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First kisses with the boys?

Your first kiss with Noctis is kind of an accident. You met him while he and his friends were traveling outside of the Crown City. You were friends with Cindy and often frequented the garage with your feline companion, a little black cat who liked to sit on your shoulders. Cindy introduced you to the Prince and his friends, and you got to know them every time they came by for a tune up on the car, which became increasingly frequent.

Then one day, your cat went missing, and you were completely bereft. You were talking to Cindy about it by the garage and Noctis overheard, offering to look for your cat before anything happened to him. You offered him gil, but he refused, telling you that he just wanted to help.

It was nightfall when he returned to the garage, a little black ball of fur cuddled up in his arms. He smiled at you as he passed him to your open arms, relieved tears rolling down your face. You were so happy that, without thinking, you leaned forward and pressed a kiss to Noctis’ lips in front of all of his friends.

You regained your senses and pulled away, your eyes wide with embarrassment and his with shock. After a second, he recovered and whispered, “Fuck it,” and kissed you again as the guys cat called the two of you in the background.

You’d known Prompto for years. He was, in fact, one of your closest friends, your first crush, and your next door neighbour. You always excelled in school, whereas Prompto had trouble focusing. Your teachers knew that you lived beside each other, so they asked you to help tutor him to help his grades up. You agreed.

Tutoring Prompto was only a chore because he was so much fun to be around that he was such a distraction. He always wanted to go to the arcade, go for a walk, talk about nothing, play video games and the like.

One day you were feeling bold and decided up the stakes. You told him that if he got all of his math homework done, and it was correct, you’d give him a prize. The excited glint in his eyes made you laugh as he hurried to get his work done. Once he was finished and you checked everything, you told him to close his eyes. He did, and you kissed him.

The second your lips were on his, instead of being shocked, he placed his hand on the back of your neck and held you there, deepening it as you squeaked in surprise. When you finally pulled away, you were both breathless and blushing. He gave you a cheeky grin and asked what he’d get if he finished his history homework, too.

You knew about Gladio’s reputation. You were part of his close friend group and had thought you could just live your life quietly pining over him without ever having to actually confront your feelings. But then one day he asked you out—and you were terrified.

You asked him why. He told you that he liked you, but that small voice in the back of your head kept you skeptical. You asked him about all his past flings, and he told you that they were just that. Meaningless flings, and that he actually liked you and wanted to be with you. You took his words with a grain of salt and agreed to go to dinner with him.

He was on his best behaviour. He actually avoided touching you, because he knew that moving too fast would just end up confirming what you thought about him. It was about six dates in when you finally asked him if he was going to kiss you, or if he even wanted to. His gaze darted from your eyes to your lips, and you had your answer.

You got on your tip toes and kissed him and he responded immediately, but he let you control it at your own pace. You finally pulled away from him and Gladio looked completely dazed. His lips are on you again and you let his tongue explore your mouth. And in his arms, you wonder why you didn’t let him kiss you sooner.

You were at Ignis’ apartment, baking a cake for Prompto’s birthday. Ignis had taught you how to cook and bake, and you figured that he had an elaborate plan for the cake, and you wanted to help decorate it.

You got to his place as he’d pulled the chilled cake from the fridge. You helped him mix up the icing and put it in piping tubes. Soon, there was a beautifully decorated cake on the counter, ready to be brought over to Prompto’s apartment for the party that evening.

Ignis surprised you by pulling a much smaller cake from the fridge, one that he’d made especially for the two of you to share. It was already decorated, and he cut you a slice. You took a forkful and ate it, savouring how delicious and rich it was.

Ignis motioned to your face that you had icing at the corner of your mouth. Before you could wipe it away, he was inches from your face. He leaned in and pressed his lips to the spot, his tongue coming out to lap at the sweetness before barely pulling away. You leaned into him and your lips met in the middle. The taste of sugar was still on his tongue, and you couldn’t help but go in for seconds.

Okay, so I’ve had this stuck in my head lately and I figured I’d get it out here. Consider it my head canon on why Neil doesn’t like sweets. And OMFG, I did something that wasn’t ten pages! I did something short!!! Yay!

Uhm, so yeah, this deals with Neil’s/Nathaniel’s childhood, let’s just say the usual TFC warnings apply (Nathan, shall I say more?).


