el real is a feeling

wow guys chris wood is such a prime actor!!! he thinks of sad things when mon el is sad,, and happy things,, when mon el,, is happy. that’s some real fuckin viola davis level shit like,, I feel so educated now

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sean x mc for the ship breakdown!! :~)

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EDIT: here’s my bi boy!! his name is “juan elias de loyola” but goes by “elias” or “eli” cuz he knows too many juans lol. he/him & occassionally they/them. (and i agree he looks rly Fly dammit why couldnt we date mc)

Send me a Ship and I’ll Break Them DOWN

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El Clásico countdown: Barcelona’s Brazilian forward Neymar da Silva Santos Junior (L) celebrates with Barcelona’s Argentinian forward Lionel Messi after scoring during the Spanish league “Clasico” football match Real Madrid CF vs FC Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid [25/10/’14]

Rubelangel con los años.
  • Al inicio:
  • Rubén: Mangel, te quiero <3.
  • Mangel: Y yo a ti.
  • (...)
  • Rubén: Estaremos juntos. Siempre mío.
  • Mangel: Siempre tuyo.
  • (...)
  • Rubén: Haces que me replantee mi sexualidad <3
  • Mangel: HAces que me replantee mi vida <3
  • Con el tiempo:
  • Rubén: ...
  • Mangel: Te quiero rubiuh.
  • Rubén: Y yo, eres mi mejor amigo.
  • Mangel: Auch. *Mano directa al corazón que fue dejado en la Friendzone*
  • (...)
  • Mangel: ¡Rubiuh, vamoh a grabah algo juntoh!
  • Rubén: No puedo.
  • Mangel: Oh... vale.
  • (...)
  • Mangel: Ven, bésame boludo.
  • Rubén: ¿Qué dices? ¿Y lo que puedan pensar los demás? Nop.
  • Ahora:
  • Rubén: Te quiero, Mangel.
  • Mangel: ...
  • (...)
  • Rubén: Someday soon we'lll be together.
  • Mangel: ???
  • (...)
  • Rubén: Mangel, dame un beso. Dame un beso, Mangel, como antes lo hacías.
  • Mangel: ¿Pero qué diceh?
  • Lo que todos queremos:
  • Rubén: Te quiero.
  • Mangel: Te quiero.
  • Rubén: Como mucho más que un amigo.
  • Mangel: Como muchísimo más que un amigo.
  • Rubén: Entonces, ¿siempre mío? <3
  • Mangel: Siempre tuyo, subnormal. <3
  • -----------------------------
  • Y así nos matan de amor y de ganas de morirnos, todo a la vez </3
Things that would have been better than Karamel

Karamel had potential, as did Mon-el, it just fell so short

So I didn’t like the Karamel and Mon-el storylines, to the point where I wouldn’t let the kids watch anymore (content) and I gave up as well (style).

If they truly wanted the Mon-el to Valor route to flesh out S2 (although the show frankly still had a lot of meat on the bones after S1….) they could have done any or all of the following to show a true mentoring relationship between the two, or show some more of Kara’s coming of age storyline:

- Mon-el could be against violence and then there would be various moments where he debates “greater good” arguments with Kara (or vice versa). 

- Daxam, aside from being the party planet that CW is so fond of, could be written to be misogynist vs Krypton which seems matriarchal. This would lead to some honest tension and could show Mon-el coming around to the worth of women’s work.

- there could have been a lot of misunderstandings with romantic undertones that eventually built to a hero worship crush of Kara, or true admiration. (eg Mon-el brings flowers without realising the implications of this on earth).

- Mon-el could have competed against ‘real’ suitors to appreciate his feelings for Kara and prove his worth to her (and to us). 

- Mon-el could have been frightened and confused and Kara could have helped him through that the way Alex helped Kara.

- Mon-el could have been sad and depressed and Kara could have shown him another path.

Basically anything aside from the rushed frat boy to insincere love interest cliched storyline that they went with.