Destroying a Super Lead

This past Sunday, the other guitarist in my band and I moved our equipment out to our new practice area. Here, I learned that there was something wrong with my amp. After a bit of investigation, I learned the fuse for the output section had blown.

Today I purchased 8 replacement fuses, but since I live 20 minutes away from our practice space, I won’t be able to get one in the amp until tomorrow night. I don’t know why the fuse blew, but I imagine it has something to do with the fact that I run the thing wide open with an attenuator across the output. 

The thing that bothers me is that I might be destroying my amp without realizing it and I really, really don’t want to do that. It’s a 1976 Marshall JMP mk II Super Lead, 1959 circuit. All the parts are original and with the exception of an XLR jack someone installed for a line out which had been removed from the circuit before I bought the amp, it’s pretty much exactly as it was built 40 years ago. 

The 1976 JMP isn’t incredibly expensive nor is it sought after, despite being vintage. Still, it means a lot to me and is the best sounding amp I’ve ever used. Unfortunately, I feel as though I’m bringing it closer and closer to death every time I fire it up. I’ve owned it for 8 months or so and it’s been reliable as all hell up to this point. Blowing a fuse isn’t a super serious issue until you start blowing them all the time. My thoughts turn toward replacing the output tubes, but until this weekend, I won’t know if they need to be replaced or not.

It would probably benefit me greatly to go ahead and order a matched quad of EL34s for when the time comes just so I’ll have them. However, this has got me wondering if maybe I should consider searching for a fuzz pedal that will give me the saturation character that my wide open amp has so I don’t have to keep running it in the red all the time. I’ve even considered buying a second JMP mkII or a 1959HW reissue to use instead, but I don’t know if the tone will be the same.

First things first, tomorrow I need to verify that the fuse was the only issue. I’ll trust things enough to get through our Thursday practice session, unless I blow a fuse that night in which case I’ll put a plan of attack together. Assuming all goes well, I’m going to test the tubes Saturday just to make sure they’re not close to death. One bad tube and I could destroy the output transformer, then goodbye vintage amp as I’ll have to replace it with a newer tranny; probably one that won’t sound anything like the original.

Regardless, I’m nervous and want to know the answer.

Ep. 58,000 - It’s A Reduction In Decreasing The Decreasing
  • Ep. 58,000 - It’s A Reduction In Decreasing The Decreasing
  • The Tone Control
  • The Tone Control

It’s the NAMM episode!