Nathaniel was never really allowed chocolates when he was little; his mother would sneer about ‘too-sweet American crap’ and his father… well, his father didn’t believe in ‘spoiling’ him, didn’t believe in any type of treats. The most Nathaniel’s mother would do was give him some hard candy from time to time, little tart balls in bright cellophane which he could suck on to keep quiet.

Quiet was good, and the tart flavors cleared his throat of the thick taste of copper and salt and mucus, of sniffing back his tears or licking away the blood that trickled down from his nose.

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If you want something grand and opulent, but don’t like the idea of having an over-the-top tiered cake that could diminish everything else, opt for the same vibe with cakelets instead. These ones offer you the sophistication of gold-painted cakes and ornate designs without looking too precious to eat.


since they’re sweet, thoughtful boyfriends, namjoon and yoongi ask jimin what kind of cake he wants for his birthday weeks in advance, already doing extensive research on local bakeries that boast magnificent, elaborate cakes on their websites.

“i don’t want a cake from a store,” jimin scoffs, rejecting all of the suggestions they make, “i want a cake made by my favorite hyungs.”

and of course, because they’re loving, whipped boyfriends with no real baking experience, namjoon and yoongi spend days searching for the best cake recipes, picking the most favorable among the hundred or so options they come across. 

jimin happily documents the entire process, posting videos and photos on their shared social media accounts. because for him, there’s no better gift than watching his soft hyungs carefully paint flowers on a three-layer cake, covered in flour and yellow and pink icing as they cutely bicker over what color to use to write “happy birthday,” on top.

If You’re Not Averse...

Part 2! :) 

Greg walked up to the ornate house, swallowing harshly. His fingers clasped the strings of the red gift bag at his side, nervously raising and lowering it in a stressful fashion. He had no idea what to buy Mycroft Holmes for a Valentine’s Day present; he hoped the other man liked what he’d gotten him. He readjusted his charcoal suit, fluffing his hair and fixing his tie. Before he knocked on the door, Mycroft was already hauling it open and hauling Greg inside, drawing him into a sweet kiss.

When it ended, Greg smiled at him. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Myc.” He said with a charming smile, proffering the bag to his boyfriend. “It’s not much, but you’re a difficult man to shop for.”

Mycroft chuckled softly and took the bag from the other man, not yet opening it. “Yours is in the kitchen. Come on.” He said, turning on his heel and leading the other man deeper into the house.

When Greg entered the kitchen, he noticed how spotless it was. Mycroft had cleaned the house for this very occasion. Everything was put away as it should have been, except for a small lidded cake plate in the middle of the table. Greg furrowed his brow and glanced at Mycroft.

“Go ahead. That’s your gift, Gregory.” Mycroft said, stepping to the side to let the other man open it. He glanced at the bag in his hand, but he wanted to see Lestrade’s reaction to the cake first. Greg removed the lid from the platter and his eyes widened.

“Whoa…” He gasped, licking his lips as he saw it. “D-did you make this, from scratch?” He glanced up at Mycroft, who had suddenly started blushing. He nodded.

“Do you like it?” Mycroft asked. “Everything I thought about buying you seemed wrong, and since you’re such a great cook I thought, maybe I could tr—

Mycroft never finished his sentence, as it was cut off by Greg’s lips against his. Greg steered him back against the countertop, holding him there and kissing him roughly, but sweetly. The impact was enough to knock the gift bag from Mycroft’s hand.

The passion flowed from the both of them, and Greg grinned into the kiss, drawing away with a chuckle. Mycroft raised his brows. “Should I take that as a yes?” He said, scratching his face a little as Greg turned back to the cake.

“You didn’t have to go through so much trouble. I know you don’t cook that often, let alone bake such an elaborate cake.” Greg’s gaze was positively overflowing with affection at this point.

Mycroft shrugged and waved a hand. “It wasn’t a problem, honestly.” Luckily, years of being a Holmes and acting as the British Government made him an expert liar. Greg whistled, impressed.

“I love it. Thank you. I can’t wait to taste it… if it’s anywhere near as good as the chef, it should be positively exquisite. It’s your turn to open your gift now, Myc.”

Myc glanced at the bag he had been holding, bending over to pick it up. He reached into the bag and withdrew a DVD case. He glanced down at it and saw the title, Roman Holiday. It was a romantic film from the 1950s starring Audrey Hepburn, and it was one of his favorite films of all time. But that wasn’t all; it was a collector’s, platinum edition complete with bonus featurettes and scenes. Mycroft beamed as he looked on it.

