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Please please please I know I’m not very good at drawing and that I don’t have time right now but I wanna improve and I promise I will do it some day please please please.

mc/maxwell college au

so i’ve been talking with my good buddy Bri and she thought of a cool Choices au where you take characters from one story and place them in the setting of another

and she suggested the trr characters in the freshman/the sophomore setting, because she wanted a quote A NICE AU WHERE MAXWELL’S STATUS ISNT IN JEOPARDY unquote

i was so ready for this but then she said, “liam and friends as frat boys” and i nearly died of a heart attack because what the fuck

i resurrected at the prospect of being able to bang maxwell in a dorm room and ended up condensing the au in the following bullet points. you’re welcome.

  • what it is: a regular life au where liam, tariq, maxwell and drake are a group of friends in college
  • what you get: mc and maxwell having #relatable conversations as college students such as

maxwell: hey mc find anyone cute lately
maxwell: (like uh ME?)
mc: sorry what
mc: im trying to figure out what an integral is its been 2 months and i still dont know

  • more details: so mc and maxwell have a class together, and maxwell thinks she’s the bee’s knees
  • he introduces her to his friends… and mc initially falls for liam because Classic Gwaps 
  • in true maxwell fashion, max teases mc about liam when they’re in class

mc: i dont have his number yet we just met 2 days ago 
max: here u go

  • #MaxwellForBestWingMan…ButEvenBetterBoyfriendLmao:

max: i got u liam. ill find out what shes into. stuff you have in common. get to know her for you. take her on a date for you 
liam: what 
max: what

  • however mc and liam only see each other when max invites mc to hang out with their crew, since they don’t actually. have any classes together. lol.
  • meanwhile mc and maxwell partner up for a term paper and get ever closer as they work on it ;)
  • imagine them staying up late working on the paper, then getting fed up and driving to a mcdonalds at 1 am in their sweatpants and bonding :)
  • they talk about their friends, and when maxwell says stuff about liam, mc realizes that she doesn’t… actually know much about liam lmao 
  • the Crush has been fading and she didn’t even realise nyai
  • What Should Be A Canon Development: maxwell as the original wingman, but later on liam is subtly wingmanning him and mc instead (and max doesn’t even realise it lmao)
  • fic setting idea: the beaumonts are known for hosting Legendary Parties and they’re throwing another one
  • but for some reason maxwell is the only one not enjoying it… until mc keeps him company
  • oh look there’s even a song for this scene how nice (tbh it even fits canonverse i think)
  • anyway!! you know that trope where the characters accidentally confess something during a drinking game? well we’re gonna abuse the fuck outta it!
  • so someone asks the mc the iconic question of “fuck marry kill”
  • and she automatically says mAXWELL FOR MARRY LMAO SAME
  • “hahaha fuck liam marry maxwell kill drake” then they close their eyes cause theyre getting kinda dizzy. its silent. THEY FREEZE UP BC THEY REALIZED WHAT THEY SAID BUT NOW THEYRE GONNA PLAY IT OFF AND PRETEND THEYRE PASSED OUT

maxwell: ha ha…i think they forgot that its not marry fuck kill…they got the order wrong…

  • the next morning someone brings it up and mc is like “what? fuck maxwell marry liam kill drake right?”

drake: this is a fucking attack

  • meanwhile liam’s subtly side-eyeing mc like “yeahhh suuure thats totally what u meant”
  • also ! max has a foreign language class ! and he keeps flirting with the mc in a language she doesnt understand ! to hide it !
  • the language is french jsyk
  • and right before they get together, mc flirts with him in french and hes like :( 
  • so they’re finally together and happy right? it’s all good right?
  • but i’m writing this au so what if the beaumonts still get broke in this au (☆v☆) 
  • so there’s this whole Plot where they make maxwell try out some sports and/or get him to raise his grades so he can apply for a scholarship and, you know, stay in their university. so he can stay with mc
  • but he still gets kicked out because he’s not really performing well in school 
  • it’s because he’s too focused on hanging out with mc and his friends since he’s scared to lose them ;)
  • so there’s this whole going away party for maxwell and everything seems tragic…
  • until it’s revealed that maxwell’s just going to the university a couple blocks away lmao
  • maxwell and mc as college sweethearts everybody!!