  • Quick Rundown
    • Song Exploder newsletter “Five Song Fridays”. 5 songs sent in a spotify or youtube playlist for you to check out (stab: chika-waaa)
    • “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me” documentary.  (Stab: Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl)
    • Hateful Eight cast actually destroyed an authentic Martin from the 1870’s by accident https://reverb.com/blog/the-hateful-eight-hates-on-six-strings?_aid=fb (Stab: Solid Gold FX Apollo Phaser)
  • NAMM!
    • Strymon Power Supplies (stab: EHX POG)
      • Small one is $150, big one is $250
      • Spring and summer respectively 
    • Strymon Generalissimo (stab: some random jamup model thing)
    • Boss Waza Craft amp (stab: JHS Twin Twelve)
      • Solid state 150W
      • Power scaling 1, 50, 100, 150W
      • Cabinet resonance options: Vintage, modern, deep
      • Line our air feel?? Rec, Live, Blend.
      • Matching 4x12 and 2x12 cabs available with waza craft speakers
      • Sort of based on an EL34 sound? 
      • http://www.bossus.com/products/waza_amp_head/ 
    • Boss VB-2W Waza Craft Vibrato (stab: Mercy Seat Holy Dove)
      • Rate, depth, rise time(controls initial onset of effect) controls
      • 3 modes: latch, bypass, unlatch 
      • Standard/Custom switch (original VB2 setting and updated modern setting) 
      • Expression in for real time depth control. Toe up = off
      • http://www.bossus.com/products/vb-2w/ 
    • Boss VO-1 Vocoder (stab: Moog MF Ring Mod)
      • Guitar in/out, XLR in, send/return 
      • Choir mode uses guitar only to make choir sounds, (background stuff) 
      • Advanced mode is Boss’s new vocoder sound
      • Talk Box mode is the classic talking guitar lines
      • Vintage mode is more electronic/synth sounding
      • http://www.bossus.com/products/vo-1/ 
    • Neunaber Immerse Reverb (stab: Red Witch Ivy)
    • Fender American Elite Series (stab: Mercy Seat Consider the Raven reverb)
      • Pretty much the next level of quality from Fender, these are replacing the American Deluxe series
      • New truss rod adjustment above the neck pickup
      • 4th gen noiseless pickups
      • New colors, new body contours, and neck shapes and heels
      • “All short post” tuners, not sure about this
      • “suspension bridge” for tele thinlines, also not sure about this
      • Strat, HSS strat, lefty strat, tele, thinline tele, all $1800 except thinline is $1900
    • Fender Offset Telecaster (stab: Walrus Audio Mayflower)
      • It’s a telemaster. Jazzmaster body, tele guts
      • Indie builders have been making these for years, guess fender is feeling the heat
      • Super limited 500 of each of 3 colors 
    • Fender In-Ears (stab: Seymour Duncan 805 overdrive)
    • Fender Bassbreaker amps (stab: Carl Martin Plexitone)
      • Inspired by classic Bassman amps
      • British style crunch with american style cleans!
      • 15, 18/30, 45W options each in combo or head/cab configuration
      • 15W is using 2x EL84 and 3x 12AX7 
      • 18/30 uses 4x EL84 and 2x 12AX7 
      • 45W uses 2x EL34 and 3x 12AX7
    • Blackstar has two new amps (stab: Caroline guitar company Kilobyte delay)
      • Artist 15 and Artist 30
      • 15 is a 1x12 combo, 30 is a 2x12 combo. Sounds good! 
    • MXR M300 Reverb (stab: Mr Black Supermoon)
      • 6 reverbs: Plate, spring, epic, mod, room, pad 
      • Tone, decay, mix controls. 
      • True bypass, 100% analog dry path. 
    • Reverend Airwave electric 12 string (stab: Mad Professor Snow White auto-wah)
      • Semi-hollow body
      • Fully intonatable 12 string bridge and locking tuners
      • 2 P-90s
      • Shorter 24-¾” scale 
    • TC Electronic Ditto X4 Looper (stab: Keeley Phase 24)
      • 2 Independent loops each w/ 5 min record time and unlimited overdub/undo/redo
      • Serial/Sync switch
      • Serial mode = each loop is exclusive (think switching A to B section)
      • Sync mode = Both loops stack. Loop 1 sets master tempo for both. Better for intricate looping compositions. Loop 2 is not restricted by the time of loop 1 (so 4 bar percussive thing, 16 bar chord progressions can happen)
      • 7 loop effects including half time, reverse, once, tape stop, fade, double, and hold
      • Decay control allows old loops to fade away as new ones are added. 
      • USB port lets you export and import tracks 
      • Stereo in/out, MIDI control, custom setting dip switches on the back
      • Stereo in/outs let you run two instruments (guitar/bass for example) and output to two separate amps.
      • http://bit.ly/1JZGHkt 
    • TC BonaFide Buffer and Spectra Comp Bass Compressor (stab: Devi Ever Godzilla Fuzz)
  • Pedal Genie: D - TC Viscous Vibe
    • Walrus Audio Julia Chorus and Contraband Fuzz (stab: Aguilar Octamizer)
      • Contraband is a simple beefy fuzz, only one level control and thick/thin switch
      • Julia chorus/vibrato, No mode switch, just increasing chorus depth introduces vibrato
      • To me sounds a little like the Small Clone. 
    • Catalinbread CSIDMAN, Adineko, and Bicycle Delay (stab: Earthquaker Bit Commander)
      • CSIDMAN
        • Digital delay that has random CD Player skip effect! 
        • Skipping sounds like self oscillation but generates randomly and shuts off randomly. Sounds amazing
      • Adineko 
        • Oil can style delay, very warbly and almost reverby sounding
        • Dark repeats, warbly sound
      • Bicycle Delay
    • Tone King Royalist II and Iron Man II MIni (stab: Earthquaker Arpanoid)
    • Iron Man II Mini
      • 30W 8ohm max stand alone attenuator 
      • 9V dc power, Amp in/speaker out/Line out
      • Hi/Low range, total of 18 distinct attenuation levels
      • Footswitch for Solo mode! Still attenuating the signal, but it just raises the volume a bit for leads. Cool! 
      • http://www.toneking.com/products/ironman-ii-mini/ 
    • Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall Delay (stab: Bogner Burnley Distortion)
      • You know. 
      • Tap functions as self osc. switch when held
      • SLB switch, short/long/both. Toggle between DM2 sounds and DMM sounds OR both togheter 
      • Sine/Triangle/Square wave modulation with independent rate & depth controls
      • Sounds bananas. $400. May 30th. 
    • T-Rex Replicator Analog Tape Echo (stab: Caroline Cannonball)
      • Real deal tape echo
      • Tape cartridge means easy maintenance, tape itself has a 3 month life span of continued use.
      • 4 switches : On/Off, Heads, Chorus, and TAP TEMPO! 
      • Heads switch controls two ranges of delay lengths. Short/long 
      • 2 expression inputs 
      • Street price $899….  http://www.t-rex-effects.com/replicator
My unfocused vision due to obscure fish in green tights by eclecticartist featuring music themed home decor ❤ liked on Polyvore

