el paso las cruces

hey uhhhhhhhhhhhhh so

my buffer is extremely dwindling and im pretty concerned about it?? lmao

i dont want to put jh on hiatus but i REALLY need to buy myself a little time to get my buffer back up to something that doesnt cause me obscene amounts of anxiety every time i think abt it

so before i get into the idea i have, heres some context:

this entire canadian/mexican/south american/general Tour With Crow Love arc, while taking up several months worth of pages, actually will have taken place in comic-time over the course of only about 3 weeks. so technically the things that are happening right now are actually going on in like, early june. this arc is scheduled to wrap up in the 2nd week of october, i think, which in comicworld will still be in early june

so where did the entire summer go? heres my idea:

2 weeks of guest pages about the summer! what happened in aixa/las cruces/albuquerque/el paso/etc.? what were some of your favs, who werent on tour w The Gang, getting up to in july, august, and september?

i think 2 weeks would be?? kind of the perfect amount of time to spend on this. its just long enough for me to build a decent buffer back up and long enough to highlight a good variety of different characters–probably/hopefully even some we havent seen in a long time!–but its not too long. once the 2 weeks ends, comic time would pick back up in october/november, right in line with real life time (sort of like a timeskip, if you want to think of it that way).

youd get to do 1 page each, and id more or less let you have full creative control over what you choose to do in your guest page. all id ask is that its something that could feasibly happen within canon! ill be available for you to run questions by me, and i could maybe like?? set up a discord chat or a skype chat or a google doc for all of yall to get together and hash out dibs and bounce ideas back and forth?? if thats something yall would want

so heres my thing: 2 weeks would mean id need 6-10 guest artists. i think thats doable? all youll have to do is send me an ask or a message (please dont use the chat feature, i know its convenient but it stresses me out) and if im not already familiar with your art, link me to it! this isnt like a screening process, btw, its just so i can kind of visualize it. if youre not sure if im familiar w your art, you can still link me.

these pages wont start going up until october 10th so im gonna say thatd be the deadline to get your pages in to me so i can upload them? at least for the 1st week of guest pages. deadline for the 2nd week would be october 17th. so if for whatever reason you need a little more time, you might want to call dibs on a date between 10/17 and 10/21

i hope this is something yall are into! feel free to circulate this post i guess. ill be linking to it on the pages that go up until there are either 10 ppl down to clown or The Bad End where its like, october 4th and 2 guest artists

so yeah! let me know if youd like to take part! jh hasnt had a guest week since 2008 jeez. and that was back when my buffer was several months long omg. im rambling now but yeah. ill add to this w more details as they become necessary i guess? thank you so much!!