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010, Royality? If you're still taking prompts? Idk fam, I just need some cute, flustered Roman in my life.

Summary: Roman is used to being the seducer not the seducee, things change though and Patton is more than used to handing out compliments.

For the prompt: "I’ve never seen such gorgeous eyes before.“

Warnings: none.

Word count: 437

Tag list: (ask to be added or removed) @tssanderssidestrash @hanramz-the-fander @alwaysmy-lilith @jamie-the-outcast @analogicalisreal @setting-it-off @random7happens @meginoi @ijustwantbaetonoticeme @not-so-innocent-bi-sander @awill34 @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @shygirl4991 @armageddonhascome @lilt886things @jet-black-hearted-girl @countessmissyshort @onehundredphans @justanotherpurplebutterfly @storytellerofuntoldlegends @pete–the–emu @nyxwordsmith @dancingllamas14 @prplzorua @five-hour-anxiety @phantomnoodlez @theorandcaptaincanada @fanderdawg @tree4life25 @kittiesrain @beholdagay @ultimate-queen-of-fandoms @littlemiracle05 @morelesshuman @mystrangedarkson @bandtrash4everandever @audreyisonfire @ticklemeem0 @mcrismorealivethanmysoul @mysticnachophilosopher @darkle-elkrad @treblemaker-xp @cypriusgray @total-trash-emo @emberblazelyriccat @alzac-saber @i-just-punched-malfoy @could-always-be-gayer @pattxwrites @ninjago2020 @breathtoxicity @magicmapleleaf @pinkladyskellington @sanderslittlespace @depressed-alone

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“Roman!” Patton calls out from the kitchen and Roman winces at it, not the loudness or the fact it sounds like he’s in trouble but because Patton has been beating him at his own game. A game of seduction. Roman is (was) the romantic of the group, the suave and cool complimenter. But now Patton won’t stop flirting with him! And Roman can’t help but flush and stutter whenever the other compliments him. It’s not fair.

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A ruby-throated hummingbird having a “Mexican Fiesta” in El Paso Texas. - Judy Royal Glenn Photography by Judy Royal Glenn
Via Flickr:
“Mexican Fiesta” Judy Royal Glenn Photography This ruby-throated hummingbird is having a fiesta on the Mexican bird of paradise plant! Location: El Paso, Texas

(Un)Spoken For [A MC/Maxwell Fanfic]

Title: (Un)spoken For

Summary: “I think I’m falling for someone else.” These words would haunt them for the rest of their days, plunging them both in daydreams and fantasies of ‘what if’s and ‘what-will-never-be’s.

A retelling of chapter 13 where one Eliza Wong tries to confess her feelings for one Maxwell Beaumont.

Ships: MC/Maxwell Beaumont

Notes: Warnings for vague, two-sentence references to abuse (particularly from a stepmother), racism, transphobia and acephobia (although the last two are extremely vague).

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Part I – Ruined Dreams

The ruins are quiet.

Save for the sound of rocks lightly skimming the water’s edge, you can barely hear anything. Perhaps if you concentrate hard enough, you could hear the faint echo of footsteps or some faraway birdsong – but for now, all your attention has gone to the man in front of you.

You stare at the way Maxwell moves his arm back as he tosses another rock, the movement quick and fluid, displaying the same kind of seamless grace he has when dancing. You watch his face: Maxwell’s expression is thoughtful as he gazes out into the distance; his glazed eyes are fixed on the sinking stone yet, at the same time, a million miles away.

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Slavery on Daxam

*Trigger warning: Controversial subject, requires a bit maturity*

I came across a lot of interesting questions about it which motivated me to belt out a meta. The Daxam storyline could have completely left slavery out and pretended that it never happened like most TV shows do but the writers decided to get their hands dirty with this highly challenging and one of the biggest mistakes in human history and I respect them for not pretending like it never existed.

Why most shows get it wrong?