Music themed home decor / Home decor / PrelestnayaP_TimeForLove_el22.png / Яндекс.Фотки / EenasCreation_Floral_notes_el34.png / just another masterpiece / just another masterpiece / keyframedaily: Happy 76th, John Hurt. | ilovemovies / Polyraamen365のブログ / Emilio Nanni / Graphics | FREE Squeeze System / FFFFOUND! | PhotoGraphics / Moonhunter / Untitled

Lambda Art.Lab class A audio amplifier EL34 on going project. 

Music: Ó Meu S. João Baptista, Album: da côr da madeira, Author: Quiné.

Which Star are you my Love ⭐️ by glitterlady4 featuring long dresses ❤ liked on Polyvore

Long dress / Home decor / butterflyDsign_elmnt24.png / Скрап-набор “My Halloween Magic” / Christmas_Greetings_scrapofangel_elements (10).png / Stars and Light Effects 007.png / Stars and Light Effects 002.png / ZuzanaHdesigns_MakeAwish_el34_sh.png / natali_xmas11_stars1.png / Flying-stars-psd / NLD Stars Overlay.png / cd-craftymadness-starsh.png
My unfocused vision due to obscure fish in green tights by eclecticartist featuring music themed home decor ❤ liked on Polyvore

Home decor / Music themed home decor / PrelestnayaP_TimeForLove_el22.png / Яндекс.Фотки / EenasCreation_Floral_notes_el34.png / just another masterpiece / just another masterpiece / keyframedaily: Happy 76th, John Hurt. | ilovemovies / Moonhunter / Untitled / FFFFOUND! | PhotoGraphics / Emilio Nanni / Polyraamen365のブログ / Graphics | FREE Squeeze System

Abandoned my planned Safro-centric setlist the other night and launched into a rousing #rebelrebel to honor #bowie … Just in case any of you forgot that I can still #rocklikeamotherfucker #mthakathi #singersongwriter #guitarplayer #lespaulcustom #mesavtwinpreamp #mesa2020amp #fulltoneocd #el34s #itgoesto11thats1louderinnit #transmissionandalivewire #howcouldtheyknow #liveperformance #worldrock #allmusicisworldmusic by mtharock http://ift.tt/20cOQJG

What to Expect From Us in 2016!

Libra MK-II - Preamplifier update using 2 x 6922 and fully regulated supplies. Programmable gain allows you to select resistors from a chart for your desired maximum gain output (total gain x 4 is stock).

Eridani - Push-pull EL34 based integrated power amplifier with user-friendly features and tailorable build options for your music listening preferences.

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When two become one (200).png / CharlieNco_Sweet Valentine_Paper 8.jpg / envelope2.png / Noshay_Yes_El29a.png / cajoline_romanticmoment_el34.png / jw_ (1).png / Яндекс.Фотки / 1_Animals (3).png / natali_design_blossom_flower7-sh2.png / VC_Valentine_El118.png / CharlieNco_Sweet Valentine_Cone Leaf shadow.png / NLD Lace Bow Pink.png / Cucciola_designs_make_a_wish_el37sh.png / natali_design_blossom_flower8-sh2.png / easter (97).png / MiMiConcept-Sweet Vintage-elements (71).png / i.bodrova2011 на Яндекс.Фотках