“Gregory… this is wonderful!” Mycroft exclaimed, gently enveloping the other man in a hug. “Is this the plan for our first Valentine’s Day, cake and a film?”

“I don’t see why we have to go out and do anything over-the-top. Nights in with you are the best. But instead of watching the movie on your couch, let’s lie in bed and watch it together.” Greg winked at him, and before he could reply further, Mycroft was already dragging him upstairs to his bedroom. Mycroft didn’t have a TV in here, but he had his laptop, and cuddling with his boyfriend in his bed topped the entertainment experience of his home theater system anyway.

Before he opened the DVD case, he withdrew an envelope from his pocket with Greg’s name on it.

“What’s this?” He asked, about to open it. Mycroft tugged it away from him, biting back a smirk. “Not yet. Wait until after the movie.” Greg raised an eyebrow, but nodded as the other man played the film.

As their movie watching experiences went, they heard more of the movie than they saw. And after it was over, even though it was only early evening, they lay in bed together, their noses brushing against each other and their lips pressed together more times than they weren’t. The kisses trailed across each other’s face from their nose, to their cheeks, their jaws, and back to their lips. It was a wonderful night full of joy and affection. Then Mycroft stopped kissing Greg long enough to give him the envelope.

Greg tore into it and scanned the page.

My dear Gregory,

Normally, I am not one for soppy messages and letters of affection, but as I have said many times before, you are the exception to every rule. So here you are, my very first Valentine’s Day message, for my very first Valentine.

When you first asked me to dinner, I was very perplexed by the entire notion. Why would anyone want to have dinner with me, especially someone as delightfully charming and handsome as the best Detective Inspector at Scotland Yard?

But then the relationship kept evolving and improving, until I finally worked up the nerve to ask you to be my boyfriend. And what a night that was!

You have made me an extremely happy man, Gregory, and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us as a couple. Although I may not understand affairs of the heart, I understand one thing: I absolutely adore your company and you, and I do believe I have one more gift for you besides that red velvet delight in the kitchen.

If you are not averse to it, I am ready for the world to know about us, the consequences be damned. History cannot define us, and our relationship isn’t predicated upon social norms. Apologies for the rambling, but with your consent, I believe we should let our friends and family know. Whether that is in-person or via social media outlets, I have no preference. But I am tired of keeping you, my most brilliant boyfriend, a secret from everyone.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear Gregory. You have stolen my heart with your charm and charisma, and there is nothing that compares to the feeling of warmth and joy that you fill me with every single time you cross my mind.

Most sincerely yours,

Mycroft H.

Greg finished the letter and looked up at him. “Of course I’m okay with it, Mycroft. Let’s do it right now.” He grinned and rolled over, grabbing his phone from the table on his side of the bed. Mycroft did the same, altering his relationship status from the single it had been all the years he had had the account to “in a relationship.” It might have just been a silly social tradition, but seeing those words on his profile sent a wave of adoration for the Detective Inspector pouring over Mycroft Holmes, who leaned sideways and kissed Gregory Lestrade just as both of their phones started blowing up with notifications from family, friends, and colleagues.

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hi!! could you do hcs for what the boys would do for reader's birthday?

Yesssss! This probably sucks, and I’m posting on mobile so who even knows what kind of typos you’ll find, but anyway. Hope you enjoy!!

