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Eric Richard Bittle’s tumblr is evenly split between aesthetic posts and recipes, with the occasional inspirational quote thrown in for variety’s sake. As far as he is concerned, fuzzy baby animals, fashion posts, and pictures of cute boys fall into the aesthetic category. He also posts regular reminders about binding safely. His favorite type of post is one that falls under both of his main categories, such as a picture of ingredients arranged in a pleasing manner or an elaborately decorated cake or pie. He rarely makes personal text posts, preferring to write about his daily thoughts and activities in the tags of tangentially related quotes and images. 

If you want something grand and opulent, but don’t like the idea of having an over-the-top tiered cake that could diminish everything else, opt for the same vibe with cakelets instead. These ones offer you the sophistication of gold-painted cakes and ornate designs without looking too precious to eat.


‘Teen Wolf’ cast celebrates filming 100th and final episode

Turning 100 has never looked so good.

On Thursday, the cast of Teen Wolf gathered on-set to celebrate filming their milestone 100th episode … which will also be the show’s last. With the MTV drama officially wrapping for good on Friday, the large ensemble enjoyed an elaborate and delicious looking cake.

Present for the occasion was Tyler Posey, Dylan Sprayberry, Shelley Hennig, Tyler Posey, Holland Roden, Khylin Rhambo, Melissa Ponzio, Ryan Kelley, Susan Walters, Linden Ashby, Gideon Emery, Ian Bohen, Sibongile Mlambo, Froy Gutierrez, and Andrew Matarrazo. Notably absent from the festivities was Dylan O’Brien, who is not confirmed to return for the show’s final run.

This summer, Teen Wolf will be back for the second half of season 6 and its final 10 episodes.


From the windows of restaurants, grocers and department stores, they beckon: Perfectly swirled ice cream in a cone, elaborately whipped cakes topped with red strawberries, a glistening piece of raw fish atop of rice.

They’re meant to whet your appetite, but don’t bite them: These are plastic display foods, and they’re ubiquitous in Japan – designed to advertise the foods available for purchase inside. They’re also big business: A fake mug of beer, for instance, can sell for U.S. $150, says photographer Norbert Schoerner.

Schoerner first encountered Japan’s intricate display foods during his first trip to Japan in the 1990s. “I not only found it quite odd and surreal, but it also sort of triggered a fascination with the idea of the process and the whole culture that sits behind that,” he says.

You might think of these display foods as “artisanal plastic” – that pineapple or pasta dish in polyvinyl chloride was likely hand-crafted by a highly trained artist. “There’s quite an intricate craftsmanship that goes into that,” Schoerner says.

Artisanal Plastic: Japan’s Fake Food Is A Real Art

Photos: Norbert Schoerner and Steve Nakamura

Hi there! Just wanted to share this pic my baby son posted to his MySpace profile. In this image he is seen posing next to the elaborate cakes I baked for his 18th birthday 🌷👩‍👦💖😍👶🏻 so proud to have given natural birth to the best goalkeeper that has ever lived! Anyway this was just a quick update hah, thanks to all my fellow moms who read my blog routinely, stay tuned for the cake recipes!! I’ll be sharing them next week xoxo 💅🏻👼🏼

When I celebrated my birthday a little early this year, a friend surprised me when she made this elaborate cake based on the cover art of a story I wrote about The Walking Dead Game. I can personally attest that it tastes as good as it looks. The only things not edible are the banner and the cutouts of Clementine and Sarah. The rocks are actually chocolate, and the trees were made by gluing pretzels together with peanut butter then covering them in chocolate. =)

I have so many headcanons about Jack and Bitty’s wedding, you guys. Or, more specifically, about the food at Jack and Bitty’s wedding. [the dinner would be full of dishes rich in protein, just saying.]

okay so obviously bitty would be all over that shit, and he would bake this really elaborate beautiful cake, right, with like 5 tiers and marzipan flowers and intricate icing and it would just be *perfect*, but i want you to consider the others baking them the cake for the reception .

  • none of them know shit about baking, so they actually prep for it by (a) watching copious amounts of youtube videos (b) trying to bake a trial cake [and burning it] and by © asking bitty to teach them bc goddamn this fucking sorcery already
  • they decide to bake a rainbow cake bc, well, duh.
  • dex and shitty are in charge of the ingredients, because dex was the only one who took maths in high school and shitty went to harvard, presumably he should be able to figure this shit out.
  • nursey had a job, at some point, but after the fifth time he dropped the eggs, the fifth time seriously derek nurse what are you doing, he was firmly commanded to sit this one out or so help him Dex will personally break an egg over his head. 
  • chowder’s the most helpful/ open to doing odd jobs/ ready to sweep up the eggs after each disaster. he is also the one most likely to allow bitty into the kitchen, which is why the others deliberately keep him running errands the entire time. hey, if he can’t stop running around, he can’t stop and give bitty updates either.
  • lardo is the only one who can get the guys to actually work, instead of pelting each other with chocolate and whipped cream every time she turns around.
  • ransom and holster mainly crack egg puns. and plan out pranks they can play on bitty and jack’s honeymoon [they don’t actually know where the two are going, jack was too smart to tell them, but hey that’s just a minor setback]
  • tango is firmly commanded to sit this one out with nursey after one of his questions leads to a one hour debate on which came first, the chicken or the egg.
  • by the end, the kitchen’s covered in flour, nursey has eggshells stuck to his hair, shitty’s best pair of pants is ruined, lardo’s voice is hoarse, dex is ready to push nursey off a cliff, ransom and holster are all out of jokes, and whiskey has to bail all of them out. 
  • finally, fucking finally: 
  • the cake’s missing its top layer and is a little too sweet [”I said one cup, I swear to God I said-” “stop lying ransom, we all know you said four”] and isnt exactly the magnum opus they’d expected, but bitty kind of has tears of pride in his eyes when he sees it, and it may just have been worth it anyway.

Imagine your OTP running a cute little pastry shop. Person A is a master of the craft, making adorable animal-themed cupcakes, perfectly baked cookies, and elaborate, gorgeous custom cakes. Person B is also very skilled, but they’re quite absent-minded and often burn whatever it is they’re cooking in the oven. Person A is teaching Person B a lot about cooking and baking, but Person B still burns their cookies every once in a while. Person A finds this simultaneously adorable and annoying.

Happy birthday, Sharo!

It’s July 15, which means it’s time to celebrate Sharo-chan’s birthday!

The official Gochiusa Twitter account posted a pretty elaborate cake for the occasion. In case you can’t afford cake, other foods Sharo likes are melonpan, crêpe, herbal tea and naganegi(?)

Also don’t forget that Sharo is the most central Gochiusa character, as proven by this season 2 key visual: