El Grito De Sunset Park (Event)

Where: 49th Street and 5th Ave, Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY

When: Sunday, June 9th @ 6pm

The Puerto Rican Day Parade is New York City’s largest parade celebrating the pride and culture of our community. However, for many of us who live in Latino neighborhoods, as we head home to continue celebrating with our families, friends, and neighbors, by waving flags, blowing whistles and just being together sharing our pride on our blocks with our people, we are awaited and confronted by an oppressive and cruel police presence mandated to falsely arrest and charge people with a wide range of “quality of life” violations in the attempt to dehumanize, demonize, and criminalize our expressions of unity and strength.

Every year in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, scores of people are arrested, falsely charged and put through the system, in violation of our rights to freely assemble and celebrate our culture. Every year those charges get dropped, and the Puerto Rican community is again robbed of their dignity and safety as a people, where law enforcement agents are ordered to view celebration as disturbances and assembly as loitering.

We will gather on 49th Street and 5th Ave as we have the last 8 years and display the best in what our people have to offer. We have taken it upon ourselves to stand up for what is ours by displaying courage in the face of ignorance with a simple act of peaceful resistance. It is our community and our right to freely assemble and reclaim that which is ours, Sunset Park. Year after year, we have stood up against police abuse with our spirit, drums and collective voice by not allowing intimidation and bullyish policing to move us from our streets.

NYPD Forcefully Slams Pregnant Woman To The Ground On Her Belly, Use Taser On Her (VIDEO)

NYPD Forcefully Slams Pregnant Woman To The Ground On Her Belly, Use Taser On Her (VIDEO)

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The NYPD assaulted two women on Saturday evening, including a pregnant woman who was slammed to the ground on her belly.

During a confrontation in Brooklyn between police and the woman’s son, 17-year-old John Lemos, officers took down the clearly pregnant womanafter she tried to come to his defense. Lemos had been stopped and frisked by the officers and was sitting surrounded by officers while…

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In Sunset Park, Brooklyn, Demands for Police Accountability - COLORLINES

The mostly Latino and Chinese neighborhood is the latest site of protests against police brutality.

“residents of Brooklyn’s Sunset Park took to the streets, largely organized by a group called El Grito de Sunset Park*. The officers involved in Amezquita’s arrest are being internally investigated; the officer who kicked Daza, Vincent Ciardello, was suspended." 

*similarly named for El Grito de Lares in Puerto Rico September 23, 1868, an attempt at independence for the island.