Game of Thrones is one great example because they atleast make fun of that simple approach. A lot of fictional content showcases one hero or rebel who wages a war, frees the slaves and everyone lives happily ever after. But anyone who has studied history knows that if it was that simple and easy, it wouldn’t have taken so long. 

The real world!

Even after modern civilisation, end of feudalism and establishment of democracy, it took a lot of known heroes and the heroes we will never know, who dedicated their entire lives and careers towards solving that problem. And after all of that the problem wasn’t truly solved. Even in 2017, ‘Black Lives Matter’ is something that has to be told to people and an openly racist man is the President of the most powerful country in the world. There are people in our world who still don’t understand how wrong slavery was!

The other side of things is, there are people who can’t really grasp historically what a complex and mammoth task it was and still is in many parts of the world. There are 46 million enslaved people in the world, 18 million in my country alone and a good part of the world doesn’t even acknowledge it and pretends like slavery is a problem of the past! 

Why is it a complex problem?

A lot of people look at it is a black vs white problem because they look at just the American part of the puzzle and simplify it as much as they possibly can but slavery predates America and it still exists in parts of the world where race is not even the issue. I can’t stress this enough, in no way am I discounting the issues many Americans face due to the country’s history with slavery. I am merely adding to the picture. 

It’s a sick human tendency to look at people like resources they can make profit off with minimum investment. They use a lot of prejudices and discriminatory factors to dehumanise people to look at them as mere resources and tell themselves things that help them sleep at night. Much like Mon-El’s mother mentions how they have actually “liberated the slaves” or given them a “better life”. 

Throughout history, people from both the oppressed and the privileged groups stood on both sides of the issue, keeping it alive and working towards curbing it. It is complex because it was never an us vs them problem. There were people who belonged to oppressed groups who found ways to make money off the oppression and there were people who were born into privileged groups who worked towards eradicating slavery.

Mon-El ‘s place in it..

Mon-El showcases the impotence of people like us who know slavery is wrong and don’t agree with it but comfortably live in a world where it still exists or is haunted by it’s after effects. And a lot of us benefit from it, how sure are you that all the products you use and clothes you wear weren’t made by an enslaved person working under cruel conditions against their will? When was the last time any of us did something about it let alone acknowledge it? Leave that, most people don’t even take a stand against racism.. 

I am not trying to justify his lack of action here, I’m just pointing out that at monarchy like Daxam would have required centuries of very active work from a lot of people to fix it problems and to get it to a place where our world is at this point in time (which still isn’t perfect BTW) and even though he had the illusion of power, his parents called the shots and we have seen their opinions on slavery and we have seen that Mon-El disagreed with them.

Which gives us all the POVs: Privileged oppressors(parents), outsider who can point out how wrong the system is (Kara), a passive privileged person deciding to put their foot down and disagree with the system (Flashback Mon-El and new Mon-El). All they need now is oppressed who agrees with the system & oppressed who disagrees. If they can pull that off, I’ll respect the writers more. 


Looking at the current state of the Daxamite royal family’s politics, it’s actually better for it’s citizens to stay refugees in other worlds than work towards rebuilding Daxam because if history has taught us anything, it will fall back into old ways very quickly. 

I really hope that they go deeper into the subject now that they have referenced Slaver’s Moon & Daxam, like they delved with the issue of prejudice against refugees the whole season and not just drop it without exploring it properly. I would hate for it to be one those fictional tropes where a saviour broke the chains and suddenly slavery just disappeared. 

Hate for characters:

I normally try enjoying storylines or stay neutral about them because when you get consumed by hate for characters it really skews your perspective of the story and blinded by the hate you end up missing out the entire point of why the story was written in the first place. So if you hate on this storyline irrationally because it talks about a horrible part of our history, try distancing yourself emotionally from the characters and you might be able to see the big picture about monarchy, slavery, treatment of refugees, prejudice & fear of the different. Supergirl does a great job with political storylines. 

Stories about the darkest elements of humanity cannot be told without mentioning things that make people uncomfortable but they need to be heard. Now more than ever!

anonymous asked:

How would the 2nd class line el gang characters react to their new 3rd jobs?

Rune Slayer: “Sweet, more fire!”


