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In the midst of the fuckery in 2017, this year we got a bad ass sexually fluid/queer black woman,

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Muslim lesbian photographer,

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a teenage Latina lesbian feminist,

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an Asian wlw,

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and now a canon bisexual latina character.

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I know I’m missing others but they’re the ones that I can think at the top of my head.

This year has been a colorful ass gay ass rainbow ass year and I. AM. LIVING!!


♥ favourite lgbt characters of 2017 ♥

“Every time someone steps up and says who they are, the world becomes a better, more interesting place.”

My favorite WLW tv moments from the first half of 20Gayteen


Cheryl watching Toni become a Vixen & Toni watching Cheryl become a Serpent

Kat going down on Adena & bragging about how much she enjoys eating pussy


Anissa Pierce the first black lesbian superhero, kickin ass and kissin women

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Rana Habeeb, a Pakistani muslim who left her husband to be with a woman

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Flozmin legit gave us the best f/f ship representation in the history of television

Calexis was the only f/f ship between two black women that wasn’t broken up


Killing Eve, one of very few shows I watch full episodes not just the wlw scenes

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Vis A Vis came back for S3 with more Rizay drama after it was cancelled in 2016


Rosa Diaz openly exploring relationships with women 

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Mariah Copeland coming out

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QWOCs asking white folks to watch and support shows with positive QWOC rep like TBT, or Black Lightning is not us tryna shove it down ya throats. Because for so long, our stories were rarely ever told or often reduced to stereotypes and caricatures. We are the color of our skin but our skin bear stories that are as different as each color. A black superhero can be a lesbian same as a Muslim photographer or a teenage Latina feminist, but none have the same experiences as a lesbian. A social media director can be bisexual same as an Asian goth Wiccan or an Asian Amazonian nightclub bouncer with super human strength, or a bad ass detective in the 99th precinct in Brooklyn, not one experience their sexuality the same. A queer black woman can be successful and live in a beautiful home with her beautiful daughter while another can be a problematic pansexual artist who is still trying to get her shit together. A Pakistani Nurse can be married to a man and still fall in love with a woman. A black woman can be a theater critic and be a masculine presenting lesbian.

What I’m saying is, we have different stories and those stories deserve to be told and we deserve to be celebrated.


“Cassandra i respect you more than you could possibly imagine; i mean, i look up to you"”

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