I think what makes me love Supergirl so much more than Superman (not dissing Superman… I love him a lot too… Kara is just bae) is the added depth she has to her character. I mean, she REMEMBERS Krypton. She remembers home, family, belonging. Yeah, Clark dealt with growing up different and having to learn to control his powers but his adopted Earth family was the only family he ever knew. He didn’t lose family the way Kara did. Hell, she lost her whole world. And then to find out the one thing she was sent away for… to protect Kal… is no longer required of her. She wasn’t needed anymore. She’d lost her purpose, too. All of this, and Kara is still so unbelievably GOOD. She is kind and selfless and strong in a million other ways besides her physical strength. Like, people talk about how good Clark/Kal is. And he IS good. But he never had a real reason not to be. Kara had several reasons to hate everyone and everything and be a supervillain instead of a hero, but she chooses to protect and serve anyway. And that’s why I love Kara so much.


Imagine: Protecting Eleven with your life no matter what. [x]

Y/N: Do you know how dangerous that was, El?
Eleven: I.. I was just helping the boys.
Y/N: I know, sweetheart, but you have to be more careful. If someone knows what you can do… I don’t know what would happen.
Eleven: *eyes widen* I’m sorry.
Y/N: No, it’s fine. I wouldn’t let anything happen to you, anyway.

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Dating Harley Quinn and meeting the Squad + The Joker would include:

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Warning: Smut

A/N: I’d like to date the hell outta that girl *_* Oh, and HERE are more Harley dating HCs.


  • Holding hands. 
  • Her letting everyone see that you belong to her- only to her. 
    • Her threatening or killing the fools who try to flirt with you.
  • Sweet kisses in public.
  • Heavy make out sessions behind closed doors.
  • Your arm almost always around her waist in public. 
  • Cuddling.
    • Her being a total cuddler. 
    • Her being both, the big and small spoon.
  • Movie nights which end in cuddle sessions or a heavy sexy time.
    • Sex is always fun because Harley is crazy af in bed. 
    • Different positions, sex toys and all the kinky stuff.
  • Meeting the Squad and them all accepting you. 
  • Harley showing you how to shoot and fight properly. 
  • If you like, she uses make up and hair dye on you. 
    • Her being very good in making you look sexy, insane and feral.


  • Deadshot being funny and really nice to you because he knows how much Harley likes you. 
  • Him telling you about his daughter and you telling him about your family.
  • You realising that he’s the dad of the group.
  • Floyd taking you to the side and telling you to keep an eye on Harley, that you should keep her safe and away from the Joker.

El Diablo: 

  • You first thinking he’s shy.
  • Him being a good talk.
  • You being fascinated why he has so many tattoos, so you ask politely.
    • Him answering your questions.

Killer Croc:

  • You being creeped out when you first meet him. 
  • Him actually being really cool. 
    • He tells you stories about his ‘adventures’.
  • Him promising you that he wouldn’t eat you. 
    • You asking yourself if he ever thought about eating you. 

Captain Boomerang: 

  • Digger flirting with you, asking if you need a real ‘cock’ up your pussy/ass.
    • You slapping him so hard, he stops with his disgusting pick up lines.
  • You finding out about Pinky and him begging you to not the others about the unicorn.
    • Of course you keep his secret as leverage. 


  • Katana being silent. She only talks when she has something important to tell. 
  • Her being decently nice to you. 
  • Her keeping an eye on you.
    • It’s not easy to gain her trust.

Rick Flag: 

  • Him being all military guy, but friendly enough to shake your hand and welcome you to the squad.
  • Rick being the second dad of the group because one is not enough.
  • Him being the one who holds the squad back because some of them like to do bullshit.

The Joker:

  • Him being lowkey jealous of you because Harley gives you more attention.  
  • Him not able to kill you because Harley is gonna be super mad at him.
    • She even told him to not touch you.
  • The Joker accepting you after you three go on a heist together.
    • But him still hoping you both break up.
  • Him creeping you slightly out.

Boomerang and El Diablo