el shaki


Hey, guys!

I meant to do part of this in Spanish but it was rendering by the time I remembered, so, maybe I’ll just do the full version en Español some day.

I love Shaki, what else is there to say??

Thanks for listening!

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Para qué criticar los gustos musicales de la gente si al final todos terminan cantando el shaky, shaky, shaky, shaky, shaky, shaky, shaky. Shaky, shaky, shaky, shaky, shaky, shaky, shaky. Cómo eeeeeehh dame una vueltita otra veeeeeeh.

relatandomivida  asked:

#MiExperienciaConAries una vez en pleno temblor me puse a cantar el "Shaky shaky" con mi hermana, luego mi mamá (Acuario) me regañó por no tomarme enserio las cosas :v Atte. una capri

Jajajaja, es lo que pasa cuando tienes un Aries cerca, hasta Capricornio se ánima a participar de sus locuras. 


deeplysunkissed  asked:

Hi Val! Can I just say I LOVE your mileven fanfics, I've been reading all your prompts for a while and I'm in love, you stay so true to the characters!! If you're still doing the "Ways you said I love you" Mileven 16 please? "Over and over again, till its nothing but a senseless babble".

“Ways You Said I Love You” Prompt #16 (a.k.a the one in which El comes back) 

It happens during another lonely walk through the forest, as Mike shivers against the cold of an early November afternoon, the frost having set in early. He tucks his chin deeper into the protective folds of his scarf as the wind whips against his cheeks, a burning redness sweeping across his pale skin. The woods are quiet as he quickens his pace, eager to be out of the cold. The only sound is the soft rustling of branches overhead— squirrels scampering around in preparation for the coming winter. In his hands, Mike carries a small cardboard box packed with new mittens, a knitted pink beret, a container of his mom’s famous chocolate chip cookies, and the latest issue of X-Men—gifts for Eleven.

It happens during this solitary trip, just like every other he’s made like clockwork every Saturday since June, when he and Lucas had stumbled upon the Chief leaning over a decrepit wooden box with a container full of spaghetti and a bottle of water. Throughout the summer, he’d sit by the box, fiddling with his walkie-talkie, speaking into it and telling El about everything she was missing—about Lucas deciding he wants to play football, about Dustin having his first crush on the new girl in town, about Will and how different he’s been since coming home. Since the cold has set in, Mike’s visits are briefer but he knows he’ll keep them going for as long as he has to. He believes Hopper when he says that El is alive, that she’s been getting their gifts. Mike has no choice but to believe in that—it’s what keeps him going. But it’s starting to not be enough. He’d give anything to see her again, or just hear her whisper his name over the supercom, anything for some shred of evidence that she’s really out there.

It happens just as Mike follows the bend in the path, that exceptional box—his only connection to El—coming into sight. Only, there’s something different today.

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