1966 Ad, El Producto Cigars, “The Cigar with Age in Its Flavor” by Classic Film
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Vintage 1960s magazine advertisement, El Producto cigars, with testimonial from Willie E. Treachey, N.Y. Electronics Engineer. Tagline: "Men who change to El Producto seldom change cigars again." Published in Ebony magazine, October 1966 - Vol 21, No. 12 Fair use/no known copyright. If you use this photo, please provide attribution credit; not for commercial use (see Creative Commons license).

The Full Retard
  • The Full Retard
  • El-P
  • Cancer For Cure

Those who know, lust. Trust: the flow is disgust, touch
Producto back rap rush, you’ll notice the lad crush
I’m potent, intact, a black-hearted and lunged-up
Tarded and touched, plus designer of funk rust
Oh, El is back on that shit, huh?
That Paincave Kid talk, at the end of the painbow, the permanant stain bop
Maligning my name will holy ark up your squad’s face
Viewers of the divine rage learn to worship the hard way
You get it? I don’t fade, just float where the poem slays
At home with a roach hazed, alone or with hoes great
I called but got a tone: better boat out the borough posthaste

Un tornillo cayó al suelo
en su negra noche de horas extra.
Cayó vertical y tintineante
pero no atrajo la atención de nadie,
igual que aquella última vez,
en una noche como ésta,
en la que alguien se lanzó al vacío.

Xu Lizhi

Trabajaba para  Foxconn, compañía que ensambla en China productos como  el iPhone,  iPad, Xbox, Playstation, Blackberry, Wii etc A sus 24 años, se arrojó desde la ventana de su habitación. (Suicidios en Foxconn)