is too much?? It's been a long time that I haven't watched the show and I don't remember if she had a lot of different outfits)

No trouble at all! Every single one of Tomoyo’s #looks is a personal goal of mine. Unfortunately they often get overshadowed by the super elaborate costumes she makes for Sakura, but I’m here to singlehandedly fix that, right now!

10. Ghost of a young Victorian girl who was born much too frail to play with the other children (07)

9. GET WRECKED or GET DECKED out in pretty flowers and braids (62)

8. “If your hair ribbons don’t match your handbag, don’t even talk to me” (22)

7. Even in the comfort of her own home she has to match her headband to her buttons and that kind of commitment can only be admired (06)

6. A young, plucky orphan from a Charles Dickens novel (34)

5. Bad hair day, but not, like, TOO bad (66)

4. “Baking? Wait let me get my crinoline and hoop skirt ready” (ending 3)

3.Super stealthy spy outfit for inconspicuously videotaping your best friend’s date, complete with matching sunglasses for your tiny sun guardian pal (35)

2. There’s only one person who could wear evening gloves to a high school play and make it work. (14)

1. Seriously. She’s literally supposed to be an EGG in this one and she still looks gorgeous (55)

stenbrough halloween headcanons

❥ stan absolutely despises pumpkin carving but he does it with bill anyways because he loves him and wants to see him happy
❥ they do pumpkin carving with georgie !! and stan of course helps out georgie because he loves him so so much and he’s like a brother to him
❥ bill carved the pumpkin into a scary face while stan and georgie made little ghosts on the pumpkin
❥ bill absolutely loves going to the fall fair that derry holds every autumn, so they go and are very careful about public affection because sadly derry is really homophobic still, but they are able to sneak kisses at the top of the ferris wheel and on the way home with hot chocolate and cider in their hands
❥ they meet up with richie and eddie at a local “haunted house” and go through it, which scares the shit out of all of them except stan, who laughed in the face of the killer clown
❥ they plan out these really elaborate couple costumes or sometimes they do really simple costumes
❥ georgie wants to be a scarecrow, so stan and bill (with beverly’s excellent sewing skills) help make georgie a scarecrow costume
❥ they absolutely love trick or treating with their friends! georgie of course tags along, so they have to keep richie’s mouth in check but they all end up having the best night ever
❥ they spill their candy out onto the floor of bill’s bedroom and split it all evenly
❥ stan and bill fall asleep after eating way too much candy and drinking way too much hot chocolate, cuddling each other, limbs tangled together

then somebody bends

This is what happens when I listen to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack at 3 a.m. while thinking about Sterek (also on ao3!)

When Stiles invited himself over to Derek’s loft for quote ‘Netflix and chill’, Derek had a very clear idea of how the evening was going to play out. But even in his wildest dreams, Derek never would have expected this.

He had expected Stiles to arrive in his usual whirlwind of flannel and sarcasm and blinding grins, greeting him with a smirk and a wink if he was feeling particularly bold. Expected a deep, dirty hello kiss and an appreciative once over as Stiles plopped down on the couch.

Admittedly, Stiles had arrived in his usual fashion, letting himself in without bothering to knock like he owned the place. But there was no flannel or ironic graphic shirt in sight, Stiles instead wearing his red hoodie over a plain gray t-shirt.

He had still greeted Derek with a wide smile but there was no hint of suggestion in it, nothing indicating that he was thinking about doing anything other than simply watching a movie. Even the kiss Stiles gave him as he took a seat on the couch was just a quick peck on the cheek.

But there was no trace of anything disconcerting in Stiles’ scent, nothing that would set off any alarm bells. Only excitement and contentedness radiated from Stiles as he efficiently set up his Xbox and pulled up Netflix.

Derek expected Stiles to pick a movie from his preferred genre, an action packed thriller featuring a gratuitous amount of violence and explosions and unnecessary female nudity. Or, if not that, some sort of sci-fi flick with terrible CGI and too bright fake blood and just as much unnecessary nudity.

But with a few taps of the buttons on his Xbox controller and a brief use of the joystick, Stiles navigated to the Disney movie section. With another flick of the joystick and a few more clicks, Stiles queued up the new Beauty and the Beast movie.

He had glanced up at Derek out of the corner of his eye, chewing his bottom lip almost nervously. Setting down the controller on the coffee table, Stiles leaned back on the couch and softly murmured, “You don’t mind, do you?”

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Dungeons and Dragons/RPG Inspired Inktober Prompts

So with October and Inktober coming up, I figured that I’d write out a prompt list (with the help of some friends) that are based on DnD, though the prompts work with other RPG systems too!

