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Juju’s Top Animated Movies That Everyone Should See Just Once

1. Song of the Sea

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2. Coraline

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3. The Last Unicorn

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4. Scooby Doo on Zombie Island

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5. Castle in the Sky

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6. The Road to El Dorado

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7. My Neighbors the Yamadas

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8. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

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9. The Emperor’s New Groove

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10. Yellow Submarine

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Freezing manga cap redraw ♥

Every inch of you is perfect from the 

to the

Everyone Wears Crop Tops, A Lot Of Feelings

  • noah enlists blue’s help to make cute crop tops for everyone as a gift (lbr he just wants everyone to see everyone eles in crop tops). gansey offers to help but blue refuses because “he’ll end up making them polo shirts somehow”
  • so. noah gives everyone their shirts and tells them to wear them to their next cabeswater outing. he plans a picnic. they’re all sitting on the ground in cabeswater, just actually hanging out for once, and they’re all losing it.
  • blue’s shirt is one of those crop tops with strips of fabric (like fringe?) at the bottom and says, in block letters right across the front, “i hate boys.” “not me, right?” gansey asks. he’s sitting next to her, and blue smacks his leg. “no, it’s mostly referring to ronan.” ronan flips her off, but they’re both grinning.
  • gansey doesn’t hear any of the conversation after blue smacks him. when she moves, the fringe on her shirt swishes and he can see more of her stomach. its more enticing than orla and her orange bikini. he is Undone. the barest glimpse of blue’s stomach is enough to basically incapacitate him. 
  • blue smacks his leg again when she sees him staring, but she’s secretly pleased.besides, she’s been staring, too. not only is gansey wearing a normal, non-polo shirt that hangs just right on his collar bones, it’s a crop top.  she and noah decorated gansey’s with the words “glendower is my boyfriend” and it rides up high on his stomach. which is. toned. he was on the crew team, really, blue should have realized what that meant, but the polos don’t exactly show off what he looks like.
  • both of them are thinking of things they could do besides kiss.
  • ronan can’t remember why he let himself be talked into this. how he ended up in a black crop top emblazoned with “let’s get this straight – i’m not” in rainbow colors. he’s pretty sure it had something to do with noah’s enthusiastic presentation of the idea. noah is smiling at him now, and ronan mouths “i’m going to throw you out the window again.” he can’t remember why he agreed to this. sure, seeing gansey in his crop top didn’t hurt, but gansey’s not even here to admire anymore, he and blue have wandered off somewhere together. 
  • looking back, he’s pretty sure noah got him into this by saying something about adam. adam in a crop top. but adam’s not even here, he had to work. 
  • and then, adam is there, grinning because he finished work early. he looks like he’s run straight from work. he’s breathless, and there’s sweat running down his stomach and ronan wants to punch a tree. 
  • listen. l i s t e n. adam parrish is the most beautiful person in probably the whole world. he has really nice muscles (boy works three jobs), not that ronan is looking at them or anything, and his coca cola crop top (come on guys it was one time) exposes his stomach in amazing ways. when he put on that crop top on the way over from work, all of henrietta felt a disturbance. blue and gansey, wherever they were in the forest, felt a disturbance. noah died again. ronan thinks he might have died because obviously this is what heaven is. 
  • “hey” says adam, and he smiles self-consciously. “where are blue and gansey?” he’s looking at noah, because ronan is sort of in the shadows. noah just winks at him, so adam turns to ronan.
  • “lynch, do you know where they…” he trails off in the middle of his sentence because ronan is staring right at him and he is looking at ronan and his question doesn’t really seem that important anymore because the tattoo (adam: baby bi bi bi) 
  • its not like he hasn’t seen ronan’s tattoo before. he has. but this seems more intimate for some reason. maybe because they’re in cabeswater and they are the magician and the greywaren, maybe that makes something different. maybe its the crop top showing off ronan’s tattoo and blatantly advertising his non-straightness. whatever it is, adam stares. eventually he sits down next to ronan, so close their shoulders are touching.
  • noah is having an amazing day. his friends are happy, and attractive. he leans against a tree, fiddling with the edges of his crop top.
  • blue made his by herself. she wouldn’t let him see until she was done. it says: remembered. 
¿Cuáles son los signos más malos del Zodiaco?

¿Vengativo? ¿Peleador? ¿Provocador? Descúbrete y descubre la verdadera personalidad de los que te rodean. De los malvados más malvados a los buena onda del horóscopo, te contamos cómo es el top de las maldad astral.
ESCORPIO. Tu puesto es el número 1. Maestros de la maldad por excelencia. Si alguien quiere mantenerse a salvo, es mejor estar lejos de un escorpiano enojado y vengativo. Van por todo sin tener miramientos ni límites. Y siempre ganan, jamás se arrepienten y, menos que menos, piden  perdón.
CÁNCER. Tu puesto es el número 2. Te conviertes en lo más cruel que existe sobre la tierra, con las ideas más negativas y oscuras destinadas a la venganza. Cuando te hieren eres instantáneamente una persona muy mala.
PISCIS.  Tu puesto es el número 3. Retorcido como pocos y rencoroso al máximo, tenéis la capacidad innata de convertir la vida de los demás en un infierno.
CAPRICORNIO. Tu puesto es el número 4. Te conviertes en una persona sin piedad cuando hieren tu gran orgullo. Eso congela tus emociones y vas a pelear con quien sea y por toda causa.
GÉMINIS. Tu puesto es el número 5. Puedes ser muy –demasiado- dulce… Pero también súper venenoso si te tratan mal.
LEO. Tu puesto es el número 6. Es uno de los signos más tiranos del Zodiaco porque hay que hacer (sí o sí) lo que digan.
ARIES. Tu puesto es el número 7. En un estado de ira se convierten en personas sin límites capaces de no medir el mal provocado, pero siempre hay arrepentimiento.
TAURO.  Tu puesto es el número 8. Eres muy terco y testarudo, los demás se cansan de esto. Venganza a flor de piel hasta el momento en que el otro pide perdón.
SAGITARIO. Tu puesto es el número 9. Programas venganzas, eres muy fácil de provocar e, incluso, puedes llegar hasta golpear. Por suerte, pronto se te pasa y olvidas todo.
LIBRA. Tu puesto es el número 10. Que no amenacen tu paz, de esta manera no habrá problemas… Caso contrario, que se cuiden.
VIRGO. Tu puesto es el número 11. Pides que no se metan ni jueguen con lo que es tuyo, si no es así, eres pura chispa, capaz de defender a muerte lo que te pertenece.
ACUARIO. Tu puesto es el número 12. ¡Lo tuyo es la buena vibra! Lo que te traiga conflictos lo rechazas… Pero eres el mejor metiendo el dedo en el ojo sensible de los temores y las creencias de los demás cuando no eres comprendido.

Karamel Gif Request??? Sorta???

hey Karamel family! so if anybody who’s good at making gifs (because I know next to nothing about that stuff) would make a gifset for 2x13 // 2x16 parallels where Kara breaks it off with Mon-El i would REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE IT because like i need it

so it could be something like this:

from 2x13: “We’ll make a great team.” “I thought we were gonna do that.” “We’re too different, Mon-El. I’m sorry.” And Kara opening the door for Mon-El and he walks out.

and from 2x16: “I would never hurt you on purpose.” “Well, you won’t, again.” “Kara, don’t.” “I can’t. I can’t do this. No, it’s over.” And AGAIN Kara opens the door for him and Mon-El walks out.

and basically Mon-El with tears in his eyes because that shit hurts but it’s also so painfully beautiful.

pleeeeeaaaaaase? i would literally DIE!!!