1) Pencil vs Camera by Ben Heine

2) Jessica Jones by Mark Bagley & David Mack (on Tumblr)

3) Marlon Brando’s two roles in Superman and Apocalypse Now by Phil Noto on Tumblr

4) Model of the monument Tenax Vitae - originally by Rinaldo Carnielo (1853-1910)

5) Hulk by Gabriele Dell’Otto

6) Cover from Caravan 7 -  Art by Emiliano Mammucari | Colors by Lorenzo De Felici

7) Hans-Peter Feldmann - Untitled (Two girls with a shadow).Clipped image pasted on cardboard and framed. 60 x 80 cm. via museumuesum

8) by Tomer Hanuka

9) Online Predators by Asaf Hanuka

10) Lady Two-Face 1by Meagan-Marie


Over / Under with Pitchfork TV. Really funny shit…

It’s been said and debated countless times, but Marvel will win the movie-war with DC. Forget the former’s head start in the game; both have motion picture palettes with potential, but seeing that Captain America is quite unpopular, yet Winter Soldier is such a success, it comes down to the message of the movie rather than the hero entirely; Cap asks questions we’re asking about security. Look at Iron Man; the Marvel cinematic universe has barely come to life yet, but the film touches on real world problems. Are we arming the terrorists we’re fighting? Are we killing innocents to get to the bad guys? These flicks fulfill our wishes by confronting actual problems we face, whereas Man of Steel, and possibly DC’s upcoming movies, isn’t as grounded in our reality since we’re not dealing with alien invaders. When it comes to a good story, we’re attracted to the dilemmas that look like the ones that occur in our world. Other problems don’t catch our attention as easily nor does solving those issues garner our roaring applause. DC will no doubt give us great spectacles and pander, but will we care as much about the debacles? Guess we just have to wait and see.

Hulk and Superman, by George Evangelista.


Impresionante disfraz de látex.