  1. Draw your DnD/RPG character
  2. Draw your character with their weapon or spell of choice
  3. Draw your one of your character’s party members
  4. Draw your character swapping clothing with one of their party members
  5. Draw your character as another race
  6. Draw your character as another class
  7. Draw your character in an alternate outfit
  8. Draw a favorite NPC
  9. Draw your character interacting with an NPC they like
  10. Draw your character interacting with an NPC they don’t like
  11. Draw your character enjoying their favorite activity
  12. Draw your character in a modern AU/“real world”
  13. Draw your character making use of their best stat
  14. Draw your character trying to use their worst stat
  15. Draw one of your character’s family members
  16. Draw your character at a fight – rooting people on? breaking it up? throwing hands? 
  17. Draw your character finding some loot that suits them
  18. Draw your character getting into trouble with the local authorities
  19. Draw your character (or party) at an elaborate masquerade/costume party/banquet 
  20. Draw your character with one (1) hit point to their name
  21. Draw your character’s inventory
  22. Draw your character befriending a new NPC
  23. Draw your character dressed as the main villian/a monster they fought
  24. Draw your character giving a rousing pep talk to the party
  25. Draw your character breaking something (on purpose or accidentally)
  26. Draw your character gaining a level
  27. Draw your character getting hammered
  28. Draw your character in a sick action pose
  29. Draw your character’s home town
  30. Draw your character as you imagine them at Level 20/Max Level
  31. Draw your character in a Halloween costume.

Now this is no Inktober blog so I won’t ask you to tag any posts a certain way if you do them, but I’ll be doing these with my own characters and will likely be posting them on the blog.

Feel free to tag me on this blog or my main ( @mountainashfae ) if you do any of them!

Imagine Halloween is Derek’s absolute favorite holiday ever. Because it was always a fun time with his family, they’d have parties, bob for apples, trick or treat, pretty much every Halloween activity. Their family was so big, they’d have costume contests, and no one was allowed to “dress up” as a werewolf. It’s why, even after the fire, he always has candy to give trick or treaters.

After Stiles and Derek have been dating a while, he mentions this to Stiles, and Stiles vows to have the biggest and best Halloween party ever to make Derek happy. There’s even a costume contest, and Stiles shows up wearing a tuxedo and a boutonnière.

“What are you supposed to be?” Derek asks, confused.

“Hopefully,” Stiles says, pulling a box from his pocket and going down on one knee, “your future husband?”

And Derek says yes, of course, his smile is so wide his cheeks hurt and there may or may not have been a tear or two, and Stiles wins the costume contest even though Scott has a really elaborate Batman costume and does the voice the entire night.

From then on, big Halloween parties become a tradition for Derek again, and when the pack couples, including Stiles and Derek, start expanding their families, and there are lots of little kids running around again, Derek thinks he’s never been happier.

(Submitted by  raimykeller)

(Oh my gosh, that’s brilliant! Stiles is so smooth! This is perfect, thank you!)

Inktober 2017 - Day 1 - Swift

Darth Maul

I was going for something completely different, but it looked like he was dancing, so I couldn’t help myself and went with it, and now I specifically need ‘The Phantom Menace, a Ballet‘ to exist.

I want to see the great big Obi-Wan vs Darth Maul dance-off, Tatooine podracing presented as people in elaborate costumes just hysterically stag-leaping, and a whole Gungan army rhythmically kicking their legs up real high to kick at pirouetting B1 battle droids. Please.



Showa Era idol introduction post Part 2/?

as promised, here are 5 more 80′s idols you should check out!! (click here for part 1 if you missed it!) I could stop at 10, but the Showa Era was technically from 1926 until 1989, so… maybe I’ll add more to this list later ;)

6. Hayami Yu

Yu, the tan American girl from Hawaii! it was fairly rare for celebrities to speak English back then, giving her extra cool points. she’s best known for the above song “Natsuiro no Nancy”, which was used in a Coca-Cola commercial (and more recently, I think a cell phone commercial?)

7. Honda Minako

another lovely lady gone before her time, the seductive and vivacious Minako! she caught many people’s attention with her racy performances in the late 80′s. eventually Minako fine-tuned her vocals and blew everyone away by holding a note for 30 seconds in her song “Tsubasa”!

8. Kawai Naoko

cute face, great voice, brilliant smile, and a bubbly personality– Naoko was truly the definition of a classic “idol”! she lives in Australia now for some reason!?

9. Wink

famous for their elaborate costumes, lack of facial expressions (which apparently wasn’t intentional haha), and almost apathetic choreography, Wink made a splash in the idol scene at the tail end of the 80′s for being exactly the opposite of other popular idols at the time. they’re mostly known for their covers of Western songs but had a couple of original hits of their own, like the often-covered “Sabishii Nettaigyo”!

10. Matsumoto Iyo

okay I’m not gonna lie, I don’t really know a whole bunch about Iyo. but she was one of many popular idols who debuted in the magical year of 1982!


The Dark Knight - ¼th scale The Joker Collectible Figure

The figure stands approximately 47cm tall, it features a stunningly detailed head sculpt of The Joker in full make-up, extremely elaborated costumes expertly tailored for the ¼th scale body to maximize screen authenticity, and a combination of weapons and accessories.

Furthermore, a Special Edition only available in selected markets will include an additional interchangeable gradient dual-faced head sculpt based on the appearances of the actor Heath Ledger and his “transformation” into the Joker as a special item to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of JC. & Yulli at Hot Toys, as well as the legacy of Heath Ledger as this beloved supervillain!

This is an extraordinary and magnificent collectible figure of The Joker that will be destined to be a holy grail in many Hot Toys fans’ collection!