- you tell him before your birthday that you don’t wanna do anything huge, which he agrees with…but that doesn’t stop him from coming over with fresh muffins he and his mom baked earlier that morning
- like seriously they were up super early baking
- you wake up to Evan grinning next to your bed with chocolate banana muffins that are still warm
- they’re more like cupcakes because they’re so rich but you guys call them muffins so you can eat them for breakfast/since they don’t have icing
- you guys sit on your bed eating muffins and snuggling (you’re still toasty warm from sleeping and Evan is loving it)
- even though you don’t want to do anything huge, you two make plans while cuddling and eating
- you’re going to go to the orchard cause it’s yours and Ev’s favorite spot to just hang out
- also the weather has been awesome and the apple trees are in bloom and it’s freaking magical
- ev assumed you’d want to go there, so guess what? He packed lunch!
- it’s packed in an adorable lunch basket and when you fangirl about it, Evan gets all blushy and says his mom packed it
- sooo yeah you guys hang at the orchard for a while and evan takes pictures of you sitting in the flowery trees and you eat lunch
- and of course afterward you go to A La Mode
- Evan wants to pick your ice cream, and you let him
- so he orders you this funfetti Sunday thing with a crapton of sprinkles and hot fudge
- it’s dorky but adorable
- the car ride home is kinda long and Evan plays all your fave showtunes, and both of you sing along and IT’S ADORABLE OKAY
- at home you guys chill for a while
- you and Evan decide to bake some more cause why not!!
- you guys try out this sort of elaborate tiered cake with chocolate ganache and it’s sort of lopsided in the end but it looks like it’s gonna taste so good
- after a chill dinner with Evan and your family, you guys invite the gang over
- it’s super relaxed (you convince everyone to come in their pajamas and nearly die laughing when Connor comes over dressed in SpongeBob pajama pants that he swears Jared made him wear on a dare)
- you all eat your amazing cake and watch you’ve got mail together
- everybody gets sleepy and all the cuddles happen
- soft little kisses with Evan
- the precious bby is falling asleep but he just keeps giving you tiny kisses on your nose and telling you he loves you until both of you fall asleep
- Alana gets pictures

- what a nerd
- he’s so bad at going to sleep on time so the dork doesn’t see you until after lunch cause he overslept
- you guys meet up at his house
- apparently he decorated???
- there are streamers haphazardly strung up everywhere and a ton of balloons bouncing around the floor
- he just like shoves this big present at you
- it’s wrapped in star wars wrapping paper, what an adorable nerd
- it’s a bunch of shirts like the ones he wears
- like he got you one that matches his r2d2 shirt and another one that matches his shirt with the flying pigs
- then there’s ones with puns involving star wars, voltron, pacman and basically any old video game, and marvel stuff
- again, they are so dorky but you love them
- Jared sees how happy you are, cause you’re also a huge dork, and he gives you the biggest kiss ever
- you guys go see a movie afterward
- and you spend most of it kissing and making fun of the characters, which is your favorite thing ever because Jared makes the most hilarious comments
- it’s dinner time when the movie ends and you meet up with everyone at like steak n shake or something
- Jared keeps announcing that it’s your birthday to the waiter and somehow you end up with a free mint chocolate chip milkshake
- Alana and Zoe take lots of pics
- the boys keep complaining about not wanting to be in pictures
- Jared flips the bird every time someone tries to take a picture
- but eventually he gives up and just starts kissing you
- Connor and Evan are growing and blushing and the girls are laughing and taking pictures
- it’s great
- and did I mention the kiss itself is greeeeeat
- you like can’t breathe for a second afterward cause holy crap Jared Kleinman gives good kisses
- you guys hang out at the restaurant for a while until you start to get tired
- you and Jared go back to his house and cuddle on his beanbag chair
- he offers to watch something with you, but you’re happy to just snuggle up to him while he plays video games

- Connor is kind of uncomfortable with birthdays
- like they just feel unnecessary and weird and ugh
- but he still comes over and just like shoves this incredibly sparkly birthday card at you
- also he gives the best gifts - a couple sets of leather bracelets cause he started wearing some a while ago and you think they’re really awesome, and also an old hoodie
- “idk why the hell you wanted this, it’s super old and has a big hole in the left elbow”
- “it smells like you, babe!!”
- Connor looks slightly disturbed and very blushy when you bury your face in the hoodie
- you put it on, even though the weather is too warm
- it swallows you cause Connor is Tall™ and you’re kinda short and you freakin love it
- otherwise you and Connor don’t talk about it being your birthday too much
- you go hang out at Barnes and Noble cause both of you have been trying to find new books
- you keep grabbing all these stupid romance novels and teasing Connor that he looks like the hunky dudes on the covers
- and Connor’s like um yeah no cause he’s an actual string bean
- you tell him he’s cuter than the guys on the covers (it’s true)
- he’s blushy and scowling and ugh you just kiss the boy cause he’s so freakin adorable
- you guys get coffee at the cafe
- and he buys you a cupcake and is like “god this is so dorky, this better be a good cupcake”
- you just kiss him again cause he’s a sweetheart
- later you all go back to his house and hang with Zoe
- you all play a bunch of board games and it’s actually really fun
- Connor apparently gets very competitive??
- you think you’re good at Clue but no, Connor is way better
- he has this whole strategy and you’re just like how????
- he wins every time and Zoe is slightly pissed and drags you off to FaceTime Alana
- Alana is sooo enthusiastic it’s the sweetest
- eventually Connor comes in and drags you and Zoe back out to play games again
- you play Monopoly and Zoe wins
- everyone is slightly irritated cause Monopoly is evil
- Connor just looks so annoyed but then he starts like giggling
- and you’re like WHAT????
- the games end very abruptly cause it’s time to kiss
- Zoe throws some of the fake money at you guys and then just leaves cause you’re gonna keep kissing
- Mrs. Murphy makes you the best dinner with an amazing homemade ice cream cake (which was apparently Connor’s idea!!!) and it’s the best
- you and Zoe and Connor all lay on the couch together and watch some dumb horror movie
- Connor takes every opportunity to cuddle you whenever there’s a scary part
- it’s kind of the best thing
- especially cause you’re wearing his hoodie and he’s hugging you and everything smells like Connor
- “this is the best birthday, Con”
- “shut up, y/l/n,” he whispers and then immediately gives you a soft kiss
- and then kisses you more
- Zoe starts yelling at you guys again but do you care? Nope!

