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Two years ago, when Amanda Gomez could not get financial aid for community college, she decided to enroll part time at El Paso Community College in Texas. This gave her time to work to pay for her courses.

Being a part-time student has its pros — mainly a lighter course load. But Gomez feels like she misses out on some important experiences, like being able to stay back after class to talk to her instructors, or study in libraries on campus.

She says the difference was notable when she took a semester as a full-time student.

“I did enjoy the full-time semester more because I thought I was more involved in the school,” Gomez says. However, she chose to go back to part time to more easily manage her time between work and classes.

Gomez’s experience is representative. A recent report by the nonprofit Center for Community College Student Engagement demonstrates that students who enroll full time in community colleges fare better than their part-time counterparts.

Want To Finish College? Go Full Time, At Least Part Of The Time

Illustration: LA Johnson/NPR

If cats want to enjoy the many fine amenities of the U.S. Post Office, they need to start paying taxes. And not in vermin and cuddles either.

5 Amazing Stories of One Complaint Ruining It for Everyone

#3. Post Office Bans Cat After One Customer Demands It

In Notasulga, Alabama, Sammy the Cat was a familiar sight in the front window of the local post office, where he sat every day and adorabled himself into the hearts of customers. Beloved by the 960-odd residents of the tiny town, Sammy lived down the street, but reported to the post office every morning and stayed there until closing.

That all changed after a single unnamed woman wrote a strongly worded letter to the postmaster, complaining that (no kidding) because Sammy didn’t pay federal taxes, he had no business in a federal building.

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