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I’m fully convinced they had the screening for the sole purpose of generating hype that Mon-el is finally gone to get the fans they lost from his shit stain of a “story arc” back. 

Honestly it reads to me like “We’re so so so so so sorry we thought you’d like our privileged hetero slave owning selfish white boy that does nothing but emotionally blackmail and psychologically abuse the lead female protagonist into giving him affection and sex. He’s gone now will you please come back to the show and not allow us to be canceled?!”

Summary: Imagine that whenever El is really happy she accidentally makes things around her float and whenever she kisses Mike she accidentally makes him float (x)
Pairing: Mileven (Mike x Eleven) 
Words: 434

There she sat watching another movie with her favorite person. Mike. In the movie, there was a boy and a girl they liked each other in a ‘more than friend’ way as Mike called it. Watching the two on the screen reminded her of when He first kissed her, she didn’t exactly know what to call it but of course, He explained.

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I personally believe Supergirl is a sucessful tv show a large part is because of Melissa Benoist. I think as an actor, she got excellent acting skill, her personality is a lot like Kara Danvers herself and she has a strong, bright and American sweetheart facade. And when she’s in the Supergirl costume, you can’t help but feel so safe likes she really IS Supergirl and she IS the force of goodness and she will protect you from all the bad guys in this world. And no doubt she’s the main reason that has drew my attention to the show at first.

People kept saying Supergirl character didn’t have enough character developement but I think Melissa’s acting skill had quite a lot developement after season 2. In the season finale, evenwhen I don’t like Mon-El, Melissa’s acting is so convincing, so real that I can feel Supergirl’s pain when she said goodbye to Mon-El and when she talked to Cat Grant.

To me, Supergirl’s success is Melissa’s success and I will forever support this show as long as Melissa Benoist keeps being my Supergirl.

Rubelangel con los años.
  • Al inicio:
  • Rubén: Mangel, te quiero <3.
  • Mangel: Y yo a ti.
  • (...)
  • Rubén: Estaremos juntos. Siempre mío.
  • Mangel: Siempre tuyo.
  • (...)
  • Rubén: Haces que me replantee mi sexualidad <3
  • Mangel: HAces que me replantee mi vida <3
  • Con el tiempo:
  • Rubén: ...
  • Mangel: Te quiero rubiuh.
  • Rubén: Y yo, eres mi mejor amigo.
  • Mangel: Auch. *Mano directa al corazón que fue dejado en la Friendzone*
  • (...)
  • Mangel: ¡Rubiuh, vamoh a grabah algo juntoh!
  • Rubén: No puedo.
  • Mangel: Oh... vale.
  • (...)
  • Mangel: Ven, bésame boludo.
  • Rubén: ¿Qué dices? ¿Y lo que puedan pensar los demás? Nop.
  • Ahora:
  • Rubén: Te quiero, Mangel.
  • Mangel: ...
  • (...)
  • Rubén: Someday soon we'lll be together.
  • Mangel: ???
  • (...)
  • Rubén: Mangel, dame un beso. Dame un beso, Mangel, como antes lo hacías.
  • Mangel: ¿Pero qué diceh?
  • Lo que todos queremos:
  • Rubén: Te quiero.
  • Mangel: Te quiero.
  • Rubén: Como mucho más que un amigo.
  • Mangel: Como muchísimo más que un amigo.
  • Rubén: Entonces, ¿siempre mío? <3
  • Mangel: Siempre tuyo, subnormal. <3
  • -----------------------------
  • Y así nos matan de amor y de ganas de morirnos, todo a la vez </3

El Clásico countdown: Barcelona’s Brazilian forward Neymar da Silva Santos Junior (L) celebrates with Barcelona’s Argentinian forward Lionel Messi after scoring during the Spanish league “Clasico” football match Real Madrid CF vs FC Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid [25/10/’14]

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Louis wrote 'home' for Danielle. He met her first at the beginning of 2015 but he was dating Eleanor and she was dating someone else. When Louis broke up with El he understood that the feelings he had for Daniele are real and no matter where he is as long as Danielle by his side it's home for him. They were talking for a while and after Louis reveled to her at the end of September that 'home' is about her they started dating.