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Hi! I was wondering what you thought Darkipliers Wedding Cake would look like. Or perhaps an elaborate Birthday cake?

I honestly can’t imagine Dark getting married? He doesn’t seem nearly sensitive enough for a genuine relationship, and any relationship he’s part of is made of manipulation, he wouldn’t let it get as far as marriage o;!

As for his birthday cake, birthday cakes are something that someone else typically gets for you, as a gift right?
I imagine if someone were to buy him a birthday cake it would end up going something like this

Happy Birthday to Me [Yandere!Prompto x Reader]

This is based on Yandere Prompto AU on FFXV Discord that @drpepper280 and I wrote a while ago. AND IT HAPPENS TO BE PROMPTO’S BIRTHDAY SO WHAT BETTER WAY TO CELEBRATE THAN WRITE OUR SUNSHINE BOY TURNS YANDERE RIGHT????

TRIGGER WARNING: Dubious/Non consent, Yandere!Prompto , mention of chains, mention of almost broken legs, bruises, abuse, biting, choking, mention of killing threat

“Hey, do you know what day it is?” 

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Your blog is seriously one of my favorites. Not "favorite among food blogs". Favorites period. I love that you post recipes for things I could actually make (and have), but also these really elaborately designed cakes and desserts. I don't have the patience or manual dexterity to make a checkerboard cake, but I appreciate the aesthetic. So thanks for posting perfection.

Wow that is honesty one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me on here. I put a lot of work and time into this blog and it really means a lot that I am one of you favorites. It always humbles me to hear things like this. I wish you were not on anon so I could follow and spam your blog with likes and love. Thank you for your kind words dear friend <3


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How about the beta kids and tic tacs?

john: doesn’t mind them, will eat them if there’s nothing else in the candy jar, but they’re a little sugary for his tastes

dave: pretends to hate them but doesn’t actually. will join in with jane if she’s going on one of her rants and calls them “bullshit coke nuggets” but it’s just because they’re so easy to rip on

rose: prepares them like a fine dish to spite jane: cooks them into cakes, makes elaborate meals out of them, has never actually tasted a tic tac in her life 

jade: has zero opinion on tic tacs and is bemused and scared by her friends’ affinities or notable lack thereof

Confetti - a Barduil Birthday ficlet

This is a Thranduil x Bard (modern AU) birthday ficlet for you, Morrigan @moonofmorrigan

I hope you like it and: 

Happy Birthday to you from Thranduil, Bard and me! 

I scribbled this down last night, so I’m sorry for all my possible mistakes. I did not have much time for corrections, but I wanted to write something for you. It is my first Barduil fic ever, but I have to say that those guys were a lot of fun last night ;).

Summary: Thranduil and Bard are throwing a party for their friend and get into an argument over confetti, and it seems that their bickering might rather sooner than later go down the naughty lane. But then there is a knock at the door…

Length: 1.028 words

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Tolkien’s Middle-earth. I do not make any money with this, this is purely for entertainment.


„Did you bring the confetti?“ Thranduil inquired the minute he saw the distinct shock of dark brown hair emerge from in between the doorframe.

