el tianguis


I’m trying to take you to the Tamale lady on our first date shorty. Verdes o rojos. You could have whatever you like. I’m trying to crash a quienceañera with you. Argue about who’s taking the center piece. The tamborazo is poppin. We’re both fly. I got a pulserita with your name. You got one with my name. Power.

I’m trying to eat tacos standing up with you. Order the cebollitas boo. I ain’t got no worries. The taquero is playing Los Invasores on an old radio. “Otros dos de Al Pastor Compa.” We don’t know his name so we call him Compa.

I’m trying to dedicate a song for you on La Que Buena. Probably a Banda Recodo one…most likely when Julio Preciado was still there. Cause I’m real like that. While I’m on air I’m a shout out my Pueblo. I don’t think I know anyone from my Pueblo anymore. But I gotta do it for cultural reasons.

I’m trying to put tequila in your raspa. Both buzzed ordering Un Elote con todo bout an hour later. You half mad…saying I’m getting you fat…half looking at the chicharrones. I see you girl.

I’m trying to teach you how to play pool in a little bar in Dolores Hidalgo. We’re there to visit Jose Alfredo’s tomb. I’m trying to go to La plaza de Mariachi’s in DF with you. I can’t sing. But broad daylight you gonna hear this Hermoso Cariño shit come outta me.

I’m trying to wake up early and watch Despierta America with you. You can can criticize all the broads on there…except if Salma Hayek comes out. My only rule hon.

I’m trying to leave my ringtone on high. Get a bunch of texts. You gonna do the whole “oh…ain’t you gonna answer all your little bitches”…I’m a do the whole “I’ll answer them later. But they’re not all bitches. They’re cool” Now you mad. Now I giggle. Now you’re pissed. Now I gotta work to make it up. You dig?

I just wanna go buy fruit, garbanzos and shampoo at an outdoor flea market with you boo. Buy you a pulserita para la protección for you. Muchos haters. Play fight about who’s doing brujeria on who.

Walk through the Mexican mall…doing that walk that only Ghetto Latinos in love do. Walk right behind you really slow hugging. We only do it sarcastically to make fun of the ones doing it for real. Pinches nacos.

Trying to take you to a karaoke bar. You ain’t trying to sing. Fresa. Couple shots later you up there dedicating Rata de Dos Patas for me. Off key…but you get a standing ovation cause you meant that shit. Now I gotta do Jigga’s Big Pimping to soften the blow. Smh.

I wanna be the “Está guapo, si no te lo quedas tu, me lo quedo yo” de tu tía. You know that tía that still thinks she got it…reliving her Hoodrat glory at every family function. I wanna be the “Está feo…Pero pues si estas feliz a mi me da igual” de tu jefita. Momma be knowing.

Trying to take you to a family party. Lil nieces going up to you smiling asking “Eres su novia?” in a chipmunk voice. My sis asks me all loud “Y LA OTRA?” Chill. My sis stays hating.

I’m trying to Netflix and chill with you. We call it Selena and tostadas de tinga on deck. Mid day micheladas. Palomas and pizza. Tequila Tuesday. Poppa said you never know a woman till you see her drunk. Poppa be knowing.

Just trying to be your Profesor Jirafales…Ms. Florinda. Except none of that fodonga shit. Fly shit. All day. Primero muerta que sencilla dices. Trying to be like “a donde tan peinada” knowing you coming with me. Pero apurate cause el open bar se acaba.

No se. Piénsalo.

Hit me up.

Nos vemos en el tianguis boo.

*leaves full Bryndis song on your beeper*


anonymous asked:

Oye vives en la Ciudad de México? Not to be creepy! Lol lo qué pasa es que mi mamá fue para allá y le pedí cositas de bts porque me imaginaba que en el tianguis y así vendían mercancía de kpop pero según todos le dicen que el kpop ya pasó de moda allá? KDKDKDK no sabes de lugares donde vendan cositas de bts?

no lamentablemente no vivo en la cuidad de México :( no estoy segura pero creo que @laylienn @yoongisito viven por allí??

Vendedora de naranjas

© Photo by Memo Vasquez

Esta niña de la comunidad indígena en San Juan Chamula, Chiapas, vende naranjas en el tianguis de la comunidad, justo afuera de la tradicional iglesia del lugar.