Deadly Chaser: “Nice guns.“

Code Empress: “The revival of the Nasod Kingdom isn’t far off. Oberon, tea!”

Reckless Fist: “Fuck off, I’m not getting buddy with the damn Arm.”

Grand Archer: “It would be my honor to become the emissary of- Oh, what a pretty little guy~ <3”

Yama Raja: “I am beauty I am grace~“



Noblesse: “Uhuhu, kneel before the true Queen, peasants.”

Royal Guard: “Want more cookies, Lu?”

Crimson Rose: “WHERE IS THE PRINCESS???”

Erbluhen Emotion: “I just changed my clothes though?”



Overall opinions: “We look and are fancy as hell.”


Annette Bening, Adam Driver, Jon Hamm, Jennifer Morrison In Talks To Join Scott Z. Burns’ CIA Drama From VICE Studios

EXCLUSIVE: Annette Bening, Adam Driver, Jon Hamm and Jennifer Morrison are all in talks to star in a CIA drama tentatively titled The Torture Report, which will be written and directed by The Bourne Ultimatum and Contagion scribe Scott Z. Burns. VICE Studios is handling the financing for this project, which focuses on the CIA’s rendition and interrogation program following 9/11.

Back in December 2014, the U.S. Senate Select Intelligence Committee released a 500+ page report detailing shocking accounts of extreme interrogation tactics performed on detainees, which was employed by the CIA post 9/11 during the war on terror.

Burns was previously attached to write and direct an HBO film based on investigative reporter Katherine Eban’s 2007 Vanity Fair article Rorschach And Awe, that exposed how the CIA hired two psychologists to build a torture program with the full knowledge and cooperation of the American Psychological Association. That project is no longer in development at the premium cabler.

VICE Studios is producing The Torture Report with Danny Gabai, Eddy Moretti, Jennifer Fox, Burns, Michael Sugar, Steven Soderbergh and Kerry Orent.

Bening was last seen on the big screen in Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool and stars in the Michael Mayer-directed drama The Seagull, which will premiere at the upcoming Tribeca fest. Driver, who is set to reprise his role in the next Star Warsinstallment, Episode IX, also has Spike Lee’s Black Klansman and the untitled Noah Baumbach project in the pipeline.

Hamm’s upcoming slate includes Fox’s Bad Times at the El Royale thriller from Drew Goddard, Warner Bros.’ comedy Tag, and Amazon Studios and BBC Two series, Good Omens.

Morrison, who spent six seasons as the star of ABC’s Once Upon A Time, made her directorial debut with the film Sun Dogs, which will stream on Netflix this month, and appeared in the Sundance pic Assassination Nation.

Bening is repped by CAA; Driver by Gersh; Hamm by CAA and Forward Entertainment; Morrison by CAA and Anonymous Content.

Vice Films’ current film roster includes the Matthew McConaughey-starring comedy The Beach Bum from writer/director Harmony Korine, Lords of Chaos starring Rory Culkin which premiered at Sundance, and Mia Wasikowska’s Judy and Punch.



Royal Children (1/?)

The Children* of Alfonso VIII of Castile and Leonor of England

Berenguela, Queen of Leon and Castile // Urraca, Queen of Portugal // Blanche, Queen of France // Fernando, Prince of Castile // Mafalda, Princess of Castile // Leonor, Queen of Aragon, Nun of Las Huelgas // Constanza, Nun of Las Huelgas // Enrique I, King of Castile

*Those that survived infancy

A Royal Commission (14)


Prompto’s bent over a client, a headband holding back his hair and the gun buzzing in his hand, glasses in place since he had a late start. The bell over the door chimes but he doesn’t bother to look up, just calling a quick welcome as he works the finer details of a wing.

He pauses, wiping away blood and excess ink, allowing his gaze to flick up enough to register unfamiliar boots and their position before he starts working again.

“You can take a seat or look around, someone will be out in a sec.”

The voice the answers makes him freeze, lifting the gun slowly, glad the guy’s he’s working on is too busy messing with his phone to notice his tension.

“Oh? I do hope it’s my other wayward child.”

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