„What? No, I didn’t bring any confetti.“ Bard was taken aback and his face went blank just for an instant as Thranduil’s eyes narrowed in a way that had annoyance clearly written all over them. „I thought you were in charge of that!“

„No, I wasn’t, I am quite sure of that.“ Sweet as honey were the words that left Thranduil’s mouth:  „You knew that this task was appointed to you, Bard Bowman, and to you alone.“

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1 - Foto - Sonja Knips at Salon Flöge [~1905]. Sonja Knips, née Freifrau Baroness Sphia Amalia Potier des Echelles, was the wife of industrial magnate Anton Knips.

2 - 1897-98 Gustav Klimt - Sonja Knips [1897-98].

“Gustav Klimt, Sonja Knips, née Sophie Amalia Maria Freifrau (Baroness) Potier des Echelles [1897-98] Vienna, Belvedere.

In the painting, Sonja Knips wears an elaborate pink cake of a dress with a high ruffled neck; her left arm grips the chair as she sits forward, alert and possibly a bit wary.

When she sat for Klimt in 1898, Sonja Knips had already known the artist for several years, even before her marriage, and there had been the hint of an aborted romance in that past. For Sonja Knips, the highlight of the year 1898 may have been her introduction to the architect Josef Hoffmann - not the portrait we know her by. From its formation, Sonja Knips was an important patron of the Vienna Secession and of its favorite architect Josef Hoffmann. All three - Klimt, Knips, and Hoffmann - shared a common aim: the acceptance of a new identifiably Viennese art.”

so here’s a quick belated (and completely un-beta-ed) birthday thing for my sunshine // with a bunch of our hc thrown in @wesawbears@faintlyglow 

There are a number of traditions that have been developed over the years for Trojan birthdays and Jeremy Knox’s is no different, he is in fact instrumental in their existence.
Due to its timing he is very rarely able to make it home to his family for the actual day but the team make sure to fill in and make their sunshine leader feel the love. 

The first year Alvarez baked him the cake it did not go well, they were both still very much baby freshmen but in hindsight it really was what cemented their life long friendship. 

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Band of Brothers GBBS AU

Some headcannons for the Great British Baking Show au:

special mention to @gendryw4ters and @alyseofwonderland who started this whole au.


  • He is one of the most serious bakers ever. He is concentrated and has practiced most of the bakes ahead of time to make sure he know exactly what he is doing.
  • The other bakers all look up to him and how he runs his kitchen.
  • He is a fan favorite and gets a deal for a cooking book after the season ends.
  • Despite their differences him and Nix hit it off. After the show is over they communicate a lot and end up in a relationship.


  • Literally, everything he bakes has alcohol in it. He finds crafty ways to get it into bakes and sauces.
  • Is snarky and has a running commentary throughout about the bakes he hates.
  • He is underestimated until he makes a cake for the showstopper challenge that stuns everybody on the show.
  • He learned to bake because he was bored one day and found he had a natural talent for it.


  • All the other contestants are scared of him and his amazing decoration. None of the other contestants dare to interact with him until Lip does.
  • He makes intricate and very well done pastries especially when it comes to the technical challenges. His cakes are unbeatable due to the decorations. The only person who can come close is Dick.
  • Underneath the scary facade is a soft interior. The only time it is seen is when he congratulates Lipton on getting star baker.
  • He is even more competitive than Dick and they have a rivalry going. Neither hates each other but they both want to win.


  • He is an amazing cookie and scone maker. He loves to invent new recipes and new flavor combinations.
  • He is a fan favorite and the ladies love him. They love his soft and kind personality and how he encourages the other bakers.
  • He is precise and methodical with his bakes. His bread are his weakness and it frustrates him.
  • He is one of those people that the more pressure the better he works. He is always level headed and does not panic when something with a bake goes wrong.


  • He is a bright happy person with lots of confidence in his skills. Sometimes even cocky with his abilities.
  • His humor cuts the tension in the harder challenge and makes everyone at ease. He is charming and well liked.
  • At first, him and Toye are awkward, to say the least. Then Toye warms up to him and he surprises Luz with his dry sense of humor.
  • Whenever it calls for glazes or icing they are always full of color and decorations. Luz loves colorful cakes and elaborate decorations.


  • His passion is bread and he has made so many kinds. He is passionate about the taste and how they turn out.
  • His arms are huge from all the kneading he does and he catches Luz staring a lot. So he purposely messes with him.
  • His bakes especially the bread are works of art. He has an attention to detail that translates to how the bakes to turn out.
  • He has a bit of a temper and gets frustrated when there is a challenge he does not know how to execute properly. He wants to do the best he can.